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Opinel knife needed - 11th hour holiday request

Thanks for all the good suggestions! I found the knife on Christmas Eve at a little shop in Fisherman's Wharf of all places. It was totally worth braving the crowds to find it in time. The proprietor was very friendly and helpful which allowed me to forgive the unfortunate naming of the store "We Be Knives." No matter, I got what I wanted and to all a good night! Happy New Year!

Opinel knife needed - 11th hour holiday request

Hi Chowhounds - I'm posting for the first time because for once my google efforts have failed me and I thought you might help. I'm trying to find a SF retailer for the French picnic knife made by Opinel. It's an incredible product, beautiful in its simplicity, single-blade, perfect for slicing off a shard of cheese to accompany that tart apple picked up at the local farmer's market. I need to buy one tomorrow - yes, tomorrow - to score major points with a member of my family. There are many available online but alas I need the real thing asap. Does anyone know of a local retailer? I'd love to hear from you and thanks in advance!