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Jamie Oliver's "Homemade truffles" - Two thumbs up!

Hi all,

Was a little on the bored side yesterday and decided to make this seemingly easy to prepare treat. And how easy it was... delicious too. I used whipping cream (38% MF compared to 50% MF he calls for with double cream) but the overall creaminess was intact. I would recommend using a less than 70% cocoa chocolate for those unfamiliar with dark chocolate, it can be rather intense and a bit on the rich side. Then again, isn't that what a truffle is? :)

Yummy and easy to make, good for a casual dessert on Christmas or a lazy boxing day indulgence.

Dec 23, 2009
cabernet05 in Home Cooking

Off to caplanskys tomorrow...(yes, another one of 'those' threads)

Having not been since a couple weeks after his new opening on college street, any changes/things to try? I've been staying with the smoked meat/poutine for a while and am looking to mix it up.

Student - 48 hours - near the financial district - looking for burgers/deli/bbq

Hey everyone,

I'll be in NY for an interview and will have some down time. I'm near the financial district (water street) and have never been to the city before.

I'm a student (no Per Se, please) looking for some good comfort food. A couple ideas I have so far are Katz's (obvious reasons) and Kool Bloo.

Looking for places preferably nearby offering the types of food mentioned above, but I can be flexible if a must-try comes along. How's delivery anyways? Is it just easier to pick up the food yourself given traffic?

Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks in advance.

Nov 21, 2009
cabernet05 in Manhattan

ISO : Cast Iron Waffle Iron

Williams Sonoma if you're willing to make a bit of a drive, just don't look at the price...

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

Reporting back!

Went yesterday around 7ish, seated in the patio outside.

All of us had the sandwich combo (medium) with mine being fresser size. Split a smoked meat poutine and had the fries/salad as sides.

Sandwich: I'm used to the fatty so I found medium a bit lean for my tastes, but still very good. A couple slices were a tad tough, so I can't put it up there with my first Monarch experience, but it held its own. I love the homemade mustard (friends prefer the neon yellow variety).

Poutine: First few forkfuls were delicious! The smoked meat/gravy combo as amazing as ever. Not to sound overly gushy, but it may have been my favourite part of the night. The fries and gravy were piping hot. My only suggestion would be to maybe layer the gravy/meat or to just put a little more. Between the sandwiches, our sides, and the poutine, by the time we kept attacking the poutine the lack of gravy/meat made the fries kind of dry and overly crunchy.

Salad: Friend had it, he said he would've liked more dressing but it did the trick.

Fries (side): Very good when piping hot, but reflecting another commenters post I would say there were a fair bit of crunchy bits. Maybe a little less time in the deep fryer? Some were really, really crunchy.

No room for dessert, we all tried the #9 IPA and found it to be refreshing, great fit with the meal as a whole. Friends loved the place, would go back in the near future.

Overall: 7.5/10

Will revisit in a month or two, once the kitchen and service find their sweet spots.

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

Yikes on service.

Tomorrow I'm taking some friends for dinner. Maybe I'm tempting fate by going on their first Friday open...bring it on!

GF's only experience with mexican....taco bell! Help with lunch suggestion!

Reporting back: went to El Trompo and ordered the Al Pastor, Bistec con queso and the Chongos Zamoranos (washed down with mexican soda, it was a day reminiscent of summer)

All dishes were quite tasty, nod to the Bistec con quese and the two pepper sauces they provide, I love heat and they did the trick nicely.

She wants to try new places now, so maybe El Sol!

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

I'm planning on stopping by sometime this week and I'm curious to see how the new location is standing up to scrutiny. Anyone been so far?

Edit: I've done a couple searches on impressions, which seem to be mixed at this point (variable service, new menu items meh, old items faithful), any further insights would be appreciated

GF's only experience with mexican....taco bell! Help with lunch suggestion!

So we were talking about mexican the other day and she said she really likes taco bell....the disturbing part is that she may have only been half joking...she said she only had mexican once (on a cruise of some sort) but that was years ago.

Plain and simple, looking downtown for a "more mexican" (re: not looking for the absolute perfect experience, lest the hounders begin to eat me alive) place to show her something more akin to the real mccoy. Milagro will do in a pinch, but am flexible (heard of some near St Lawrence market) depending on the cuisine and price point.


Brunch in Markham?

Having a brunch this weekend in Markham, traditional 'brunch' items (eggs benny, french toast, etc.) preferred. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Loblaws Doughnuts - Impressed

(Disclaimer: Call my palate unsophisticated or dulled, but I can't always find the time nor the energy to pay Granowska's a visit. )

I examined the freshly baked sweets section of my local loblaws and purchased four different kinds of doughnuts (maple frost, sprinkles, chocolate frost, can't remember the last one) to try. The first thing that struck me is how big they were compared to the doughnuts of my past, as well as the 'freshly made' sort of smell coming from them - something absent from most doughnut chains.

Coming home, I expected jelly or some sort of cream filling inside. I found none. But the doughnut did not need any of it in the slightest. Thick and gooey frosting with loads of sprinkles on top of a very fluffy but still quite cake-y doughnut was exactly what I was craving.

I would recommend their doughnuts with one caveat: a brisk walk on a lazy Sunday afternoon must follow. Failing that, perhaps a read of the Sunday Times while on the treadmill. These doughnuts are deadly!

Looking to take some friends out (in etobicoke)

Thanks for the suggestion! Greek does sound like a good idea.

Looking to take some friends out (in etobicoke)

Hi Hounds!

I'm looking to take out a couple friends of mine for helping me with some stuff around the house. They enjoy most types of food but I fear are becoming too accustomed to simply going to milestones, the keg, etc. I am looking to take them someplace unique (i.e. apache burger before the quality kind of slipped, a small but quality pizza place, good bbq, etc.). My upper limit on price is $60pp including alcohol, any advice would be appreciated.


Whole Foods: Dessert?

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll be going to the one by Yorkville sometime tomorrow. I'll keep a lookout for a cake matching your description, I think she'd love it.

Any other suggestions?

Whole Foods: Dessert?

I'm looking for a nice dessert to take for a special someone, any recommendations?

Ruths Chris - half price gift card

I too am curious about this whole USD/CAD thing, but with the dollars trading where they are it may not be that big of a squeeze regardless.

(another) Catering question!

Hi CH'ers!

A firm I consult for is planning a catering dinner at the boss' house and they're looking for a catering company. They requested something along the lines of surf and turf and NO dainty sandwiches, I'm hard pressed for ideas and they are in the markham/richmond hill region. Any help would be much appreciated!

Kingston for lunch, any suggestions?

Just moved back to Toronto from Queen's!

Depends on the cuisine you're looking for, this site is a good index:

I would suggest Windmills for a more traditional and solid lunch. If you're looking for more upscale, I would recommend either Chez Piggy or Aquaterra (in the Radisson Hotel). Amadeus is also quite nice if you're looking for something German.

Hope this helps!

Salt Lake City eats?

Hi everyone!

Not sure if this is the right forum..but here goes

I'm going to be in Salt Lake for a day and need a good place for dinner, preferably downtown and not over $50/pp. Any cuisine is fine, thanks!

Apr 21, 2009
cabernet05 in Southwest

LA for the week...suggestions?

Hey CH'ers!

From Canada for the week, looking for some good, affordable eats. We're staying near the staples center and will be renting the car closer to the end of our stay. So far the only place we've pegged is Ciudad from positive reviews. That's more on the higher end, and we're looking for quality local places (esp tacos! saw a giant thread on that).

Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks

Apr 18, 2009
cabernet05 in Los Angeles Area

Wisdom teeth removal - Food help!


Feb 19, 2009
cabernet05 in General Topics

Wisdom teeth removal - Food help!

No vicodin?! This is going to be fun...

Thanks for the tip val, I'll definitely be picking up some of those instant breakfasts!

Feb 18, 2009
cabernet05 in General Topics

Wisdom teeth removal - Food help!

Thanks for the replies everyone. Lots of great tips, I'm making a 'special' grocery list now!

Feb 18, 2009
cabernet05 in General Topics

Wisdom teeth removal - Food help!

Hi fellow CHers

I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed in a week and I could use some ideas on what to eat in that magical 3-5 day period afterwards! So far I have ice cream and mashed potatoes....and cheese.

I think there may already be a thread on this, but any suggestions would be very welcome!

Feb 18, 2009
cabernet05 in General Topics

First Date... Need help

I believe they have turned around the service. From taking our reservation to paying the bill, the service was outstanding. Our waiter (forget his name) was very knowledgeable about all of the dishes and my date loved his recommendations for wine. Refills of water only stalled once, but he held back on the dessert/random stuff when he saw we were having a bit of a moment... which for me (at least as a CH newbie) is a good sign for any restaurant's service.

Food came and went without any lingering plates or long waiting times. There was no rush with the bill even though the place was bustling. I would recommend just one more shot at redemption.

First Date... Need help

Second La Palette, nothing but good things to say about the service and the food. Sharing their flourless chocolate cake sealed the deal.

late night romance

Thanks for the advice everyone! I guess I should've tried to be more clear...What I was basically looking for was a place open past 10pm, conducive to conversation and of course, solid food/

Now just deciding between Harbord and Caren's... I have to leave for a work assignment for a few weeks or else I would have just done both :(

late night romance

I'm looking for something open till around midnight-1am, price point flexible. I heard about Caren's in another thread and I really like the idea, but I'm not sure if its the best date place. Any recommendations?

Chowfinds and not so chowish finds of the year- list

Thanks for the reply Jamie, I'm interested in finding a place that serves similar fare to Caren's for my night out. Any ideas? Thanks

Chowfinds and not so chowish finds of the year- list

Hey Jamie!

I'm going on a date soon and I'm deciding between these two restaurants, I love Weezie's but I've never been to Caren's. Any advice?