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Good hardwood lump charcoal around Arlington?

The Royal Oak stuff is perfect. I don't believe I qualify for a Restaurant Depot membership, but I think one of my friends has one, so maybe I can ask him to pick up a few bags for me. Thanks for the heads-up!

Restaurant Depot
1032 Hampton Park Blvd, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Good hardwood lump charcoal around Arlington?

Sorry, I guess "good" is probably redundant. Just looking for hardwood as opposed to the scrap-wood stuff Home Depot sells. I'll check out your suggestions. Thanks!

Good hardwood lump charcoal around Arlington?

Does anyone know where I can get decent hardwood lump charcoal in the Arlington area? Harris Teeter sells some pretty good lump, but they only sell it in teeny little bags. Home Depot sells big bags of lump, but it's crappy, scrap-wood charcoal. I think Wal-Mart and Lowes sells some, but the closest ones are outside of the beltway and I was hoping to find a retailer a little closer to home along the Wilson Blvd / Lee Highway / Rt. 50 corridor.

Georgetown Bagelry on M Street Closed!!! Where do I get Great NY-style Bagels, now?

Finally made it to Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse, Arlington and can vouch for the quality of their bagels. Seems like you need to get there before 10 or 11am on the weekends, though, to ensure they'll have the flavor you want. They share the same annoying trait with other bagel places where they won't make near enough garlic/onion/salt/everything/etc. bagels to last through breakfast, but they'll have a huge basketful of cranberry-jalapeno leftover. Also, it's cash only and service can get a little Soup Nazi when the line is long so hit up the ATM beforehand and know what you want before you get to the front of the line. But they have salt bagels AND they have lox AND it's across from the Metro station AND it's tasty, so I'll keep giving it a recommendation.

Thai/Asian Market in Arlington area?

Does anyone know of an Asian market (Thai preferably) in the Arlington area where I can pick up a bag of glutinous/sticky rice? I've been buying it online and it's costing me $18 for a 5lb bag! I'm sure I can do better locally. Super H Mart is a little far out for me as I have to rent a car to go anywhere, so I was hopefully looking to find something inside the beltway.

Georgetown Bagelry on M Street Closed!!! Where do I get Great NY-style Bagels, now?

I've found surprisingly good bagels at Vermont Village Cafe on Vermont Ave a block north of McPherson Square. AND they have smoked salmon, which was surprisingly difficult to find downtown. I found myself particularly jonesing a bagel with smoked salmon one morning, left the office, and walked from Franklin Square down through the area around Metro Center, down to Federal Triangle, then back up to McPherson Square before finally stumbling upon Vermont Village Cafe just as I was about to give up all hope. They carry about 7 or 8 different kinds of bagels (this morning was plain, poppy, onion, garlic, everything, pumpernickel, sesame, and something else I don't remember) and the bagel w/ smoked salmon, cream cheese, and onions is only $4.95. Unfortunately, I think they only have plain cream cheese and they don't carry salt bagels. Nobody does :(((.

Vermont Village Cafe
1025 Vermont Ave NW Frnt 2, Washington, DC 20005

What is the new restaurant on L Street next to the Post Pub?

Does anyone have any ideas on this? On one hand I'd love to hear a bit about this new place, on the other hand, I generally abhor bars/restaurants that don't put up any signs outside.

ISO Shrimp & Grits

Also check out Georgia Brown's at 15th & K. They specialize in "Low Country Cuisine" (which I believe is the coastal Carolina region). The shrimp & grits there is excellent and it's a bit more affordable than Vidalia. Just don't try to go there for Sunday brunch - w/o a reservation you'd be out of luck.