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Bakeries in Charlotte

You must try the salt brownies at Amelie's! Have it after a great cup of artichoke asparagus soup. Amelie's pasteries are now available in the Southpark area at a restaurant there. Check their website for more details.

Where Buy Whole Bean Coffee In Charlotte?

Healthy Home Market, formerly known as Home Economist, sells bulk coffee beans. They carry Counter Culture along with a low acid coffee bean there. There is a corner of the store with nothing but bulk coffee beans. You may want to try there.

Jun 30, 2009
kenyakaye in Southeast

Bulk Pinenuts - Charlotte

Home Economist is now called Healthy Home Market and they are owned by Tropical Fruit and Nut Company. You may be able to purchase them directly from the parent company. They are the largest distributer of bulk in the South, so it's probably where all of these places are purchasing their nuts.

charlotte vegetarian?

Healthy Home Market, formerly known as Home Economist, was recently named best raw food in Charlotte. You get the better selection at the South Blvd store. They have quite a bit of vegetarian fare, juices, smoothies, etc. I would highly suggest Rahjbog, a new Indian restaurant in the University area. They have truly authentic Indian fare at extremely reasonable prices. Mostly Deshi expats eat there, so you know it is good. Udipidi Vegetarian Indian has great thali plates and dosas. Can't forget Meskeram's Ethiopian veggie plate. You will be quite please and full, especially on the gomen waat (spiced collards). If you are going to be downtown during the day, try Blynk Organic. I haven't been there, but it sounds promising. Earth Fare has a store in the Southpark area. It's similar to Whole Foods (as is Healthy Home Market), so you can expect some decent vegetarian selections. If you want something different, try Cuisine Malaya on Elizabeth. It is Malaysian, Japanese, Thai and Chinese fusion. Between their veggie sushi and the veggie entrees, you can't go wrong. They have the best achat salad EVER! Behind is Red Sea, another Ethiopian restaurant. Haven't been there, but have friends that like it. Oh! How could I forget Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. I haven't been, but a coworker highly regards it and says it is her fav in Charlotte. Lastly, if you are willing to Venture out, go to Sprouts Cafe in Gastonia. It is located downstairs of Organic Marketplace Health Food Store. I know the owner and she prides herself on her business.

I hope this helps you some. There isn't much in Charlotte. You can also try Zada Janes on Central Ave. I recently have sweet potato and black bean quesadillas with squash pancakes. It was great after a long day at work. Let us know what you end up trying and your thoughts. As a NY expat, I am longing for good veggie fare myself. I find outside of these places that what I prepare myself is better.