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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - January 2015 [Old]

I'm hoping it was a one-off, but the Crab & Langostino Rangoon was a big ol' NAY. It was really fishy and off-tasting; neither my husband nor I could get past the first bite. Blech.

Jan 09, 2015
becqui926 in Chains

10 Cosmetics Already in Your Kitchen

How does one squeeze a beet?

Apr 18, 2012
becqui926 in Features

How to Make a Healthy Snack

Yogurt, almond butter and Parmesan cheese are proteins.

Feb 13, 2012
becqui926 in Features

Servers: Eat in Secrecy, Please

My boss at a hip pizza joint encouraged us to "get caught" eating, but we made damn sure to wash our hands at the prep bar. There was a back of the restaurant, but we wanted to give the impression all of the food was completely made in front of the customer, like a fancier Subway. Older people would freak out, but younger customers wanted to know what we were eating, and what was our favorite. It was pretty good for business.

Jan 27, 2012
becqui926 in Features

Grilled Skirt Steak with Mushrooms, Blue Cheese, and Bacon

@astralis: So true! My husband and I just started buying skirt steak, and we're hooked! It's a delicious bargain cut.

Jul 22, 2011
becqui926 in Recipes

Turn Gas Station Fare into Tasty Snacks

As awkward, trashy and pretentious (love it) as this article is, I am now jonesing for a road trip. Too bad I'm poorer than a church mouse.

Jul 22, 2011
becqui926 in Features

Trashy, Tacky Cocktail Pouches

This seems perfect for the "I'm tired of trying to be a classy drunk" set. Like me.

Jul 09, 2011
becqui926 in Features

How Many Fruits and Vegetables Should I Eat: A Visual Guide

LOL, I'm in the same boat, melpy!

May 20, 2011
becqui926 in Features

What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

I liked Carl's Jr. out on the West Coast, but it's cousin out here, Hardee's, isn't nearly as good.

May 05, 2011
becqui926 in Features

What to Do with Leftover Easter Eggs

Narters, that sounds DELICIOUS. I shall be indulging on it this Easter.

Apr 22, 2011
becqui926 in Features

Please Cease Mold Production

I've always liked shopping for just a couple of days worth of food. Now that I'm having to take the bus to go grocery shopping, it's made the process that much more concise, because I'm learning how much I can carry. We get the idea that it will be cheaper to buy in bulk, but my food tastes vary so much, there's not much besides pasta that I can see eating over and over again.
I like the idea of the food challenge weekly purge. Use your talents and take advantage of your roomie's food budget. Two birds, one stone.

Feb 23, 2011
becqui926 in Features

Your Movie Snack Refreshment Center

Come now, Chow. There are no new recipes in this lineup. Not very fair to hook me and disappoint me. For shame!

Feb 11, 2011
becqui926 in Features

Ask RuBo: Are Celebrity Chef Restaurants Worth It?

Seriously, could someone tell Fieri it's not 1994 anymore??

Feb 01, 2011
becqui926 in Features

Actually Good Healthier Sausage

Hence the "generally speaking" in parentheses. Most parts of a chicken are less fatty and most parts of a pig. There are always some exceptions.

Jan 21, 2011
becqui926 in Features

Something new with 'Eggo' waffles

I just made a Nutella and marmalade Eggo sandwich; DELICIOUS! I used the Nutri-grain waffles so it's healthy... :D

Jan 08, 2011
becqui926 in Home Cooking

Pineapple Granité

This sounds delicious! Thanks for the tip, kotatsu.

Antithesisofpop-- I like your style.

Jan 01, 2011
becqui926 in Recipes

Favorite thing to cook in a cast iron skillet

You can bake a cobbler in it, make wicked good cornbread, and it's great for blackening meat, especially fish. Also, if you're female and/or vegetarian, it's a great way to add some much-needed iron into the food you cook. Plus it's good for your cookin' muscles. :D

Dec 20, 2010
becqui926 in Home Cooking

Where to get Spanish chorizo and ricotta salata?

Hi folks,
Any idea where to get these items? I didn't find them at Trader Joe's, and I haven't checked Kowalski's thoroughly yet. I live in the Summit-University area. Thanks!

The Best and Worst Stuff Supertaster Ate This Year

Bliss, I think we were all pretty drunk back then. :D

Dec 14, 2010
becqui926 in Features

The Last Kodachrome Christmas

They look like roasted tomatoes with cheese on top to me.

Dec 08, 2010
becqui926 in Features

Dumb Diners -- Maybe even YOU?

Yuck! Shrimp tails may be chitin, but isn't it like eating fingernails?? Blech! My boss at a pizza shop accidently purchased tail-on shrimp instead of tail-off. We didn't notice the switch until a customer asked us to warn them next time about the tails! I had to have an oddly long discussion with my boss on why that might be a problem. "Big deal, can't they just pick them off?" he asked. I had to remind him, "Not when they're hidden under cheese."

Nov 27, 2010
becqui926 in Not About Food

How to freeze live dungeness crab in the most humane way

You really should cook the crab first, let it cool, and THEN freeze it. Crab doesn't keep well frozen the way shrimp does, but it will keep longer if cooked, and even shelled first.

Nov 20, 2010
becqui926 in General Topics

spaghetti alla carbonara

I'm going to go full-on heretical and admit that I like the Rachael Ray version. I'm putting my raincoat on and waiting for the hail of rotten tomatoes now...

Oct 26, 2010
becqui926 in Home Cooking

Reuben sandwich - searching for "The One"

It's not in the cities, exactly, but Celt's Pub in Rosemount and Farmington have incredible Reuben's. I used to live across the street from the Rosemount location. Made getting out of bed in the winter totally worth it.

Granola-Fruit Pizza Is a Doughy Travesty

I like Eggo's and all, but I'm not buying that mess of I'm-too-stupid-to-make-my-own-breakfast.

Sep 03, 2010
becqui926 in Features

Interesting meals based around eggs?

I like to coddle eggs in a mixture of black beans and salsa. Super good and super easy! I like it for breakfast. I got the idea out of Real Simple magazine, and they suggest eating it with sour cream, cilantro and tortillas, but I like the egg and bean mixture alone.

Aug 19, 2010
becqui926 in Home Cooking

Pasties are alive and well in Grand Rapids MN

Farmington Bakery also has pasties. I never did try one, but I want to now. Thanks for the tip!

Jun 22, 2010
becqui926 in Great Lakes

Rice Krispies on Steroids

I LOVE Banana Nut Cheerios! In fact, I'm enjoying a bowl right now. I'm a big fan of banana products, but not necessarily candy-flavoring banana products (Blue Sky Ice Cream, I'm looking at you, and that's not my only beef, you still owe me $400, jerk.). My husband, who loves bananas but dislikes banana flavored products, also enjoyed them, although not with my level of voracity. I like that it is reminiscent of banana bread, and the nut flavor comes across as more of a warm taste, rather than a bowl of milk over Planters.
I also enjoy their quiet marketing strategy--not in your face all the time, like the Rice Krispies campaign. I actually heard about them in the cereal aisle from a set of new(ish) parents. Ahh, kids food...

Mar 03, 2009
becqui926 in Features