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artisan bread miami?

i was wondering where one can procure really good bread in the miami area? and is there any good sourdough around town?

it seems that the top restaurants around town (i.e. Michael's Genuine) get their bread baked for them specially from private bakers. that makes perfect sense and all, but I am wondering where the common folk, like myself, can go and get quality fresh baked bread?

admittedly, i am spoiled in having moved here from Berkeley where it was easy as pie to head to Acme Bread or the Cheeseboard for some of the best bread ever. while i don't necessarily expect to find that kind of quality of bread in south florida, my fingers are crossed and i am very hopeful.

any and all suggestions are welcome.

thanks in advance.

Miami Happy Hour!!!

i think Michael's Genuine has a great happy hour (4:30-6:30 i think) and they have great snacks and apps plus excellent beer/wine/cocktail selection all half priced.

Dinner on Lincoln Road

miss yips is weak sauce. okay at best. but waaaaaay overpriced for what you get. one time i got take out from there, they had the nerve of trying to charge gratuity. my experience, thus far, with chinese in miami is thumbs down.

its not on lincoln but i would go to joe allens. reasonable prices and decent food and atmosphere. lincoln is beat.

Miami Beach - South Pointe Park - Where to grab takeout nearby?

8 years and this is your first time at joe's? wow. and to top that, you passed on the stone crab claws? wow wow.

seriously, i mean, they got some other items on the menu that are decent, but its all about the claws. and the french fries. mmmmm.... they make good fries.

Authentic Mexican in Miami

despite eating at lime more often than i would like to admit, it is not very good at all. sometimes, the stars align and they can produce a decent burrito, but overall, i think they suck. they did get me through my regular burrito fix when i lived around the corner but i could never recommend it to anyone nor would i ever bring any friends from out of town there. all the burritos i have had in florida suck. but i am extremely biased based on my extensive 'research' and experience with burritos in the san francisco bay area. anyhow....

i finally got to eating at the Orale taco stand and i have to concur with the general consensus... these are real tacos and they are good. slightly over priced, but worth it for the authenticity. i only had the carnitas (yummmm) and the al pastor (good but not as good as the carnitas.... not to into the pina flavor.) whatever the case, i will definitely hit that spot up again when in the hood or in need of a quick fix.

8 oz Burger Bar lands on South Beach

went for the first time today for lunch. i had suffered through an episode of oprah once with my wife and they featured some sorta 'greatest sandwich in america' type thing talking about the short rib grilled cheese at table 8 in LA.... anyhow, that'sa what i ordered and it was good. there was one bite that was waaay too fatty for me but i guess that kinda comes with the short rib territory. the service was okay. no one was at the door to greet me (and daughter) so we just grabbed the booth next to the golden tee machine. eventually someone came over and to take our beverage order. at that point i had to ask for a menu as he was about to walk away.
anyhow, i ordered the short rib and a side of fries. seeing the other folks orders being served made me regret not ordering a burger. but once our food arrived i was quite content. the sandwich really hit the spot. the fries i thought were pretty weak and for $4! it shoulda been a huge basket of them. while they are tasty potatoes that the fries are being made from, they are not crispy enough at all. i asked for them extra crispy and they were limp. i have the same reaction to the fries at Michael's Genuine. my guess is they are only frying them once while french fries are best when fried twice. at least that has been my personal (and professional) experience. the fries at Joe's Take Away are by far the best I have had in florida. anyhow... my daughter enjoyed the fries and even did a little dance in the booth while eating them and listening to the jukebox... she's so cute! but $4!! and another $3 for a coke.... i mean... $8 for the sandwich is reasonable but it should come with fries....

and there was one thing about the sandwich that i just could not put my finger on until about twenty minutes ago. while the ingredients at 8oz are probably of higher quality and taste, the pressed duck sandwich at deli lane might just be better... or at least a far better value for a semi-similar taste. plus it comes with fries and them fries are extra crispy... mmm mmm. but i havent eaten at DL in over a year so things might have changed.

anyways, i will definitely go back to 8oz... but hold the fries and just water to drink thank you.

gourmet diner

i have driven past this place so many times and always wanted to go in to get my favorite diner meal, grilled cheese, cheese fries and chocolate shake, but never have i done so. anyhow, this morning, i was killing time with my daughter, waiting for costco to open, and we decided to grab some breakfast there. i had the eggs benedict with a side of bacon (all hail bacon). it came with home fries as well. it wasn't the most amazing eggs bene that i have ever had (not sure where the best i have had is, but i do like the eggs juneau at chester's in berkeley... yeah, those are my favorite), but they were quite delicious. the real standout was the home fries. asked for them extra crispy and they satisfied my crispy-desire incredibly so.
anyhow, i looked to see if there were any threads here on CH about the joint and while i didn't find a dedicated topic, i did find many mentions of the place by our local guru, Frodnesor, and i was excited to read that it is a favorite spot of his... (he might not have said 'favorite' but he does speak highly of it. anyhow, i have not been there for dinner but i am excited to try it out. i like the idea of a french style bistro being hidden inside a diner. i would definitely like to hear about other peoples' opinions and experiences eating there.
it definitely is not your standard diner grease. probably not gonna have much luck there with my grilled cheese and cheese fries though... aw well.

Michael's Genuine - Miami Design District

Long time listener, first time caller....

So I have been to Michael's twice for lunch, twice for dinner and once for happy hour in the past six or seven weeks. Needless to say I enjoy it a great deal. I have lived in Miami now for about 3 years but rarely find myself out and about on the town. My daughter is 17 months old today and my wife and I have never had a night off. (Haven't found a babysitter yet.)
Anyhow, when I do make it out of the house and meet local strangers, I like to ask for their recommendations for local eateries and what have you. Well, I finally got a haircut and asked the 'stylist' where he would recommend to eat and he said Michael's was the way to go. Said it was ranked like the 4th best restaurant in the country by the NY Times so I did a little research and was like, 'I gotta try this place!'

So, I took my daughter to Michael's for lunch one day and we had the best time... been hooked since. I got the pulled pork sandwich and the potato chips. It was so good. And my girl was so happy with the chips. We are raising her vegetarian so I housed the sandwich myself and I never thought I would be so excited for parsley sauce! The sandwich practically exploded in my mouth it was bursting with flavor. I knew I had to take my wife there asap.

So my wife and child and I went there for lunch but we made the mistake of going during Art Basel. We were there early and the place was completely empty yet they made us sit in the little orphan dining room. It was kinda disappointing to be cast off as such but in the end, the place
filled up quickly and our little one was a real handful so it was probably best to be away from all the action. Anyhow, my wife had the caprese sandwich (she is vegetarian and kosher, but vegetarians are pretty much kosher by default). I try to keep kosher (even vegetarian) at home but when we go out, the pork gloves come off! So I couldn't resist the pulled pork sandwich again. This time we got the crispy hominy instead of the chips. The Mrs. sandwich was delicious by her estimation. I tried a little bit and it was darn good, albeit incredibly overpriced. Certainly fine quality ingredients but for $15 it shoulda come with a friggin' golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Nevertheless, she was deeply satisfied. My sandwich hit all the right notes again. And those crispy hominy... wow! watch out those are good. The only disappointment, and I think it would qualify as a major one, was the french fries. On my previous visit I got the side salad for some reason, but this time went with the fries. I mean, for a place that is serving such excellent food, those fries were weaksauce at best. They were limp and soggy. Flavor-wise, who cares... I mean, a french fry ain't a french fry unless it has a fine crispy exterior. [Speaking of fries, I have to say, Joe's Stone Crab has the best friggin' fries I have had in South Florida. You don't even have to request them extra crispy, although I always due by default.] Anyhow, I am not sure who is in charge of the fry-a-lator but they need to learn a thing or two before continuing with that vocation.

So yeah, I know, I need to try something other than the pork at Michael's but it is hard to resist.

My wife, child and I went there again for dinner to meet some friends that were still in town from art basel and I just could not resist and got the pork shoulder. It was like the sandwich only without the bread and cucumbers. It was so delicious. Buttery good. The cheesy grits I found to be quite delicious as well. My wife had the burrata plate and our friends split the steak au poivre and brussel sprouts. I had a bite of steak and it was quite nice... missed my chance on the sprouts though. But that pork shoulder was just so good. Again with that parsley sauce. I think I could eat that dish every night forever. It is tough keeping kosher when you love the pig as I do. It is not only my favorite meat to eat, it is the best animal I can cook. (My twice cooked pork tacos are otherworldly. Haven't made them in a long time though... unfortunately.)

My next experience there was for a quick happy hour by myself. It was crazy crowded at the bar when I arrived but I managed to find a stool at the end of the bar. I didn't know about happy hour there but darn, half priced drinks can't be beat. Had two Dogfish 90 minute IPAs and a Brooklyn Lager. Also had the crispy hominy again. Then I decided to try the pork belly. I think I read about it here. Let me start by saying, I do not like fatty meat at all. I don't think I am very well versed in fine dining or culinary explorations. Generally, I stick the flavors I am familiar with and the cuts I am most content with. But I had read about the pork belly and thought I oughta give it a try. I love eating quality food and I realize that I am hindering myself by limiting the types of food I am willing to eat. I still am not ready for tripe and sweetbreads and beef cheek and the like... it all turns me off. So with a little hesitation, I ordered the belly. All I can say is WOW. That was the best pig belly I have ever eaten (also the first). I mean, the amount of fat on the thing is absurd but when combined with bites of the kim chi, peanuts, and water cress, plus that excellent sweet and spicy sauce, it was out of site. Indeed one of the best dishes I have had in a long time. So good.

So when my folks were in town this past weekend, we ended up going there for dinner. The creature of habit that I am, I had the pork belly and pork shoulder yet again. Actually, I shared both with my father because he said he was not that hungry and wanted to try what I enjoyed eating there. Well, dad is a really picky eater and he thought the pork belly was mostly repulsive. He liked the crispy meaty part, but did not enjoy any of the rest. As for the shoulder, he again thought it was too fatty and didn't like the rub. He said it was too fennel-ly. I don't know. I thought it was delicious again. But it was a bit of a drag having him sitting there complaining the whole time. Lessons learned... 1. never bring dad to a place I really enjoy again. 2. Never order for him or share with him again. For snacks we had the chicken liver, crispy hominy and potato chips. I am a huge fan of those hominy and chips. Liver pate is not really my thing. Never has been. But my dad did enjoy that. Not so much the hominy. He definitely like the pan fried onion dip with the chips cause the rest of us barely got a bite. My mom got the beet and heirloom tomato salad and my wife got some sides... the cauliflower with parsley sauce (mmmm) and the fingerling potatoes (good but kinda boring) and she ordered the cheesy grits but they ran out. (How they ran out considering we got there at 5:30 on a Sunday evening, I am not sure but the waiter came back way past the point of acceptable to inform her of that). Actually, I had the grits with my dish so I shared with her but I thought the grits were a bit stronger in cheese this time than my previous experience. They were just okay this time. I was quite fine with relinquishing them to her.

All in all, I love that place. I know I need to explore outside the pig, but it is hard to resist and my creature of habit nature is hard to break.

The service has mostly been exceptional. Both lunch trips were excellent. The second trip for dinner was a little off on service. I had actually ordered two pork bellies (one for me and one for dad) but the waiter didn't hear me and only brought out one which was fine because my father didn't like it. But still, how could he not have heard me? Aw well.

I haven't tried dessert yet but I look forward to. I also look forward to trying the double yolk egg. I told my wife a long time ago that when I open up a restaurant, all breakfast egg dishes come with two yolks per egg (unless requested otherwise). I am excited to see that idea put into practice. I also look forward to eating something other than the pig, but it is so hard to resist.

Good times.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

thanks for the recipe but i think it is an injustice to use tabasco sauce instead of frank's durkee red hot.

as for butter substitute, use margarine (smart balance is good).

personally, I prefer coating the wings in the sauce after the wings are cooked...
for example:
cook wings how ever you prefer... deep fry, pan fry, bake, etc.
once wings are cooked through and the skin is crispy take wings and dumping them in a big tupperware container that has 1 part frank's durkee red hot and 1 part margarine (or butter) and shake the wings around in there until the saucy coating is melted and mixed all over the wings.
plate and serve.

note: the sauce mixture is really up to you. if you want more butter or more hot sauce is up to you. you can also add other flavors in there if you like... a little garlic powder... or some chopped chives... or anything really. yesterday i put a little gorgonzola cheese in with the sauce and added a few drops of marie sharps fiery habanero sauce for a little extra kick and it was so freaking good. play around with the flavors you like and enjoy.

to me though, the most important quality of a buffalo wing is that it has really crispy skin and that the wing maintains that crispiness no matter how saucy. sometimes i just make the wings naked and serve the heat on the side... but again its up to you.

Dec 22, 2008
rare_g in Recipes