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Mazzarino's Update - Very Soon!

Count me in as another who hopes they reopen soon

In the meantime, we can play the game: which will reopen first: Mazzarino's or Angels Flight?

Aug 16, 2009
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Wholesome Choice Now Open in Anaheim Hills!

I'm a big Wholesome Choice fan, is there anything like that in LA County?

Jun 07, 2009
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Pierogi shopping help, please!

I really like the frozen Alexandra's pierogi sold at Alpine Village in Torrance. Unfortunately, I live in the 818 and I haven't found Alexandra's in the Valley (tried the german deli on Roscoe, the russian deli on Laurel Canyon and Riverside, and Jon's, no luck). Anybody know where else Alexandra's is sold that may be closer to North Hollywood?

Or as an alternative, anyone have some alternate frozen pierogi recommendations?

Sep 13, 2008
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Best Ice Cream in los angeles????

I thought Milk's ice cream (only tried vanilla) was pretty darn good.

Fosselman's is solid ice cream but not the best in town

Jul 16, 2008
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Jonathan Gold inspired Mexican restaurant question

OK, Eat Nopal gave us a good start, but what Mexican dishes would you most want to see served in LA. You can limit this to dishes that as a practical matter could be served here in high quality (because the ingredients are available, not so exotic that hardly anyone would want to order it)?

Nov 29, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Pasadena Whole Foods - wow!

Went on Friday afternoon at 1:30. Got the last parking spot in the garage at level P3.

It's a great looking place, gotta like the butter bar and nut/jelly bar.

Had a lunch from the hot food bar: chicken tikka masala, white rice, mexican rice, mashed potatoes and a falafel from the salad bar($9 in total). Ate it in the wine and tapas bar where I ordered a belgian beer on tap ($5).

The food was allright but not as good as what I could have gotten from a local Indian buffet lunch like Radhika's. The falafel and potatoes were good, the rice was hard.

The beer was great and it was fun eating in the wine bar.

It's a great place to shop but for eating there you're probably better off eating something that's made to order like the carving station or asian food section.

And although I work in Pasadena I can't come here unless I can take a long lunch.

Nov 11, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Drinks near Walt Disney Concert Hall

Amusing how people always respond to this type of post by suggesting places that are not within walking distance of the destination.

The best place to get a pre-concert drink would be the City Club, which is on the top floor of the Wells Fargo building but you need to be a member.

The next best bet would be the Redwood Bar on 2nd Street. Pro: cool nautical theme interior. Con: You have to walk up the hill to get to the concert hall.

The Bonaventure Hotel rooftop bar is about a 10-15 minute walk.

Otherwise, the close bars are yuppie-type bars like the Omni Hotel and Nick & Stef's and Kendall's

Nov 07, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Downtown LA Nightlife?

For a new visitor, the Standard is your safest bet, and if for some reason the scene isn't what you want, the Library Bar is a block away.

Oct 19, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

ketchup in west hollywood: brief review

I also had a very nice time at Ketchup last Saturday. Went for the meal in the lounge, where we had the table overlooking Sunset with the 2nd floor view, terrific. Staff was nice, appetizer food was fine (sliders, buffalo wings), the fries, coated with parmesan cheese, were very good. The ketchup sampler (mango, chipotle, ranch, maple, and regular) was fun but not overwhelming. $20/person with Sierra Nevada beer, $10 parking (Ashton does not validate). Not sure I'd go back unless I wanted to bring an out-of-town person there because of the high prices, but a great and fun atmosphere.

Jul 30, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

What makes LA a foodie city? Tell Me

LA has fancy places like Spago and Providence that can hold their own with anyone, but the real key of eating out in LA is the diverse riches in the under $20/entree price level. This could be an American place like Phillipe's but more often it's a place like Zankou chicken (Armenian-Lebanese) or Cafe Baccali (Chinese-Malaysian) or Porto's (Cuban). LA is very strong in Latin, Asian, and Middle-Eastern dining. It's hard to say there are any particularly LA foods like New York pizza or bagels, rather LA takes food from other areas and cooks them well.

It's true that as a tourist it's hard to find many of these places as most of them are not on the main tourist drags, and some are 20-30 miles away from Hollywood or Beverly Hills. But it's a good excuse to explore LA's many interesting neighborhoods. Johnathan Gold's Counter Intelligence book is a good place for an overview but caution, the book is several years old and some of the places have closed.

Feb 26, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Anyone tried the Village Idiot on Melrose and Martel?

I had a nice dinner there last Saturday. The atmosphere is great with open windows on Melrose, high ceilings, nice but not too trendy. The beer selection was great, with selections from my two favorite beer brands, Craftsman (dig that 1903 lager and Poppyfields Ale) and Stone (IPA!). Food was pretty good too, I had their version of bangers and mash and the fiancee had a 1/2 chicken. A lot of times you don't want to eat at a trendy place and this fits the bill as a nice neighborhood hangout.

Feb 19, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Recommendations @ Vertical Wine Bistro?

Had a nice Valentine's Day meal at the couch in the bar area.

Fig poppers: tasted good but there was a little too much contrast between sweet and salty to me.

Polenta with parmesan cheese: very good

Snapper stew with pork and clams: very good, and I'm not a big snapper fan

Lamb sirloin with potato: excellent, my favorite

Wine prices are OK for a restaurant of this level, good stuff (i.e. Spanish tempranillo, Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir) can be had for $7-8/glass.

$90 + tip for 4 dishes and 4 glasses of wine

A welcome addition to Pasadena.

Feb 15, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Future of Angelique Cafe and what if I need a good place for steak frites?

Sounds like NOW, see the LA Downtown News website if Chowhound blocks the link:

Jan 12, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Future of Angelique Cafe and what if I need a good place for steak frites?

The LA Downtown News reports in this week's edition the buyer of Angelique Cafe is the guy who runs Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock. The French menu will be maintained, hopefully the quality will too.

Jan 11, 2007
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

What is the best Indian restaurant in LA?

My favorites:

Dosa/causal vegetarian ("sweets" type eatery): Ambala Sweets on Pioneer in Artesia, definitely a cut above India Sweets & Spices

"gringo" Indian food: Nawab on Wilshire in Santa Monica (it used to be Chameli/Simla Pink's in Rosemead but it's now apparently closed)

Southern Indian: Woodlands on Pioneer or on Topanga Canyon in Chatsworth, I've been there several times and different folks and they all approve

other styles: Ambala Dhaba chicken dishes are great, they are on Westwood Blvd. in Westwood or on Pioneer.

But my favorite of all is actually a Pakistani restaurant, Bilal on Manchester just west of the 405, great curries and naan

Dec 15, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

LA specific foodie items and where to find them

The girlfriend's family in Queens, NYC, went wild for See's candy, they said there is no comparable East Coast chain. They also enjoyed wines from Santa Barbara County and Paso Robles.

My aunt in Honolulu can't get enough of Trader Joe's chocolate-covered blueberries. Trader Joe's candy make a good substitution for Harry & David items.

I second the recommendation for farmers markets nuts/honey/jams.

Of course the best choice would have been a Tommy's chiliburger or Pink's chilidog but those don't travel well1

Dec 14, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Future of Angelique Cafe and what if I need a good place for steak frites?

There was a note in today's LA Times food section that the Angelique Cafe owners were "selling" and looking to open a restaurant on the Westside. Interesting that they held out all these years in a tough location and now when the neighborhood is finally starting to take off they are getting out. Or maybe the potential of the area jacked the price up enough so they could move west.

Anyway, my prime concern is that is my favorite place in town to get steak frites, a great value at $13.99 and served with the thin frites that I prefer, may no longer be. Anyone know if Angelique will stay open as a French place and if not, where else can I get a good plate of steak frites that doesn't cost more than $15 or so?

Dec 13, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Coley's in NOHO, a real disapointment!

I ate at the Noho location w/the galpal a few weeks ago. I would call it an average place, not a disappointment, not a destination restaurant. I had the jerk chicken and yes, it's not the biggest portion for the price (about $13) but it tasted decent and had a good amount of spice. The galpal had the chicken lockerton (stuffed chicken breast) and she liked it. It wasn't too crowded on a Saturday night but they had a duo playing R & B songs and it was a nice time. Hopefully they can up the quality because Noho could use the variety.

Nov 28, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Pitfire Pizza Downtown- Anyone Tried it?

It's not the best but if you work Downtown it's above-average for a lunch choice. Nice atmosphere and a welcome addition to helping make downtown a 24 hour neighborhood, as the urban planners would say.

Sep 04, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Los Balcones del Peru (review with photos)

Had my beloved lomo saltado there last Sunday (which was very good), and while I still really like Mario's, now I have a less-crowded choice 1A for Peruvian!

Sep 01, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

Zip Fusion

I always like the tempura sushi. If you can, sit in the back patio. After Sushi Gen, this is my favorite sushi place in the Little Tokyo area.

Sep 01, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area

ISO MOST UNUSUAL restaurant in general LA county / area ... just someplace!

As a general rule of thumb, taking out-of-towners to Asian or Latin restaurants is a good bet. Something really different would be some of the places in Koreatown (no specific tips but Johnathan Gold's book has a few and I'm sure this board has some tips) or a Szechuan hotpot place like Lu Gi in San Gabriel. If they haven't tried any veggie-type restaurants, there's Juliano's Raw in Santa Monica and Inn of the 7th Ray in Topanga Canyon for fairly unique dining experiences.

Aug 11, 2006
ktanji in Los Angeles Area