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New Steakhouse Blows the rest away

Trufflehound how much do you like truffles I just had 3 kilos shipped to me a month ago. Black, 200Euros a kilo. not bad

New Steakhouse Blows the rest away

I agree it wasnt bad not like the typical steak places the andlemans are they the ones who to Phantom Gourmet??. Thanks for the info

Whole Foods Nashua?

Wegmans is the bomb lol. Whole foods second Stop and Shop usually a toilet.

New Steakhouse Blows the rest away

i ment to say Monkey sorry

New Steakhouse Blows the rest away

Actually I was focusing on the typical chain places Capitol Grill, Flemmings, Shulas, and the worst it Ruth Chris. They serve some different sauces on the side i have been to all of the above mentiioned and none serve a sauce unless you ask . Its just a nice change from the typical steak house and all they have to do is train a minkey with a peanut to flip steaks

Knife sharpening in Central Mass?

Can I offer you a suggestion, Go to a job lot place they usually have these you want a water stone or usually Lowes has them not expensive check on like they will show you how to do it Never use a machine on nice knives. You will be suprised how easy and how much you will get into it.

New Steakhouse Blows the rest away

You have to check this place out its called Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport Mass. Steaks like never before because they are served with flavor, sauces/toppings, nice simple sides not like the 2 pounds of mashed potatoes, raw asparagus. Check it out



I am a professional chef. My love in pans is All Clad they are very very expensive and to the weekend cook its a great piece of equipment and buy one piece at a time so you dont go broke. One should be a 10: non stick skillet its only use is for Egg dishes. As far as saute pans no smaller than 2 quart remember you can use a fry pan if needed unless you like to flip food over and over. Sauce pans 1,2,3 quart are the best, the 3 quart needs a cover for stove steaming only. A stock pot of about 4-6 quart size once you can attain a good stock all cooking is easy. Remember a stock is called a Fond meaning foundation the bas of all classic French Cooking.The all clad master 2 is the most expensive all all clad has cool handles so you dont burn yourself. calphlon in my opnion is the worst of all. uneven cooking surfaces, terrible company to call if there is a problem All clad backs up all their pans.

Good luck

this is an excellent site for food people P/P is terrible full of no nothing info.

Jan 10, 2009
interesting in Cookware

Federal Hill Dilemma

ok lets try this again. Casa Christins had closed about 1 year ago. do your self a favor try Siena. That rude Christine got her just desserts Out of Business.

Best General TSO in RI?

Once you get by the grease its not too bad. the joint smells like a fried fish place.


its not being stuck in EG Tobiko is just died white fish or paddle fish eggs. I only eatBeluga not on sushi . Wasabi is just powdered green died mess it covers the taste of sushi unless yo can get the wasabi root from the farm in Washington state. its sweet flavored slightly tang doesnt over power the palate. You can easily tell a place that makes their own pickeled ginger I really dont eat sushi too much mercury in raw fish. Sevens Moons sucks and its not even owned by the Asians. Its just a cash cow for the whoever.

Federal Hill Pastry Question

Kon is un real best Asian,Shusi Siena, T's for breakfast. Felicias for coffee and small pastrys, Casa Mista, there is a few more places but by far its KON


There is a nwe king in RI called KON its prob the most beautiful Asian restaurant in RI. Clean beyone esdcription, the Decor and sushi is the finest presentations in RI. I have been in the food business for over 30 years and this place has it. Its in East Greenwich not like some of those at best supermarket restaurants in RI . Its a winner. But you do have to know good Asian food.

Federal Hill Pastry Question

Schilo is ok at best it used to be good , only Siena and Venda are the best restaurants. on the hill. Prov restaurants are in trouble the burbs are the hot spots now EG has some of the best and Cranston also.

Broadway Bistro Provi; awesome

I just checked the web site and thinking there was a menu there was some very sloppy at best unidentified foods. this place looks scary the prices must be at the low end $3.00 per plate.

La Laiterie or Red Stripe or ????

LA Laiterie I have not been Red Stripe/Mills Tavern if it wasnt for the New owners they would be gone i have heard that the crap they serve in Narra is even worse. stay tuned lots of places going under