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Recommendations and avoidances:

Langdon Hall for Sunday brunch--very good. Excellent service. Beautiful spot. Very good to excellent food--interesting choices, clean flavours, well prepared and presented. The duck confit was particularly good. Good wine list. Worth the price.

Wildcraft--good. Fun, lively (for Waterloo) atmosphere. Good service. Okay food, though nothing special in terms of flavour or presentation. Better than okay steak. Expensive for the quality/skill of the kitchen. Good wine list.

Hannah's (upstairs)--My experience was similar to the post above. Terrible service--a long wait even with a reservation, slow and inattentive waitresses. Food that sounded good on the menu but that was really disappointing across the table. Much of our meal seemed to have been prepared well in advance, reheated, and then buried under micro greens. I won't return.

Any experiences w/ Vollrath's cookie sheet?

I have never baked directly on it. I always use the silpat.

Feb 06, 2007
gfjones in Cookware

Any experiences w/ Vollrath's cookie sheet?

I've been using that one for over a year now and have no complaints. I use it with a silpat. There has been no warping at all. I'm happy with it and would buy another.

Feb 06, 2007
gfjones in Cookware

Buying Seafood in K/W

T&J's aesthetics are minimal (they're primarily a wholesaler, I think), and the selection can be small and what's available varies depending on the time of year and the day. That being said, I've gotten good fresh, whole trout from them in the spring and really nice wild salmon in the summer. The salmon had a nice deep red flesh.

New City has oysters and seems busy enough to help ensure freshness, but I haven't had them. The crabs always seem lively and popular.

Buying Seafood in K/W

T&J Seafood on Elm St., off Strange St. Friendly, knowledgeable. Sushi-grade tuna. (And may be the Newfoundlander in question.)

New City Supermarket., on King downtown kitchener near the market. Tanks of fresh fish. Live crabs, cockles, clams, and other shell fish.

Literary Works Involving Food?

"The Devil's Larder" by Jim Crace. A collection of short (some less than a page) food related tales. Often disturbing, but in the best kind of way.

Aug 11, 2006
gfjones in Food Media & News