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Off to Brisbane for 5 days............ anyone got any recommendations for markets and restaurants

Ortiga is closed but it's sister restaurant Alto at the Powerhouse in New Farm is still knocking it out of the park constantly. I swear that place just gets better every time i go

brisbane seafood

people write songs about lesser things than the Il Centro sandcrab lasagne. For my money, it's one of the best seafood dishes in Brisbane

Never let me down again...

that site just twees me out.

Tomato sauce--secret ingredient?

i cook it for about three hours and let some of the sauce caremalise on the side of the pan before stirring it back in

Off to Brisbane for 5 days............ anyone got any recommendations for markets and restaurants

I can not rate Taro's highly enough, just so fantastic.

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? July, 2013 edition (through July 31, 2013)

Margaret Fulton isn't just Australian, she is an Australian icon. She is responsible for so many great things in the Australian foodscape and one of our finest living treasures.

Buy all of her books you can or alternatively just send her a cheque because she's wonderful and ought to be encouraged.

That particular book is wonderful too.

Brisbane - Sunday Lunch

Bar Alto in New Farm is absolutely delightful on a Sunday afternoon and has a terrific lunch menu

Ickky Party Dishes

That sends me crazy. Is it that hard to put something in a bowl?

Grilled PadrĂ³n Peppers

absolutely delightful little things, also incredibly good for you. When finished i also usually add a splash of a good rich red wine vinegar.

May 27, 2013
Samuelinthekitchen in Recipes

Do you use lemon and lime interchangeably?

No I don't. To my mind there's the difference in flavour which is huge, but also different levels of acidity and salts. That doesn't mean substitutions aren't possible, for example if i can't get limes for thai cooking (i usually wouldn't cook Thai without them) I will sometimes subtitute rice vinegar, but never lemons. But no, I keep them strictly seperate.

Crazy to open a restaurant just so you can go to it?

my point is to your original question, yes it is crazy and no you won't break even if you run it how you propose. I'd be surprised if you stayed open for a month. .

Crazy to open a restaurant just so you can go to it?

two of my fantasy businesses to run would be a cool restaurant that serves amazing food in a really casual but contemporary setting that becomes insanely popular because of the great food or a food magazine dedicated to edgy and interesting writing about food and food culture.

David Chang stole my idea twice is my point.

Sort of jokes aside, the type of restaurant you would like to see is a really good idea, possibly not as uncommon or unique as you say, but not a bad idea. Your proposed method for establishing it and running it is just awful business sense.

But you say you won't mind if it doesn't make money. My hunch is that in reality your investment would be completely wiped within a month, possibly two. BUT who knows and it sounds like you're not particularly phased by the loss of significant capital so good luck to you.

My other suggestion would be to look at whether it needs to be a permenant thing or if you could trial it as a food event, pop-up or market stall.

Off to Brisbane for 5 days............ anyone got any recommendations for markets and restaurants

seafood isn't really my thing, but people really rate Gambaro's and Paragon for it. Locavore isn't something we do much, spring in the CBD would be the closest i can think to that genre.

SE and Northern Asian food we do brilliantly well. Just hit up Urbanspoon and look up sunnybank, sunnybank Hills, chinatown and West End for them. My big tip is Thai Wi Rat for some of the best Thai food i've had outside of Thailand,

i know you're not supposed to ________, but i do it any way.

you know what i love at the Chinese joint around the corner from me? Scallops baked in their shell covered in cheese. Not even sorry.

Easy Spinach Dal (Dhal, Dhall)

that's an awfully large amount of butter

Mar 04, 2013
Samuelinthekitchen in Recipes

Off to Brisbane for 5 days............ anyone got any recommendations for markets and restaurants

none, it's suburbia

Lower fat and calorie fettuccine alfredo

i tend to agree. The amount of heavy dairy in it is so high that any substitutions are going to really affect the enjoyment of the dish.
Perhaps try a different pasta dish with no dairy other than some parmesan but a lovely creamy texture and good healthy omega oils like a carbonara?

Etiquette question

I don't think it's so much rudeness as an inevitability of judging another by your own expectations of their behaviour.

From the outset, etiquette is silent on whether or not you should season a dish you eat a certain way, or at least not as codified as knives being held in the right hand and placed on the plate while chewing.

More specifically to this situation, yes you are a foodie, a marvellous and wonderful thing to be in life. This dude isn't and is also quite a fair bit younger so possibly has immature tastes if the crap i ate unknowingly at university was any indication.

Chances are he doesn't actually mentally distinguish between mashed potato (not doubting yours are lovely) and a finely spiced delicate risotto.

I don't just mean in terms of mentally not processing or appreciating the difference between preperation time, skill involved or expense or rarity of ingredients used.

I mean also simply not processing the differences in the flavours between the two things. When my taste was quite immature it was food i liked, and other food, i liked hot and so hot sauce aligned most dishes closer to a flavour i like. the guy's really young and may not care about food that much.

You do, and i admire that, but you can't get snitty with him for not. Maybe this just isn't someone you should be putting huge efforts into a meal for. I can understand you take great pride in what you serve your family and he joins your family for dinner regularly so obviously you'l need to serve him what it is they're eating also, but maybe just try and accept this is not an interest you share.

And no, he wasn't being deliberately rude. I sympathise with you, watching one of my nephews drown a bisque i served one night in salt was a bit heartbreaking, but he's a kid and a little bit of 'whatever' goes a long way.

Maybe there are other reasons you don't like this young man that prompted following him from the table to have a dig at his tastes?

does any of this make you a snob? I just gently make the point that as people become more and more deeply involved in their food and cooking there can be a risk that we become rather overbearing hosts who absolutely insist our guests apreciate every detail of the extraordinary meal we have presented them and perhaps lose some of the joy of sitting down to a meal with our loved ones and those special to us.

Does Anybody Really Like Fennel?!

Neil Perry has a great recipe for what he calls (probably not correctly) Italian coleslaw which is half a cabbage, two large bulbs of fennel and parmessan dressed with 2 parts oil to one part balsamic. Absolutely fantastic

Special Fried Rice ingredients????????

i'm a massive fan of adding some lap cheung (Chinese preserved sausage, like a chinese salami. In fact i guess it is a chinese salami....) Goes really well and crisps up beautifuly

Australian Cookbooks

Love cook's companion but can i take this moment to have the slightest gripe about Maggie?

Love Maggie's Kitchen, Love Cook and the Chef, and love her, hated Maggie's Harvest.

I don't know about others but i actually thought the recipes were really pretty lacklustre and in a couple of cases actually a bit patronising and a bit of an ad for her whole brand including the quince paste recipe that calls for 3-6 hours of continual stirring.

The ingredient list might as well have been 'my Quince Paste from a shop and while you're at the shop why not get some other fine products from the Maggie Beer range.'

Australian Cookbooks

Women's Weekly do amazingly good cookbooks, I love them. AGTs annual cookbook is a big fave too. Also a shout out to the Country Women's Association recipe compendium.

Young guys can read CWA jam recipes, it's not weird....

Burning for Burmese

what sensational timing i just bought this book. I had very little exposure to Burmese food previously but have an ongoing love affair with South East Asian food generally and have always appreciated the light and citrus elements to it, especially the Thai and Viet cuisines. The book was a fantastic eye opener to a very different type of food from the region with such strong Indian traditions of the use of legumes, tumeric, and besan flour with the addition of shrimp pastes and fish sauces and lime and all those old friends from SE Asian food I've come to love. I made the noodles with pork and coconut sauce and my God it was stunning! I subbed mince for shoulder, because i'm just mad for minced pork, and it was amazing. I'm so glad she wrote this book, I'm just thrilled to find a whole new cuisine and to get exploring.

Has anyone made the shan tofu yet? That's next for me and any good tips on technique or unexpected things to watch out for would be appreciated.

Your experience with grinding spices in a mortar and pestle?

Also a massive M&P fan. I use a Thai granite model and it is really just sensational. My only tip to add is that in addition to the M&P itself, also think about purchasing a really flexible silicone spatula. It makes getting wet ingredients out of the mortar a real dream and cuts down heaps on waste. I make a lot of thai pastes in mine and I really appreciate it.

Oct 01, 2012
Samuelinthekitchen in Cookware

Your experience with grinding spices in a mortar and pestle?

that is excellent advice regarding technique. Many thanks.

Oct 01, 2012
Samuelinthekitchen in Cookware

How to store homemade spice pastes

as a lot of the ingredients have very volatile oils that are released by pounding them out I've been told that freshest is always best as they degrade fairly rapidly. I dunno though, I've had them frozen and never noticed a huge difference. Even if there were a slight one, you're still going to be streets ahead of any store bought pastes.

URGENT!! Need help as I am Cooking meal for a girl, I'm 17, please help

not as good as Australian lamb, but yeah, it's okay.

URGENT!! Need help as I am Cooking meal for a girl, I'm 17, please help

Also, you have GOT to let us know how this goes.

URGENT!! Need help as I am Cooking meal for a girl, I'm 17, please help

Agreed on the bolognaise. It's really hard to mess up and you'll probably be a bit flustered getting the meal ready on the night, so anything that can be made ahead is going to help you. Also, love the edible flower salad, that's inspired.

Good luck champ.

Movies That Changed A Food Forever

Slightly off-topic, such a fantastic film.