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Business Dinner near Ritz Carlton [San Francisco]

I am taking a small group, 5-6, of colleagues out for dinner during the week. We will be staying at the Ritz and would like to walk to a nearby restaurant if possible.

We'd like a place where we can chat, so not too noisy, but a lively, nice atmosphere would be fun. We'd prefer not to be overly formal or stuffy.

We're very eclectic eaters, and some of the group travels quite a bit, so something a little different would be nice, i.e. no Italian or a steak places.

Price range moderate, preferably entrees in the 20's to 30's.

Suggestions welcome.


Moderate Dinners in Palm Beach with No Car

I'm staying at the Omphoy for a long weekend, and am looking for some recommendations that are relatively near. We can take a taxi, but would like to stay fairly close by to keep cost down.

I have a reservation for a special dinner at Buccan, but am looking for a couple of more moderately priced places. Seafood, Cuban, tapas, American, we're pretty open. Would prefer not to do Asian or Italian if possible as we do a lot of that at home.

Entrees in the mid-20s is fine.

Thanks in advance.

New Year's Day Dim Sum - Food, Service and Environment?

I'm looking to do Dim Sum on New Year's Day and would like to get both a good meal and good service in a pleasant environment, but the reviews are so mixed.

Winsor sounds like it's great food, but not a great environment, not sure maybe I misread? Others sound like they have good food, but bad service.

I tend to prefer made to order, but am happy to do carts. I'm flexible on price and location, so Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Metro-West are all fine.

If you had to give an overall rating that included the food, service, and environment what would be your top suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

Anyone eaten at Lavender in Sudbury? Thinking of going there Xmas Day

We were planning on going to Lotus Blossom, but it's booked the entire day. Has anyone eaten at Lavender? How would you compare it to Lotus Blossom or Chang An in Concord? We're looking for good basic Chinese.


Moderate Options in Walking Distance of Warwick Hotel

I was also wondering about Pulse or Fig and Olive. Would either of those be good?

Sep 24, 2013
jrgkittredge in Manhattan

Moderate Options in Walking Distance of Warwick Hotel

I am staying at the Warwick hotel and taking a few folks out for dinner. I am looking for something relatively close (within a few blocks) as we'll want to walk

I'm hoping to keep price moderate under $30 for an entrée, and a place where we can chat and enjoy lingering a bit over the meal with a nice or interesting atmosphere would be great.

I've looked at Seasonal Restaurant and Wein Bar and Kilo, both look interesting, anyone know these places?

As for cuisine I'd prefer no Indian, Asian, or Italian. Almost anything else is fine.

Any and all suggestions welcome.


Sep 24, 2013
jrgkittredge in Manhattan

Staying at the Lenox Hotel Looking for New Year's Eve and Day Dining Options

We're in town for the weekend and looking for places for both New Year's even and a New Year's day brunch. We'd like to keep it within walking distance from the Lenoxl so we don't need to hassle with parking. And prefer a place where we can make reservations.

Open on the type of cuisine, but don't want overly fancy or formal. Prefer to not to a prie fixe menu, would rather places that are serving the regular menu.

Looking for good food, good scene, not crazy or rowdy, but lively fun atmosphere.

Saturday Brunch/Lunch and Theater for Special Occaision

Sorry should have given more detail. We're going to the New Amsterdam theater. The train arrives at 11:45 so we're looking for a noon reservation. We'd prefer more of a brunch approach as opposed to just lunch as we won't have eaten prior to arriving. A couple of places I looked at were DB Bistro, CAVA, Glass House Tavern. Any comments on those, or other suggestions?

I had checked the Modern, but htey are booked and both La Grenouille and Jean Georges are a bit far and they only do lunch.

Thanks again for suggestions.

Dec 02, 2012
jrgkittredge in Manhattan

Saturday Brunch/Lunch and Theater for Special Occaision

We have ticktes to a 2Pm show on Saturday, Dec. 8. We'll be arriving at Penn Sation and looking to do something that's either on the way or near to the theater.

Are there any places that do Saturday brunch that might be in the neighborhood? Or alternatively, a really nice lunch place? This is a special occasion so looking for a very nice ambiance, well prepared and served food, and a place where you can linger a bit.

As it's lunch and not dinner higher end places are fine. American, French, Spanish, Italian, other. Perfer no Asian.

As we will need to be time sensitive, places where they take reservations would be nice.


Nov 30, 2012
jrgkittredge in Manhattan

Drinks Before Dinner in the North End

We're heading out to Taranta for dinner, but wanted to do drinks somewhere before. We'd like a place with good martini's and a lively scene, but not ear shattering music. Would prefer not to have to park twice, so something in the north end would be good where we can easily walk.

That being said if there's someplace around the wattefront that's great we can do that too and then head up to Hanover St.

Help: Lots of Great Restaurant Recommendations, but Which Ones are Walking Distance From My Location?

In DC for a long weekend, staying at the Willard on Pennsylvania Ave. Have seen so many great recommendations for dinner and brunch, but not knowing the city I don't know which ones are within walking distance.

Can someone advise what "area" of the city we're in and what are their top recommendations within walking distance. We'll need dinner and Sunday brunch, and even a breakfast or two.

Prefer restaurants that are moderate in price, the $$$ version of OpenTable i.e. $30 and under for entrees. Nice, fun ambiance. We're two freinds seeing the city and celebrating a mutual birthday.

We prefer no Indian, middle eastern, and we're not big on fish or super spicy, but everything else is good.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Staying for a Week in Madaket on Nantucket - Restaurants?

I'll be out in Madaket for a week and have never stayed on that part of the island. Are there any restaurants out that way? If so can anyone recommend some that are reasonable and maybe one that's higher priced for a special meal?

I'm pretty familiar with the stuff in town, but don't know much outside of the downtown area, so all recommendations are appreciated.

Business Dinner in Midtown West

I should have been a bit more specific. I am fine with the appetizers and drinks being in addition to the $30 entree, so if that helps with other suggestions. I am familiar with Ma Peche, but it's just not quite right for what I'm looking for.

Ma Peche
15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Sep 24, 2011
jrgkittredge in Manhattan

Business Dinner in Midtown West

I am taking some business colleagues to dinner and would like to find a restaurant that is both suitable and within walking distance. We are staying at the Hilton on the Avenue of the Americas and looking for something that has intersting food and moderate prices.

Here are some specs that might be helpful:

Cuisine: No Italian, No Chinese/Thai

Price Range: Preferably $30 and under for entree (understand drinks, etc. will be extra)

Ambiance: Lively, artsy, interesting, but not so loud you can't hear yourself talk

Number of People: 6 or 7

All of these folks are well traveled and live in major urban areas so I would classify them as foodies.

Any and all recommendations welcome.

Sep 13, 2011
jrgkittredge in Manhattan

Sestri Levante

Looking for recommendations for places to eat in Sestri Levante or nearby towns as I will be staying there for about 4 days and doing some day trips.

Looking mostly for authentic italian and moderate in terms of price, but open to other suggestions.


Jun 21, 2011
jrgkittredge in Italy

Dining in the Italian Lakes

I will be traveling in the Italian Lakes region, specifically around lakes Maggiore and Como and am looking for all kinds of suggestions for dining. We have a car and will be driving round. Some of the places we'll be visiting are Bellagio, Stresa, Como, Ascona, and many others.

Any suggestions for lunch and/or dinner anywhere on either lakes is appreciaed. Small authentic places with pasta, seafood, or fine dining, or places with a great view. Mostly we'd like inexpensive to moderate, but don't mind splurging on something really special.

All ideas are greatly appreciated.

Jun 21, 2011
jrgkittredge in Italy

Looking for Moderate Priced, Great French Restaurants in Paris with Style

I need to make reservations for two week night dinners during twhile staying in Paris for myself and some work colleagues.

While I know lots of great restaurants in Paris, they tend to be the more expensive ones, which won't work. I am looking for places that are moderately priced, have really good French food, and an interesting or fun atmosphere. Also, while it doesn't have to be mobbed, I would like a place that is busy and active on a weeknight.

We can easily take a cab so that's not a problem, I just don't really know of anything.


Mar 04, 2011
jrgkittredge in France

Dining Near the Intercontinental on Rue Scribe

I am looking for a few restaurant ideas for dinner with colleagues. If possible, I would like things that are within walking distance of the hotel.

French cuisine, moderately priced, not looking for anything too expensive or fancy/formal. Nice atmosphere, fun, or funky or artsy are great.

Mostly want to be able to enjoy the food and atmosphere and converese.


Mar 03, 2011
jrgkittredge in France

Chinatown - Near Theater District - Traditional

I'm looking for a restaurant for dining prior to a show at the Wang. I like Chinatown a lot (though tend to prefer more traditional fare) and am looking for a recommendation. I'd like to keep it moderate in cost. I've been to Chow Chow City which I liked, but was hoping to try somewher new.

Any suggestions?

Thanksgiving Dinner Out

I am looking for some recommendations of where to have Thanksgiving dinner in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area. Looking for a nice ambiance, great traditional Thanksgiving food and a place that would be appropriate for a group of adults and seniors. I have no idea of places in the area so would be very grateful for any and all suggestions.

Thank you.

Oct 14, 2010
jrgkittredge in Phoenix

Please Help Me Remember - Great Seafood Restaurant on/near Green St.

Yes Yabbies, thak you so much! Do you know if it's still good? I haven't been in about a year.

Please Help Me Remember - Great Seafood Restaurant on/near Green St.

I went to a seafood restaurant that was on or near Green Street and I believe began with the letter "Y", or it was used as part of the restaurant's name. We had a really nice meal, and they had great funky decor.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'd love to go there again.

Empress of China - What Happened and Where to Now?


I should have used a better word than fun. I liked the decor and the view was very nice. I don't care so much about a view, but I did like the atmosphere which was both visually pleasing and had an easy, comfortable feel, while still being more that just the typical red vinyl booths.

Love Mama's - Where Else for Great Breakfasts

I love mama's but would like to go a few different places for breakfast. I'm staying in Union Square, but am happy to walk, or even cab for great breakfasts.

Don't need fancy, just love that breakfast food. I do like a place that serves breakfast until late particularly on the weekends.

Empress of China - What Happened and Where to Now?

A few years ago I had a wonderful meal at the Empress, but when I went recently it was awful. I was so disappointed. I would love to go for a really good meal in Chinatown. I am looking for a nice atmosphere, though does not have to be fancy, and I prefer mandarin/cantonese style.

I am traveling with someone who has never been, so really want to have a good meal in a fun place.


Empress of China
838 Grant Ave Ste 5, San Francisco, CA 94108

Paris Etiquette and Dining on the Road

Paris - Do you always need reservations for dinner in Paris or for bistros and less formal places can you just "drop in"?

Sarlat - Recommendations for dinner? Not too expensive or formal. French food/food of the region preferred. Outdoor dining is always nice, but not required.

Eze - Dinner recommnedations - not Le Chevre D'Or . Not too expensive or formal, regional/tradtional french, perhaps outdoor dining.


May 15, 2010
jrgkittredge in France

Dinner in Carcassonne

Thank you for such a thorough reply, very helpful!

May 11, 2010
jrgkittredge in France

Dinner in Carcassonne

I am looking for a suggestion for one night in Carcassone. I have heard of Le Parc, Le Comte Roger or Le Languedoc. Any suggestions?

I am not necessarily looking for fine dining, and I prefer not overly expensive. I'm really interested in a nice atmosphere, good food, and I don't want to have to dress too much, so a place where nice casual would be acceptable.

May 10, 2010
jrgkittredge in France

Cristal Room in Paris

I received a recommendation for the Cirstal Room for a lovely last night in Paris dinner. The person said it was both a lovely atmosphere and somewhat more reasonable than other fine dining establishments in Paris.

But I have seen nothing on this board about it and am wondering what people think. The pictures looked lovely, bu is it very stuffy in atmosphere? Also we are going on a Tuesday night and I would like a place that is somewhat lively (enough other patrons to make dining pleasant).

We tend to eat late 9 or 9:30 so that may make a difference. Also, what should I expect in terms of pricing for 2? While I do want a nice place and a good meal, I don't want to be spending hundreds of dollars. I prefer it to be under $200USD.

Would you recommmend this place? If not, give what I have said what other establishments would you recommend?

May 10, 2010
jrgkittredge in France

Brunch in the Marais

Yes, I should not have used the word brunch, but rather indicated that I was looking for a place for either breakfast or lunch in the Marais. This sounds interesting, I'll definitely look into it.

Thank you

May 10, 2010
jrgkittredge in France