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MACHU PICCHU peruvian in cleveland

Machu Picchu, I found out from their bartender, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It's the lost city of the Inca Indians in South America.

MACHU PICCHU peruvian in cleveland

The food at Machu Picchu Restaurante is AMAZING!!! They have a valet at dinnertime, which was great because there was also an Indian's game, so I parked for cheap!!!

I'm pretty picky about what to get, and everything I tried was great. The bartender, Melissa, is hilarious. She explained all of the food to me, in Spanish AND English, and then told me what each one was like.

She recommended something called a papa rellena appetizer. It was like a baked potato with no skin, stuffed with beef and vegetables. I'm glad I went with her suggestions.For dinner I had arroz con pollo (rice and chicken). I have no idea what's on that rice, but it's so delicious. For dessert, the rice pudding was pretty good too. It was too big though. I had to take it home.