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Porto Ercole...

Need some dinner recommendations....thx

Aug 20, 2012
rjewyo in Italy

Lunch on Isola del Giglio

Taking day drip over to Giglio...not to see the sad site, Costa Concordia, but to see the island!

Need a recommendation for lunch! Ciao and thanks!

Aug 20, 2012
rjewyo in Italy

Santa Marinella, Lazio

Graci per tutti Elizabeth!

Mar 05, 2012
rjewyo in Italy

Santa Marinella, Lazio

Just spending a few days in Santa Marinella, by the sea after arriving @ FCO very late. Any suggestions for dinner!

Mar 03, 2012
rjewyo in Italy


Will be spending a few days in Sept 2012. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Dec 18, 2011
rjewyo in Italy

Need French in Seattle!

Will be at the Fairmont Hotel this Thursday and would like a good French (nothing haute) dinner! Region not an issue. Any suggestions...thx Alice

Oct 25, 2011
rjewyo in Greater Seattle

Sat Late lunch in the Newport/Costa Mesa area?

Going to Tom Petty concert this Saturday nite @ Irvine Verizon Amp. Wanted dinner @ Pizzeria Ortica, but we won't have time before getting to concert!!! Any suggestions for late lunch in that area...something GOOD :)

Sep 30, 2010
rjewyo in Los Angeles Area

Help me find this new Scottsdale bistro!

The owner still has an upscale place...this bistro has a nice bar, is small and very authentic bistro with good prices...outstanding frites as well!

Jun 11, 2010
rjewyo in Phoenix

Help me find this new Scottsdale bistro!

Now in Scottsdale, but left my info @ home! Looking for recently opened bistro in Scottsdale by owner who also has an upscale restaurant in Scottdale. Had very favorable reviews. Thanks AE

Jun 11, 2010
rjewyo in Phoenix


Will be in Denver next week and need to know which Elways in best for food, service, and ambiance.
Is it the one at the Ritz Carlton or the one in Cherry Creek. Thanks

Sep 04, 2009
rjewyo in Mountain States

Need real Italian in Seattle

Any recommendations for authentic Italian for Seattle...hoping to find something in the downtown area..staying @ the Fairmont, but will taxi!

Mar 04, 2009
rjewyo in Pacific Northwest

Need lunch & dinner on Thanksgiving!

Will be arriving in SF Thanksgiving day for long weekend. Have some Chow choices for the trip, but the holiday may present a problem for dining...unless it's in a hotel (which we'd like to avoid). Any recommendations of what will be open would be appreciated!

Nov 03, 2008
rjewyo in San Francisco Bay Area

Are there no good eats in Ventura County?

If you want authentic Italian food, there's finally a place in Ventura as of Sept/08.
It's Spasso @ the end of Seaward (by the beach) in Ventura. I 've been to Italy many times and this is as close as I can get!
1140 S. Seaward Ave
Ventura CA

Oct 20, 2008
rjewyo in Los Angeles Area

NYC financial district ...need good eats close by!

Will on business x 4 days & staying @ the New York Marriott Downtown. Looking for some good eats in that end of Manhattan...all suggestions appreciated!

Aug 09, 2008
rjewyo in Manhattan

Authentic Italian

Looking for "really good" and authentic Italian dining in NO....any suggestions?

Mar 18, 2007
rjewyo in New Orleans

Me and the Boys

Goin to NOLA late April with my husband (business/fun).... and, I have the "duty" of reserving a table for a Monday night :( ....for 4 important "clients" and us! They are a fun group and like good food. I desperately need the board's help!.........Alice

Mar 17, 2007
rjewyo in New Orleans

Positano / Amalfi Coast

This is difficult, because many places are seasonal. The few I'd recommend are closed that month. Try contacting your hotel for their recommendations...also try for "locals" thoughts.

Dec 22, 2006
rjewyo in Italy

Abruzzo please!

Will be traveling to Abruzzo after many trips throughout Italy. Have often heard that the best cooks in Italy are from this region. Any recommendations would be great!

Dec 11, 2006
rjewyo in Italy

Westport, Ireland recommendations

Will be in Westport for 4 days @ the end of October. Recommendations for some good food! thanks

Sep 26, 2006
rjewyo in U.K./Ireland

Dublin Italian

Thanks for your reply...thought I'd never get a response! Alice

Aug 17, 2006
rjewyo in U.K./Ireland

Dublin Italian

Looking for some tasty authentic Italian food, when in Dublin this October.


Aug 11, 2006
rjewyo in U.K./Ireland