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Beer-Braised Pulled Pork

Jan 02, 2015
skippy66 in Recipes

Meat Book?

Take a look at Bruce Aidell's Complete Meat Cookbook.


Jan 02, 2015
skippy66 in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? December 2014 edition, part two! [Old]

I made 4 stollen yesterday. Three of them are in the freezer. One of them is sitting on the kitchen counter right now, but I don't expect it it last through tomorrow.

Need Turkey Parts ASAP

Market Basket almost always has turkey parts—legs, wings, thighs and sometimes necks—any time of the year. Roche Brothers has them sometimes.

Nov 19, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Sazerac rye

I just got back from Colonial Spirits on Great Road in Stow. They had 4 bottles on the shelf.

Nov 13, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

ISO 100% sorghum syrup/molasses in Acton/Concord area

Just got back from there. They didn't have it.

Oct 31, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

ISO 100% sorghum syrup/molasses in Acton/Concord area

I'm looking for sorghum to be used in a dessert I want to try for thanksgiving. Any suggestions?

Oct 31, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Preserved Lemons

I have a large jar of about 10 lemons that I have preserving in salt and lemon juice for almost a month. They'll be ready to go in a few days. Other than Morrocan chicken with green olives and preserved lemon, what are some other things I can make?

Oct 14, 2014
skippy66 in Home Cooking

ISO capers packed in salt

Does anyone know where I can get the large capers packed in salt in the Concord/Acton/Maynard area?

Aug 19, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Since Market Basket is not an option, where can I buy Bomba Rice or Arroz La Marjal?

Sur La Table sells Bomba rice.

Aug 07, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Native Corn

I just stopped at my local farm stand to get some corn for dinner. They were charging 50¢ an ear for unripped and 75¢ an ear for ripped. Problem solved.

Jul 25, 2014
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Sausage Making

Bruce Aidells's Complete Sausage Book : Recipes from America's Premium Sausage Maker by Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly

Mar 13, 2014
skippy66 in General Topics

Homemade gnocchi…egg or no egg?

I want to make gnocchi at home. Some recipes I've read call for eggs and some are egg free. Is one way better than the other or are they just different?

Mar 05, 2014
skippy66 in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? December 2013 edition! [to 12/31/13]

Pandoro from Carol Field's "The Italian Baker." They just need some powdered sugar on top to finish them off.

Pork fat

I need to find a local source for pork fat/fatback for sausage making. Any suggestions? I will travel…

Oct 29, 2013
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Pomegranate Molasses

Does pomegranate molasses go bad?

I was cleaning out my cupboards the other day and waaaaaay in the back I found an unopened bottle that must be well over 5 years old. I looked at the ingredient list to see if there were preservatives in it and the only ingredient listed was pomegranate juice. Should I keep it or toss it?

Aug 10, 2013
skippy66 in General Topics

Lump Charcoal West of Boston

I saw it at BJs the other day. I don't recall the brand.

Also, try your local hardware store.

Jul 15, 2013
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Pita Bread

Pretty much all the "pita" bread that's available in the grocery stores in the area is terrible. I think it's primarily made for people without any teeth. You don't really have to chew it. Plus, it doesn't have much taste either.

I'm looking for some real pita-type bread that you actually have to chew and tastes good. Metrowest preferred, but I will travel. Any suggestions?

Jun 22, 2013
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Unique Regional Foods in Boston

Indian Pudding

Feb 08, 2013
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Looking for butcher shop or salumeria with the best hot italian sausage

I second De Pasquale's. Their hot sausage is actually hot. Most of the "hot" sausage you get in the supermarket is for babies.

Dec 24, 2012
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Looking for Some Flavor, Outer Cape

I had a very tasty clam roll at PJ's in Wellfleet the other day. And, the staff was very cheerful…

Sep 16, 2012
skippy66 in Southern New England

Please help me showcase cauliflower

I've already made this twice in a month.


Jun 25, 2012
skippy66 in Home Cooking

What cookbooks have you bought lately? Summer edition, part 1 [OLD]

The "Rosie's" cookbook is one of my favorites when I need to make a cake. I've been baking from it since it first came out.

Try the Bittersweet Orange Cake with Lemon Glaze and the Pumpkin Cheesecake. Highly recommended…

Jun 25, 2012
skippy66 in Home Cooking

Kaffir lime leaves for Tom Kha

I saw lime leaves at Idylwilde Farms in Acton yesterday.

May 03, 2012
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Slow cookers: What do you think

The fascination with slow cookers escapes me. I've had one for quite a while now and every year or so I pull it out and give it a go, hoping the results will be more satisfactory than the last time I used it. I keep wanting it to be good, but every time I am disappointed. The food is almost always tasteless and it is almost always swimming in a lot of liquid. One of my attempts several weeks ago was a chicken dish cooked in a sauce made with quajillo chiles and Mexican spices. The sauce going into the slow cooker was delicious but the sauce that came out was nasty. I tried another dish just the other day that was made with sauerkraut, pork, potatoes and kielbasa. The only edible parts in the end were the kielbasa and the kraut, but they were fully cooked when they went into the slow cooker.

I know a lot of people are in love with their slow cookers and think the food that comes out of them is delicious, but I'm not one of them. Sometimes I wonder if people equate delicious with easy. That's only my opinion.

My slow cooker is going into the trash this morning.

Mar 01, 2012
skippy66 in Cookware

Any great donuts in Metrowest?

Unless you're a fan of a Dunkin' Donut, you're pretty much out of luck trying to find a good donut around the Maynard/Acton area. Sweet Bites Cafe, 5 Spruce St in West Acton, makes a good donut muffin. It's sort of like a cake donut rolled in cinnamon sugar. They also sell them at Idylwilde Farms on Central Street in Acton.

Feb 24, 2012
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

New 'Menu Items That Need to Be Retired", 2012 edition...

Anything labelled as "comfort food…"

Feb 20, 2012
skippy66 in General Topics

My Aplogies, but I Need to Vent About America's Test Kitchen

Take all those renewal forms and drop them in the nearest mailbox.

Jan 08, 2012
skippy66 in Food Media & News

Seen Nueske's Liverwurst in Boston?

Roche Brothers/Sudbury Farms stores carry Schaller and Weber products.

Jan 08, 2012
skippy66 in Greater Boston Area

Great homemade cracker recipes?

It doesn't get any better than these Parmesan Black Pepper Biscotti…


Dec 28, 2011
skippy66 in Home Cooking