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Rules for Effective Food-Swapping

I enjoyed this article up until the last sentence, "You can always give them to a homeless person." Homeless people are not a trash can for you to dump your disgusting food on, and that is not really an act of caring or compassion. Rule of thumb: don't give something to a homeless person you wouldn't eat yourself.

Jun 17, 2014
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Why Do Ice Cubes Shatter Instead of Releasing Cleanly?

i notice more cracks/chips if i refill the tray with water w/out rinsing it first....there will be little particles of ice stuck to the sides, rather than the smoothe plastic surface.

Jul 14, 2011
scrumpchef in Features

Foods that make you happy

my latest is full fat greek yogurt--plain...i literally sigh with happiness, my eyes roll back a little and my shoulders drop a few inches.

good sharp cheddar on rye bread

pastured eggs fried in ghee

grilled halibut, simply prepared on top of salad

a fig bursting it's seams with honeyed concentrated sweetness, still warm from the sun, pulled right off the tree and eaten in dappled sunlight

a cup of Irish Breakfast tea, brewed strong, sweetened with rice milk

May 20, 2011
scrumpchef in General Topics

Oil or Butter for Fried Eggs?

nothing beats an egg fried in cultured ghee for flavor! They puff up nicely and get crispy around the edges

Mar 11, 2011
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Tomyam Rice Snacks at Trader Joe's --amazing flavor

Just tried these today and the flavor is incredible! The lemongrass is quite strong, and you usually don't eat the lemongrass because it is so tough, but here it works--addictive

Feb 06, 2009
scrumpchef in Chains

Matzo balls and latkes?

Sounds like you ate in a crappy restaurant. I would say the version of matzoball soup you had was greek dinner version. Latkes aren't an everyday food and I don't think to be eaten alone. If you want to hear a funny story about latkes and get a kick-butt recipe, check out my blogpost "Green latkes and red chai, oh my" on:

Jan 30, 2009
scrumpchef in General Topics

Bad Expensive Tea

The tea bags themselves are made from nylon, not silk and this is the heart of the problem-- the nylon inhibits the flow of water in an out. Nylon tea bags are all the rage now; it seems like I can't go out for tea anymore b/c most cafes want to be fancy and serve this crap. I actually wrote to another company who makes this type of tea bag to complain and they said the nylon doesn't impart a taste is the reason they use it; but as others have said, why bother if the tea doesn't taste? Not to mention, you can't compost the teabags as you can with paper.

Jan 01, 2009
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Is Avocado Sushi Authentic?

addendum: One could even go so far as to say vinegar in sushi is not authentic!

Dec 26, 2008
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Is Avocado Sushi Authentic?

It's true that Japanese pop culture borrows from other cultures, especially since sushi (in its original form) was borrowed from China! In China, salt and rice were fermented along with fish in order to preserve the fish; Japanese soldiers took the idea home with them, and over time it morphed into sushi-as-we-know-it.

Dec 26, 2008
scrumpchef in Features

Frying Feast for Hanukkah

C'mon-- Everybody knows that Hanukah commemorates the miracle of surviving 8 nights of fried food without having a heart attack!
Seriously though, I love to serve latkes on a bed of sauteed winter greens generously seasoned with garlic and lemon; it cuts the grease and the adjatta as well as provides some sorely needed vitamins.

Dec 25, 2008
scrumpchef in Features