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Ballard and ten dollars in my pocket

$10 on a Saturday gets you 4 big shots of Jagermeister at The People's Pub, or if you really do need solid food (LOL) go there between 3pm-7pm or 10pm-1:30am (their Happy Hour hours) and get 2 big shots of Jager ($5) plus a Cheeseburger and fries ($5)

Dec 19, 2008
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

SEA - Bar for birthday party?

You can fit a group like that pretty easily into the front area(s) of The People's Pub on Ballard Ave, or along the wall in the back area. Front area bonus is you can play the jukebox to suit your fancy. Food till last call (with lots of appetizers or desserts if you don't want entrees), cocktails, drink specials, happy hour and the ever present lineup of German & NW beer.

Nov 27, 2008
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

Is Southern Food still unpopular in the NW?

Just to clarify, Burk retired to the islands (didn't close for lack of business) after a looong run (25+ years I believe) of southern food here in Seattle (still owns the building, rennovated part of it and rented it to Volterra), so wouldn't be in the 'begining to pop up' phase :-). I miss those crawfish he flew in weekly (if not more often) from New Orleans!

Dec 07, 2007
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

Late night fooood!

Being from Ballard, my favorite late night food after seeing a show is The People's Pub (serves food till last call - i.e 1:30 AM or so). Pizza place on the corner near there is open even later on weekends (till 3 or 4AM I think).

Sep 19, 2007
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

Best Burgers in Seattle

I've always been fond of the burgers here in Ballard at several spots, my favorite is still the burger at The People's Pub (yes, they do have food other than German entrees *s*). They were using Oregon Country Natural Beef for their burgers way before it became abundant up here. Their Garden Burger (with bacon added!) is one of my favorite 1AM meals after hitting a show at the Tractor as well.

Mar 15, 2007
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

Happy Hour Suggestions Seattle

For Ballard, my favorites include The People's Pub ($2.50 pints of German and microbrews, $2.50 well drinks along with discounts on many of their menu items - my favorites are the deep fried pickles, pork croquettes and pulled pork sandwich) and Hattie's Hat ($1 off all drinks). Matador has good food happy hour prices (and they do a late night happy hour as well), but you have to put up with the scenesters which is often annoying enough to keep me from there *s*

You might hit a few web sites for other suggestions - , ,

Jan 13, 2007
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

the People's Pub in Ballard

Definitely my favorite laid back neighborhood bar/restaurant in Ballard. Great german food, but also other types of fare if your buddies aren't into that, late night eats and excellent drink prices. My current favorite of their beers is the Einbecher Pils (their german beers are $2.50 for a big pint during happy hour and all day Wednesday, $3.50 other times, which is still a deal!) -

Nov 26, 2006
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

Seattle with Kids -- suggestions?

In Ballard, kids are also welcome at The People's Pub for German food (plus they have stuff like natural beef burgers and fish & chips if the kids aren't into the higher end stuff), the Hi-Life for breakfast/brunch/dinner (rotating menu) and the Old Town Alehouse (pub grub). My friends with kids often use GoCityKids ( ) - I notice it isn't always up to date but has ideas to start with by neighborhood.

Sep 11, 2006
ballardman in Pacific Northwest


I realize you are looking in the Portland area, but if you ever find yourself in Seattle, I always get them at The People's Pub in Ballard -

Aug 31, 2006
ballardman in Pacific Northwest

Seeking wine shops/Seattle

My friends and I enjoy the Maple Leaf Cellar (north of the UDistrict on 97th and Roosevelt) - good prices, diverse selection in a very laid back neighborhood setting. Tastings every Thursday evening, you can even bring your dogs.

(It also just won second place on the recent NWSource voting - you may want to look at that as well to see what others voted for to get more suggestions)

Aug 11, 2006
ballardman in Pacific Northwest