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Price for Gagnaire?

I can't find the price for Gagnaire on their website. I'm trying to decide between Savoy and Gagnaire. I didn't realize Savoy for tasting is 390, 420, or 490 Has it always been this high? If Gagnaire is 300 I will I probably will go with Gagnaire.

Anyone know the latest price for Gagnaire? Or any other suggestions for 300 or so? I've always wanted to go to a 3 michelin, but I'm not bound to it.


about 11 hours ago
Torolover in France

Great lunches but also not too far from Tourist attractions?

I've been doing a lot of research for good lunches in Paris. This will be my first time in Paris so I will be hitting all the Tourist attractions. I know that Tourist spots usually don't have great lunches, but are there some you recommend?

I'm hoping to have a quick light lunch and then be able to walk around some nice "touristy" areas.

This is a list I made, but I don't know if their location is convenient for the tourist spots. Any other suggestions?

David Toutain
Le Servan
Pierre Sang
Chez Jean
Chez Denise

about 18 hours ago
Torolover in France

one pick for a 3 michelin star restaurant?

Thanks for the tips everyone! I really appreciate it! I think I will narrow it down to Gaganire and Savoy. Souphie, I'm planning Le Cinq for Sunday lunch. Will this be the regular Lunch menu or is it a Brunch Menu? Is the quality still good on a Sunday? In the States often Sunday lunches are dinners are not as good because it's the chefs day off and there are no deliveries on Sundays. Thanks!

about 20 hours ago
Torolover in France

one pick for a 3 michelin star restaurant?

I will be there from Oct 1 to Oct 14 so I'm thinking of making reservations Oct 11 or 12th

How does Guy Savoy compare to Arpege? I read that Aprege is more vegetable based, but worried how good the veggies are in mid Oct?

I'm trying to get a mix of modern/classic French. These are other places I'm trying to book, but want to try one 3 star michelin restaurant.

Any other suggestions would be welcome!

ze kitchen galarie
pierre sang
chez jean
chez denise
le bat lunch
le servan lunch
Le Cinq lunch

1 day ago
Torolover in France

one pick for a 3 michelin star restaurant?

If you have to pick one 3 michelin restaurant in Paris in 2 weeks, which one would it be? L'astrance wouldn't work for me because I need to be able to make reservations in 2 weeks.


1 day ago
Torolover in France

Best dishes at Sarma?

Finally got reservations to Sarma tomorrow! What are your favorite dishes there?

Jun 11, 2014
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Ramen Epiphany at East by Northeast 2/12/14

Is the soup rich? Philip in his website describes the broth, "in the style of tonkotsu, made with plenty of pork bones and pork fat, cooked until it is deep rich and thick... tempered with a lightly gingered fish fumet."

So I was expecting the soup to be Tonkotsu style rich or at least close to it since it's tempered with fish fumet.

What is Tonkotsu style? Tonkotsu broth is usually boiled for over 8 hours to convert the collagen into gelatin so the soup is deep, rich, and thick. His soup didn't taste like it was boiled for over 8 hours. If his soup was really rich from the gelatin conversion(not from fat) the whole soup would be solid when chilled, not just having a layer of fat on top of the soup.

I understand deep, rich and thick is relative, but for me it is the lightest broth of all the Ramen places I have tried in Boston and NY.

Regardless if the broth is supposed to be rich or light, at the end of the day, the broth just didn't do it for me. The sourness of the soup was a little off putting, but I must say there is potential as the other components were great.

I think people should try his Ramen and am curious what other CH's think!

Ramen Epiphany at East by Northeast 2/12/14

Let the Ramen debate begin! I also had the Ramen last night and must say I was disappointed.

First of all the Ramen was the smallest bowl of Ramen I have ever seen. It was literally half or smaller of what other Ramen places serve. I get that it's "high end" Ramen, but even high end Burgers and Pizza are regular size or only slightly smaller. Imagine paying $18 for the famous burger at Craigie on Main, but Tony Maws makes it a slider size. That's what I felt like.

Philp's Ramen is not traditional Ramen as disclosed on his website and I'm fine with that. Each component was well made. I loved the smooth egg, I appreciate the homemade noodles, I could taste the smokiness of the pork, and I loved the Monkfish Liver Butter.

The problem, which is the most important aspect of Ramen, is the soup!!

His website describes the soup as "in the style of tonkotsu, made with plenty of pork bones and pork fat, cooked until it is deep, thick and rich... tempered with a lightly gingered fish fumet."

I didn't get this flavor at all. I did not taste the rich flavor of roasted pork bones boiling for 9 hours, or get any of the gelatin richness in my mouth. I did not taste any of the complexity of a good broth coming from veggies or secret ingredients. The soup was very light and not rich at all. In fact it had a slight sourness to it which I didn't find appealing. I think it was coming from the pickles in the soup.

Perhaps he's trying to make a more sophisticated lighter double stock Ramen soup, like Ivan Ramen in NYC, but to me Philip's soup doesn't work.

I hope he can tweak his soup, because the other components are good, especially the monkfish liver butter.

And he needs to work on the size..I mean high end ramen places in NYC and Japan have bigger bowls!

Would any Boston restaurants get any Michelin stars?

I have been to Danji in NY which has 1 star and is proof you don't need great service, wine program, or even great chairs. You share a long table with other diners and you sit on a stool!

The Korean food is very good, but it's not the same level as E'spalier or Menton. Hard to compare because average check at Danji is only $38.

If Danji can get 1 star, E'spalier and Menton for sure would get 1 star. In fact I would say Toro is as good as Danji, so Toro should get 1 star too!

Oct 30, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Abe & Louie's

I had a great 22 ounce delmonico and kona dry aged sirloin at Capital Grille a couple weeks ago.

We ordered 3 steaks for 5 people and they served it to us family style and cut it up for us. It was a nice touch on their part.

Highly recommended.

Oct 30, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Abe & Louie's

I don't go to steakhouses often, but to defend them, I am usually disappointed when I order a steak from a Bistro or even a place like Hungry Mother, Ten Tables, or other smaller chef owned restaurants. After tasting the steak, I always say, "man, I should have went to Grill 23 or Capital grill for the Ribeye, and it's the same price"

Most restaurants only give you 6 or 8 ounce portion of a cheap cut like bavette or hanger and charge you $30. So it's not more expensive to eat at Grill 23, where you can get a a 18 ounce 100 day dry aged prime ribeye for $51! I always split the steak half with my wife since a 9 ounce portion is plenty. The steak only cost me $26 and is much better quality and bigger then the Bistros.

So if you want steak, go to a steakhouse and split the steak in half instead of ordering from a bistro!

Oct 30, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Hey, Where's our Team Spirit? Ribelle Gets FOUR STARS!!****

In response to Bostonfoodz,

First of all South End rents are much higher then Brookline, so I feel we should already be getting a slight discount eating in Brookline.

Just because Tim's food is better, doesn't mean he should charge more then Lynch's restaurants. Lynch has a big name in Boston, and a lot of people(not me) are willing to pay a premium for her name, not necessarily for the quality of food. Price is determined what the market will bear.

This is true with all established "celebrity" chefs. People go and pay a premium to eat at Ming Tsai's restaurant too. I don't think Tim has that name power yet, especially in Brookline.

I don't go to Lynch's restaurants, not because they are bad, but I prefer the food AND value of Toro, Strip Ts, Salts, Bondir, etc..

I'm hoping Ribelle can be one of these that offer great food and value, and doesn't turn into a "Lynch"

Oct 27, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Hey, Where's our Team Spirit? Ribelle Gets FOUR STARS!!****

C'mon guys you need to check prices more carefully. Butcher Shop and Sportello have almost identical appetizer prices and pasta prices as Ribelle!!

Ribelle is NOT in Boston, and shouldn't be the same price as Lynch with all her accolades!


Oct 26, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Hey, Where's our Team Spirit? Ribelle Gets FOUR STARS!!****

Funny how we were just talking about great Ribelle could be, even though it needed to iron out its kinks, and now it gets a perfect 4 star review! I went again after the Globe review and tried about 8 dishes. I still feel the same as I did in my last post. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/920402

Some of the dishes were spectacular, but 2 or 3 were just OK. For a 4 star restaurant, people now are expecting EVERY dish to be a 9 or 10, not having some dishes just a 7.

Devra pointed out some flaws, and I hope that encourages them to get rid of the dishes that don't work and keep pushing the ones that do. I also hope the 4 star review doesn't get to their heads and they decide to push the prices up.

I'm a big fan, and hoping for the best.

Oct 26, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Anyone else think ribelle (brookline)?is trying too hard?

OK, so maybe not quite at the same level at Momofuku, but I'm sure the chefs are aiming to be the best they can in Boston. I'm sure they feel they can be better or just as good as Toro, Coppa, Oleana, and Bondir.

Don't you feel the price point for appetizers at Ribelle are too high to experiment with and have some fall a little flat? Again the ones that work show their potential.

When Strip T's opened almost all of their apps were spot on, and at less then $8 or $9 at the time, not a big deal, if it didn't work.

Oct 15, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Anyone else think ribelle (brookline)?is trying too hard?

I love Strip Ts' and Ribelle, but the problem I have is when they keep changing their menu. When the dishes work, it's fantastic, but often I wish they would just keep it on the menu, (please bring back the fried cauliflower and rainbow trout!!) I know they want to keep things interesting and perhaps the chefs get bored, but I would say half the time I try something new on the menu, I'm slightly disappointed. Not to say it's bad per se, but THEIR GOOD DISHES ARE SO GOOD, IT SETS A CERTAIN STANDARD.

My complaint with Ribelle, is at the price point for their appetizers, every appetizer dish needs to be spot on. Pastas are awesome and priced right, but their appetizers are priced higher then Toro and Oleana!! Some of these appetizers are good, but not all keep to the high standard they set,(Toro's version of sweetbreads for example are still better). If they want to keep experimenting, perhaps they should lower the prices like they did at Strip T's when they first opened, and then raise them when the dishes become a signature and established. This way expectations from customers won't be so high because of the price. Toro and Oleana keep the same appetizers for a reason, even though they do have specials.

People are expecting a lot from Ribelle, and I hope they can work out their kinks. I'm a huge fan of both Strip T's and Ribelle, and really hope they can be our versions of the "Momofuku" empire in Boston.

Oct 15, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Inaka, Allston

When I was there they mentioned they have two kinds of noodles and we can pick one. One is thin and soft, and one is thicker and al dente. We picked the thicker one, although it was still pretty thin.

I had the spicy miso ramen which I liked better then Pikaichi and Sapporo ramen.

Aug 21, 2013
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

in search of the best pancakes in the Boston area

Really, the best pancakes are at Craigie on Main!! There is no question about it! Go try and tell me what you think!

Dec 08, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

in search of the best pancakes in the Boston area

Then why is it people pay $22 for pasta that you can also make home for 75 cents? Sometimes when you have a great meal, and it's under $20, it's worth it!!

Nov 28, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

in search of the best pancakes in the Boston area

Best Pancakes are easily Craigie on Main! They use whole wheat pancakes, but are pricey at $15!!

Nov 25, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Best Dessert Buffet in Boston?

Anyone been to the dessert buffet's in Boston?

I think Bristol Lounge, and Langham has a dessert buffet, anywhere else?


Nov 17, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Should I order "well done" at Santarpios and Regina?

I always order my pizza well done at Gran Gusto. I don't like a soggy crust.

Should I order the cheese Pizza "well done" at Santarpios or Regina? Or is it already "well done" like at Picco?

Aug 03, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

what are your 10 favorite cheap(less that $10) breakfast, lunch, dinner and "4th meal/snack" places

I don't think you can beat Porter Exchange for great meals under $10. Cafe Mami and Sapporo Ramen are unbeatable in quality and price.

Jun 26, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Best dishes only in Summer?

Now that summer is here, what are some of the best dishes you've had that you can only get in the summer?

I remember having a fantastic peach/goat cheese/wasabi salad at Market couple of years ago, but they no longer serve it.

Jun 15, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Strip T's increasing funkiness

Yes, I too really like the Octopus, but I too find the size too small especially for $12. This is not the South End afterall. The other items prices are reasonable for now, hopefully they don't keep on creeping up the prices and start charging Toro prices.

Apr 17, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Anyone try Forum in Boston? Great deal on Google..

Anyone with any experiences with the food at Forum? Google has 55% off 5 course meal.

Apr 05, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Seven star street bistro, any updates?

Any news about Seven Star Street Bistro? Sounds like it has potential with the chefs story sounding similar to Strip Ts.

Feb 23, 2012
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Del Frisco's must trys? [moved from Boston board]

Actually the duck I had there is the best duck I have had in Boston. The duck is well priced and big enough for two!

Feb 11, 2012
Torolover in Chains

It's official: Berryline utterly superior to Pinkberry

I agree! I have been raving about Berryline for years and have been telling my New York friends that we have better frozen yogurt then them.

Berryline is better then Pinkberry and Red Mango.

Finally we have all three to compare!

Jun 20, 2011
Torolover in Greater Boston Area

Neptune Oyster- Dissappointed..what to order?

No I did not dip the oyster in the sauces. When I was at Island Creek, I added some of their sauce and the oysters were incredibly sweet. I'm wondering if it was because of their sauce. The ones I had at Neptune were inferior, but perhaps it was an off batch.

I will try some the other recommended dishes and report back.

Thanks Hounders!

Jun 15, 2011
Torolover in Greater Boston Area