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New Haven–Area Chicken

Any thoughts on the best farm for chicken in the greater New Haven area? Right now I am leaning toward Stone Gardens because they have a stand at the City Hall greenmarket on Wednesdays and will bring a chicken there if you order it from them online.

However, I see that there are a reasonable number of other places across the state that sell to consumers:

[Feel free to redirect me to any previous threads on this topic.]

Jul 06, 2011
tripster in Southern New England

Best Indian Food Restaurants in CT?

No love for Swagat in West Haven? It's been good the 3-4 times I've been. I even led a group to lunch there from my department at Big Ivy U.

215 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516

May 07, 2010
tripster in Southern New England

Where can I find good pupusas in southern CT?

There is a Salvadoran restaurant in West Haven, on Campbell Ave.
(Fearless Critic review, must pay to get the whole thing

(NY Times review from 2007


But as mentioned before, it would help to mention your sphere of geographic acceptability. I've been to the West Haven place and liked it, very much, but wasn't paying enough attention to give a detailed review.

BTW, why is Chowhound placing my closing parentheses on new lines? (Fx 3.5.8 Win)

Mar 03, 2010
tripster in Southern New England

Ibiza Tapas in Hamden

Getting a bit OT here, but I recommend Rice Pot on State Street or Som Siam in Guilford. You'll find a lot about Som Siam on this board, but I don't know what you'll find about Rice Pot. IMO, Rice Pot is a nice mainstream, above-average Thai. (As opposed to the mainstream, good-enough-for-benighted-Yalies Thai places on Chapel St.)

Jul 11, 2009
tripster in Southern New England

Food trucks in New Haven

The trucks are a good example of a true chowhounding experience. Trucks such as the ones on Long Wharf give you a challenging risk-reward profile: Bad stuff from trucks is abysmal and may make you ill, but good stuff from trucks can be out of this world. I don't remember the taco trucks we visited at Long Wharf, but I can second the notion of lengua and cabeza. You can get the parts trifecta at some trucks with lengua, cabeza, y buche. I'm not man enough for buche yet, but one day ...

Jun 17, 2009
tripster in Southern New England

Cazon Tropical - Charlottesville

Yeah, even though I don't know the area well, it was pretty clearly out of the way. However, it is near the bowling alley on Rte 29, so maybe you and your friends could make a night of pupusas and bowling! :-)

Cazon Tropical - Charlottesville

On a visit to Charlottesville, we grabbed a quick little lunch one day at Cazon Tropical in the Woodbrook Shopping Center. Three pupusas (2 bean, 1 pork) and a platano con crema. Super good, friendly service, reasonable prices! We hope to return there next time we are in the area and hope that locals will go, too, since there weren't many patrons when we ate.

Cazon Tropical Restaurant
1871 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA

[New Haven] Local Ham

Thanks much @harrie and @EastRocker! I've contacted Eagle Wood Farms and two from the DOAG list. We'll see whether I've waited too long.

[New Haven] Local Ham

@Td61 I like the notion, but at this time of year I just don't have the time to go an hour for this ham. I may consider ordering from them online, though.

Mexican in Deland

I'll have to keep that one in mind next time we're in the area. Thanks!

Dec 14, 2008
tripster in Florida

[New Haven] Local Ham

New Haven has a wide range of theater, but that's not the ham I'm looking for. (Apologies for the outrageously bad bit of humor, but it was just sitting there . . .)

Anyhow, I searched high and low on Chowhound, and maybe I'm just bad at the new site's search algorithm, but I couldn't find anything on a greater New Haven vendor of local pork products, in particular a Christmas ham. No precut hoo-hah here, just a decent local ham. I'd even be willing to pick up some extra pig pieces if that's the way it's sold, but I don't have the freezer space for a 1/4 or 1/2 hog.

Would love to help out our local farmers, in particular this year and this time of year.

Mexican in Deland

While visiting my grandmother for Thanksgiving, we did a little hounding in the greater Orange City area (though I like many things about her lifecare community, we weren't there for the food).

I recollected seeing some divey Mexican places up near or in Deland that seemed promising, so that was the goal. After passing one or two promising places on 17/92, we were turning around in downtown Deland and the SO caught a glimpse of El Taco Amigo near the intersection of Florida and New York.

Cheek-by-jowl with a working service station, we smelled a winner, and for the otherwise-difficult area it was indeed. I got three tacos with my preferred assortment of parts: chorizo, lengua, and cabeza. She got the tostada de mariscos. Not bad at all. My tacos came with only one tortilla each (maybe I've been spoiled by a local jernt in CT that doles out 2), and it was all a little greasy, but good flavor, good freshness, good salsas, nice spice. The SO's tostada was similar; she described it as "far from the best Mexican I've ever had", but was generally pleased, in particular that they had a good selection of seafood options (she's fishitarian).

Unfortunately, they didn't have Jarritos tamarindo, my go-to soda with tacos, but they did have Jarritos lima. We're hoping to go back and try the flan, which they claim is made on the premises.

El Taco Amigo
201 W New York Ave, Deland, FL 32720

Dec 02, 2008
tripster in Florida

Blenheim Ginger Ale

When I lived in Chelsea in NYC, I got it from Kitchen Market, but they are closed now, I hear. (Not the most helpful, I know, but my point is Don't give up! I love the Blenheim and will be interested to hear if you find some in CT.)

The Cupcake Truck - New Haven

Reasonable people may disagree, true enough. I definitely favor having bites of cupcake that are on the order of 2 parts cake to 1 part frosting, or even 3-1. However, I still like old-fashioned layer cakes so that I can get the extra frosting in the middle.

Thai grocery

@chefstu Are you thinking of Asia Grocery Store, at 20 Foxon Boulevard?

If so, +1 to that.

One of the ways I respond to New Haven naysayers is to point out that we may not have tons of Asian groceries, but we have one especially for Chinese, one especially for Japanese, one especially for Korean, and one especially for Thai. Not to mention the handful of South Asian markets.

Asia Grocery Store
20 Foxon Blvd, New Haven, CT

The Cupcake Truck - New Haven

Well, it's not so bad as all that. Would they match up against the Manhattan dessert trucks? Maybe not. Are they decent enough for New Haven and to complement the food carts in the SOM/Science Hill area? Sure.

I've only been once and thought there was too much icing, but next time I go I expect to ask for less. Part of what you are paying for is the experience of decadence -- buying a cupcake from a truck, fer pete's sake! We'll see whether they can weather the current economic storms.

Wheat Pizza Crust in West/New Haven CT

Sometimes the whole wheat crust is better than the white.

Oh, and it's Olde World, not to put too fine a point on it.

Thai or Mexican Groceries in Rome

Thanks! That looks like a good place to send her way.

Aug 12, 2008
tripster in Italy

Thai or Mexican Groceries in Rome

Yes, this is a little crazy, but since I saw some good responses to a question about English meals in Rome I thought I would try.

This summer, we hosted for 5 weeks the Roman 16-year-old daughter of family friends. Among the things she enjoyed here were my sriracha sauce and some fresh salsa of simply roasted serranos and roasted tomatoes.

Now, I haven't been able to turn up much in the way of Thai or Mexican groceries in Rome -- no surprises there. Chinese stores, yes, and in the USA I can usually count on a Chinese market to have sriracha, but I don't know about Roma. Nothing at all Mexican, but maybe my Italian's just not good enough to formulate the right web search. I'd like to help her find these things in Rome and contribute just a touch to better Thai or Mexican food in Rome.


Aug 12, 2008
tripster in Italy

Best Bagels around New Haven?

Cohen's in Branford was decidely sub-par. Best ones I've found around New Haven are at the stores that get import them from H&H. Otherwise, it's more nearly a roll with a hole.

Jun 06, 2008
tripster in Southern New England

[Hamden] SBC Beer

Thanks for the detailed replies! I'll likely avoid it and save the scratch for a BAR outing.

Urfa or Aleppo [New Haven]

I think you are speaking of Indian Asian Groceries ( I just turned it up the other day, but am anxious to go. Sumac, you say? Mighty fine, mighty fine.

Indian & Asian Groceries
315 York St # 2, West Haven, CT

[Hamden] SBC Beer

I've seen a bunch of comments on SBC in general as pretty meh, but nothing specifically about the beer. My only real benchmark is BAR, so especially if you can make qualitative comparisons with that, I'd be much obliged. There's a new one nearby in Hamden, so I might go if the brew is worth a trip.

Urfa or Aleppo [New Haven]

[weeks later]
@newhavener07 -- I ended up asking a friend who was commuting to NYC for a while to pick the Aleppo up at GCT, and she did. No urfa, but I'm still looking.

In Search Of Ground/Dried Spices in CT

@ctflowers -- Where in CT are you and how far are you willing to go?

Beyond Tre Scalini

Haven't been to L'Orcio, but the patron saint of Chowhound recommended it as his current favorite Italian. Search on this board for it.

Urfa or Aleppo [New Haven]

Thanks for the reply. One of these day's I'll head down to Penzy's, though who knows when. For now, I may try M&M Farms in Milford. Their sign has a note that they carry Turkish products. Calling them was fruitless, but it's close enough that I'll just go one day when I'm at Trader Joe's.

Urfa or Aleppo [New Haven]

Yesterday's NY Times ( was the second or third time in recent memory that a recipe I liked has called for either Urfa or Aleppo peppers. I know that I could order them online from, say Kalyustan's or Formaggio Kitchen, but I would much rather find somewhere local and go get them myself. There are some Turkish restaurants in the area -- where do they get things like this? Limon on State Street in Hamden has some Turkish products, but I have not seen either of these items the few times I've been. (Though it's been a little while since I was at Limon.)

Milford, CT Bistro Basque

Another bump, here. We went for the first time tonight and were very pleased. We had good service from, as above, a man clearly in charge, likely the owner. There was some comical mistakes to the service (we seemed to be getting served by the owner, but a waiter was always about 45 seconds behind him asking us the same question; the waiter got the bill to us, however).

France just today beat New Zealand in the rugby world cup quarterfinals, as the owner mentioned to us, so he may have been particularly inclined to give good service. We got some tapas and were very pleased with the pulpo and the artichaux, less so with the picadon and the bacalao (which is not to say that the latter were not good, just not as sparkling as the former). The tarte tatin was also quite good.

Looks like there still could be some service hiccups, though. We entered just before a couple who were seated at the adjoining table 10-15 minutes after us (they had been waiting at the bar). After ~5 minutes of waiting at their table, they paid the tab and left. Since we got double service, I guess we got theirs.

New Haven--Comfy bar?

I've always liked the Anchor. Despite being close to Yale, I don't generally feel like it's too hipster. Then again, I don't go as much as I used to, so perhaps it's changed. And they're not so big on the TV, even though IIRC they have one.

Recently, I went to Christy's for the first time, and it was very comfortable. Their websites say they'll be showing ball games and while I was there they had a Premier League game on.

Christy's On Orange
261 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510