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Best of Elmhurts

Lao Bei Fang - they must be doing great business because they just moved to a bigger store around the corner on Broadway - 83-05 Broadway, Elmhurst 11372 (718) 639-3996 - the phone number is still the same. They got an " A" in the city inspection rating . They also have a bigger selection, like cafeteria style (like the Flushing stores) with stuff for lunch. My favorites - the pot stickers are still as good. By the way, in their old location is another noodle place. Their dumplings were not as good, so far.

Lao Bei Fang
83-05 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

Mar 12, 2011
byonpasta in Outer Boroughs

Butcher in Queens?

I have been shopping at Ottomanelli's for over 20 years and it definitely is NOT GROSS! In fact, one time CBS (Ch. 2) did a series on health inspections of meat markets and Ottomanelli's was the only one that passed with flying colors. This Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, from 10 am. - 2pm. they are celebrating their 50th anniversary - food and music (and probably a lot of politicians too).

S. Ottomanelli & Son
61-05 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Oct 29, 2010
byonpasta in Outer Boroughs

market watch: Jackson Heights

Absolutely go to Ottomanelli & Sons , 61-05 Woodside Ave., Woodside. I have been shopping there for over 15 years. They often have some nicely aged steaks, Bell & Evans chickens, and I would only buy hamburger from them. Their prices are not any more than in the supermarkets and the meat is so much fresher. One time WCBS was reviewing butcher stores and Ottomanelli was the only one that PASSED with flying colors! It was certified as the cleanest! I like to feel secure buying my meat there with all those e-coli problems of supermarket meats. I saw on PBS "Table for 2 Steves" that they supply Kurt Gutenbrunner of Wallse in Greenwich Village.
For groceries and especially fresh vegetables, try Woodside Supermarket (AKA U-Mart) 56-02 31st Ave. Woodside; cheapest prices on milk, eggs and good selection of Chinese vegetables. They have a parking lot in the rear.

Jul 27, 2010
byonpasta in Outer Boroughs

Food safe, waterproof, heat resistant adhesive for repairing whisk?

Have you tried Liquid Solder? This is available in car parts store, such as Strauss. I have used it to repair a leak on the bottom side of a Revere kettle. The brand I have is by Permatex - it is just a couple of dollars, not expensive. Since the wire is where it inserts into the handle, it is not likely that you would get food up to the hilt. If food splatters into there, it can be washed out. I think this solder would not actually touch any food you would consume.

Mar 13, 2010
byonpasta in Cookware

nice place in Sunnyside

Dazies is great for a special night out. Plush, like a good Manhattan restaurant but still less costly. Great appetizers and desserts. I like their steak, comparable to Peter Luger's. Although I usually like to order something I can't make at home, I order the steak because only a restaurant broiler has that kind of heat to char and yet keep the meat tender. The desserts are wonderfully sinful. It has been awhile, but they had a piano player/singer. Nice mellow songs for unhurried dining.

Jul 20, 2009
byonpasta in Outer Boroughs

Istria Sport Club

I have gone to the Rudar Social Club a couple of times and the food has been consistently good and the people very friendly. I am Asian and I saw a whole table of an Asian family there also; seemed to be regulars. The only problem was once the kitchen was very slow, but it was worth the wait. Very excellent fish. Nice place. It's downstairs and gives the feeling of walking into a speakeasy, kinda fun feeling. It's the kind of "neighborhood find". I have recommended it to a few of my neighbors.
On the other hand, the Istria Sport Club is NOT sporting at all. An Italian friend took me there because we read in the NY Times that even Lydia Bastianich eats there. Wow,no need for air conditioning with that waiter's reception - it was " What do you want?...Specials? you have it all on the menu!" The fried calamari was cold, "old" fishy smelling and the waiter did not bother to bring the sauce until I asked. The sauce was good though. My friend had gnocci- it was OK. You know how they always ask if you want coffee or dessert, not a peep, they wanted us out. Seeing how they greeted the other incoming couples, it was definitely us, "personna non grata". Next time I will bypass this joint and go right across the street to the BZ-Grill for really great gyro and friendly faces.

Jul 20, 2009
byonpasta in Outer Boroughs

Duke Ocean Grill, Tappan NY

Just had lunch at Duke's Ocean Grill on Jan. 18, 2009. The 3 of us had the lobster special which consisted of this huge, 2 lb., hard shell lobster, a heaping portion of steamed clams, yukon gold mashed potatoes (w/cabbage?), excellent little carrots and asparagus. Nice warm bread basket too: pumpking bread and good Italian. We did not have room for dessert, but the coffee was excellent, European style, with body. The lobster special was only $20 and very worth it.

Prime Ribs - JH's Vicinity

Zum Stammtisch, a German restaurant on Myrtle Ave. in Ridgewood has prime rib on Sundays and sometimes as a special on other days. I last ate there in the summer, quite hefty portions and good beer. Their menu on their website is a little bit over the top, but funny. Also, O'Neil's, a sports bar in Maspeth, has prime rib. Not prime rib, but great steak, less pricey than Luger is Dazies on Queens Blvd., Sunnyside. Kind of upscale, but not as much as Manhattan. Dazies has good appetizers and desserts too & easy parking.

Dec 22, 2008
byonpasta in Outer Boroughs