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Non-touristy Portsmouth

Mombo or Four will certainly hit the mark. We always sit at the bar at both (the chefs bar at mombo is great)...The new resto at the Wentworth, Salt, was great recently, but have only been once. Four and Mombo- prob 40 times over the last cpl years. Or walk over the bridge to Kittery Foreside...and hit Black Birch.

north conway visit

The last 2-3 visits to the Wildcat Tavern have been borderline horrible. I would stay away- not sure if they have new ownership/chef but locals have mentioned it going downhill as well. I highly recommend White Mountain Cider Co. ( ) for great cocktails and food- some of the best in the valley imho. For local beer and really good comfort food (in-house smoked meats, awesome chilis and well executed pub fair) I suggest you stop at The Moat at least once or twice ( ).

Staying at Logan Airport Hilton Before Flight

I often stay at the Hilton for early flights as well.... I usually will get my Santarpios fix either via cab or hotel shuttle.... or shuttle to easy rail line into the city... the food at the pub in the Hilton is mediocre at best.... wont get pizza like Santarpios in Scottsdale (or in Psmouth NH where I live)..... ;)

Mar 27, 2010
cepaulsen in Greater Boston Area

Fresh Eggs

I get mine at the Agway in Eliot ME, right over the bridge from Portsmouth NH... once you start eating fresh, you wont go back...

Foodie Family Moving to New England

Love the seacoast...great area....could have moved anywhere I wanted, similar desire as the poster, and I chose here....figure they aren't yawning, nor anybody who has chosen to move here...

Foodie Family Moving to New England

Portsmouth NH is a great place to live... although ethinic food (outside euro, thai, japan, latin) are somewhat limited, overall the town and area is well suited for foodies.... even better, imho, is the access to the outdoors.... less than 2hrs to the White Mountains, on the water, tons of amazing road/mountain biking... super friendly people who for the most part live here because they choose to.... easy access to airports and other urban areas is a def plus... no income taxes is quite nice too ;) I grew up outside NYC and have been here about 7 years and absolutely love it!

NYC Foodie in Portsmouth, NH for One Night...

My top two would be Anneke Jans and Black Trumpet.... both are great!

Jamaican Jerk Center in York, ME?

Yep, this place rocks! Often hit it after Mountain Biking at MT. A.... meat literally falls off the bone on the wings and the curried goat is super... bring a cooler with ice cold Red Stripes and enjoy!

N. Conway or Jackson Area - Money is no object!

One of the best restaurants in New England...IMHO... always have had great meals here... fantastic cocktails..

White Mountain Cider Co
RR 302 Glen NH, NH

New restaurants, Portsmouth, NH

There is no Ciento.... that was a resto started by the Lindberghs folks a number of years ago... the place next to Pocos (and using the same kitchen, I believe) is 2 Ceres.... Modern, hip martini/cocktail bar... good drinks, nice setting with fireplace and maybe a dozen things on their menu- apps/tapas and desserts...havent eaten there, but have enjoyed the space and drinks...

The new Tapas bar, Cava, is pretty good... complete transformation of the space- wow... 2 drinking bars (upstairs and down) and one bar in front of the chef.... nice place... not Spanish/Basque prices for tapas, rather US/modernized tapas and the associated prioces... good stuff tho, peruse the menu... inventive plates from Spain and Mid East inspirations....nice wine list... will be back... i tried a tapas crawl in psmouth the other night and this fit in well....

Four Restaurant.... um, wow. period. OK, esp for one particular entree... the delmonico was mind blowing. Have had great kobe, dry aged, etc steaks all around, but for some reason this one absolutely blew me away. The salt/pep/spce rub, the perfect crisp/charred exterior, awesome marbleing, med rare perfection- was fantastic. Still dreaming of it. Nice homemade steak sauce which i only used on one bite, cus, well, the steak was freakin perfect on its own... cant even remeber the sides, doesnt matter, the steak was awesome. Cant wait to go back.... did go the first week they were opened as well, had the crab cake which was dissapointing, the mussels in curry (i think) was good.... my second visit was the steak..........

Agave- go for the extensive list of tequillas and well prepared margs.... chips/salsa good... entrees, eh....mixed results each time i have been there... the one in nbryport seems more consistent, tho i only go for there for Mon/Tues 2-3 dollar tacos (carnitas, shrimp, carne, chix tica, etc) which are awesome, tho they dont have that deal in psmouth....

Redhook - Porstmouth, NH

ha, me too!....not deep fried, love 'em.... also the Prime Rib sandwich and the Salmon sandwich....great beer and staff ;)

One notch below Moto, Trotters, Avenues etc..?

Looking for 2 great meals in Chicago this Thurs/Fri... Moto, Trotters, Avenues and some of the others sound fantastic, likely for one nite- if so, which restaurant?

Also looking for a place with great bistro-ish menu... food with love, prepared simply (perhaps), smallish/romantic space... up for any to eat ;)... tend to lean towards Med/French/New-American/Latin vs Asiatic... maybe a notch below in price than the 'heavies'...

Looking for any quintessential Chicago spots...

If a pizza is chosen for a night- what are the top couple Chicago pies (deep/stuffed)? Good salad, good Red wine and great pizza....??

Quick trip to Chicago for a Seacoast NH Chowhound, along with a new girlfriend ;) Both adventorous eaters with a love for local cuisine......


Mar 10, 2008
cepaulsen in Chicago Area

Fish Market recs in Seacoast NH/Southern ME?

Taylor Lobster in Kittery can handle it for you...they def ship lobster- not sure on their other fish.. the usually have sword, cod, some salmons and shrimp ...

Also try Seaport Fish in Rye, near Psmouth border.. much larger selection of fish.. they also are the only ones carrying the new mussels from the Isles of Shoals- delicious...

NYE Food Destination Southern VT, NH, ME?

Portsmouth NH is a great spot... read the boards for more info on the dining options- endless... great little places all over... should only be about 3 hrs for you... great NYE scene as well...partying at the bars/restos, fireworks, outside events... tons of place to go XC skiing- Urban Forestry Center, along any of the area beaches, Fort Foster (in Kittery), Stratham hill, around the Great Bay area..

Morton's in Downtown Hartford?

Not from the Hartford area, but sounds like your meal is a great excuse to try something new ;) The local-ish places sound great, Mortons etc can be had anywhere... sure the hubby would love it as a nice surprise...

Top Foodie Destination in New England?

Portsmouth, NH is a great place... plenty of fantastic restos and fun things to do around town and at the local beaches... check the board for some of the great places here: Jumpin Jays, Black Trumpet, victory, popovers, dunaway, pesce blue, red hook brewery, portsmouth brewery..... About 5 hrs from Montreal, nice drive too...

Casual, affordable birthday dinner near Pease

On the Pease grounds, is the Redhook Brewery. I love it for a sandwich, clam chowder and great beer.

Other places on the affordable side might be Rudys, Stockpot, Isis, and the Gaslight. All pretty good, not Black Trumpet level, but failry relaxed and varied in cuisine and price. All in downtown Portsmouth.

Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

" You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. "
frank zappa

Oct 29, 2007
cepaulsen in Not About Food

20 minute wait too long?

wow... we all need to slow down.. digest, enjoy... 20 min b/w courses..perfect!!! and you got a $100 gift certificate... cant comment on the service, but seeing as how you got a gift certificate AND you enjoyed your meals (" Entrees were very good, Nicely presented."..)... what the heck are you complaining about? Cant even understand why you would pester the staff, let them do their job and maybe it would have been 17 min b/w courses...stick to Outback/etc where they bring out your steak before you have finished your salad.... wow.... if you were in such a rush, you should have mentioned that to the server....

Oct 23, 2007
cepaulsen in Not About Food

Tartare in New England?

Had it there a week or so ago.. not bad, but a little to salty and too many capers... would probably get it again but ask them to hold back, or let me mix...

Up in Portsmouth, NH there are a bunch of places that hav it on their menus from time to time... Anneke Jans, Black Trumpet, The Library... Black Trumpet also has lamb tartare and lamb carpaccio from time to time...

Mozzarella di Bufala in Boston

Def the only water buffalo farm in the NE.. dont even know of any others in the US.. great products.. amazing mozz...


Sep 11, 2007
cepaulsen in Greater Boston Area

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

I have a pretty good recipe for that delicious red onion relish... got it from the NY Post a few years ago...

2 Large onions, chopped
3 tbl veg oil
1 cup Heinx Chili Sauce
1 tsp grnd cumin

cook onions for about 10 min in the oil over med heat covered. stir a little bit. Uncover, stir alot and brown to golden hue, add water if they start to burn, for about 20 min... Add everything else until thick...

works when I am craving a dog and watching the Yankees....

Basque Country Cookbooks?

The Basque: History of the World by Mark Kurlansky is a pretty interesting read with recipes sprinkled in. The author who wrote Cod, Salt, etc... read the book after returning from the Basque region... great food there!!!

Aug 31, 2007
cepaulsen in Home Cooking

From Miami:Hampton Beach, NH

Take the short beautiful drive up the coast to Portsmouth NH. Check out the boards for the recommendations and reviews of all the wonderful places. Some of my favorites are:
Jumpin Jays- fresh fish, oysters
Victory- Hi end haute cuisine, New American with some French
Black Trumpet- fantastic wine and food in an awesome setting, old building, french/north african bistro
Pocos, Old Ferry Landing, StockPot for drinks on the decks..
Anneke Jans- in Kittery, locals place with great french-ish bistro type cooking, of coure with fresh New England twist
Pesce Blue- small plates, good drinks, hip setting, Italian fish preparations, outdoor seating

Kittery Point area lunch

Check out the new space, Chris and his team have done a fantastic job with it, its much better than his old one on Rt 1. Might have gelato in the summer!!

Kittery Point area lunch

A great sandwich place in kittery is Crooked Lane Cafe in Kittery Forside, 70 Wallingford Square, near one of the entrances to the shipyard. Very convenient, quick and great food and coffee.

Also in kittery is a fantastic buritto/taco/etc shop, Loco Cocos Tacos, . Awesome tacos, chips, salads.. very authentic...

Then stop at Cacao Chocalates for some out of this world truffles, 64 Government Street,

On your way out of town, stop by some of the fantastic local purveyors of fine food, Enoteca Italian, Beach Pea Baking, Terra Cotta Pasta... all are great! and all located near Loco Cocos.....

Where to celebrate my brother's 50th around Portsmouth?

Lindberghs is closed.... chef is re-doing the space since he bought it from the old owners..will be open again in the middle of march... new trumpet...


Anything new and exciting in Portsmouth, NH?

Definitely.... sandwichs, bread, salad, cookies and fantastic cakes.... highly recommend it.... walk across the street for some pasta and flatbreads at Terra Cotta... down the street to Enoteca for fabulous italian wines and cheese and meats...

Anything new and exciting in Portsmouth, NH?

Highly recommend Anneke Jans and Lindberghs.... Dunaway is also new and very good... went to Warrens once and will never go back... salad bar is a joke and the rest of the menu is pretty weak, especially when you are talking about going to Pesce and Jays- both know how to create inspired fresh fish dishes...

Flatbread has great pizza and their simple salads with goat or blue cheese are great...

good pub food in southern NH?

Jack Quigleys is no longer... now AKs... havent been... highly recommend the Red Hook... their Jerk wings are great- not deep fried, but grilled... also their prime rib sandwich is awesome...

The Stockpot in Psmouth is also real good...