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Want to treat my wife to special dinner in Bay Area - both vegetarian

I haven't had it, but I've always wanted to try the vegetarian tasting menu at Fleur De Lys, which I believe is the restaurant that made Hubert Keller famous.

Fleur De Lys
777 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109

Are Yelpers Foochebags?

Yelp is quickly becoming irrelevant. I went to a four-star taqueria in Mountain View with well-over 500 reviews thinking I would have a good experience. The food was decent at best but the place had the feel of a recently-liquidated, lightly-traveled interstate gas station restaurant just before demolition. There was virtually no seating in the relatively large and empty space and the cheap fluorescent lighting made the place feel dingy and horribly unwelcoming.

Apr 15, 2011
bergersworth in Features

What's the deal with restaurants in Palo Alto?

My wife and I moved to Palo Alto in January and have yet to find a moderately-priced restaurant we love. On the slightly-higher end, there are a few options we like: Evvia, Mayfield Bakery, Bistro Elan.

For an easy weeknight meal, we've found the options to be amazingly poor. There are so few high-quality fast-casual and high-quality middle-priced restaurants that I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

Wish we would've stayed in San Francisco.

How long can I brine a roaster?

I have a chicken brining away right now in the fridge. It's about a 4lb bird fully submerged in a brine solution of about 3.5 quarts filtered water, 6T salt, 3T sugar, and 4T apple cider vinegar.

I put it in on Tuesday. Will it be okay to brine it until Sunday, or is that too long? Turns out every night this week is getting taken away.


Jun 11, 2009
bergersworth in Home Cooking

Inexpensive health food lunch spots in and around San Francisco?

Need some ideas... These are some of the places I go and the things I get there. Would love to know of places in the South Bay and Peninsula as well.

Whole Foods 4th St (Overpriced, awesome selection)
Samovar Tea Lounge (Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato is awesome)
Chipotle (vegan Bol with everything is awesome)
Medicine Eatstation (gone and bummed, miss that brown rice and miso soup)
The Plant/Lettus (Great local spot, have only eaten dinner there though)
Boxed Foods (Great tofu salad, decent tempeh sandwich, better as a lettuce wrap)

Where can I get something like a nice bowl of brown rice with some light and healthy veggies and tofu? A good vegan sandwich? Some real home-made and vegan falafel? Perhaps some delicious pickles like those from Cultured Pickle Shop? Maybe an outstanding and healthy taqueria?

Does anyone else want to eat like that?

What is the name of that cocoa?

I'm trying to remember the name of the brand of cocoa powder that I use. It's gourmet and the name is Mexican, though I believe the company is American. The name has an "X" in it I believe. I know they also make a spicy chile-infused hot chocolate mix as well. Can anyone help me out?

May 29, 2009
bergersworth in General Topics

Looking for a nice grape juice in San Francisco - suggestions?

I am looking for bottles of nice grape juices from traditional wine varietals. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Vegan Visitor from Down Under

The Plant (Formerly Lettus, Marina District): Lots of vegan choices, cool neighborhood, worth the visit. Great vegan (and non-vegan) dessert options.

Dosa (Mission district or Pac Heights): great non-traditional Indian food. Formerly one of the Chronicle's top 10 restaurants.

Nicer options:
Millennium (Downtown/Tenderloin): amazing all vegan place. Absolutely worth doing.

Second for Ubuntu in Napa.

Team cooking as a birthday activity?

Can anyone recommend a place to do some team cooking in San Francisco? We'll have 4-5 couples and would love to do a team cooking-type event.