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Beijing-Chaoyang District, Sanlitun Bar Street

Darn... I was at the Hotel Kapok for a few days about two weeks ago. Would have tried the place across the street had I known. Is it the spot where they put tables on the sidewalk and into the street in the evening?

And I agree with your 3 Guizhou Men recommendation -- we enjoyed it a lot. Guizhou food is interesting and you don't really see it on menus in the US.

Aug 01, 2009
buck3 in China & Southeast Asia

Help! Alone in Moscow, with co-workers in Ekaterinburg

Probably too late on this (I was in Russia when you posted the initial request)...

Ekaterinburg wasn't very touristy at all -- at least from what I saw in a 2 1/2 day stop. The restaurants we tried we just okay... nothing worth going back to. The challenge here is communication. Don't assume you'll get much help with English translation... the locals were friendly but there weren't many English speakers around.

In Moscow, the best meal I had was at Cafe Pushkin, and it was a bit pricey (then again most everything in Moscow is pricey). The food and experience were great so I'd go back. Also went to a good Georgian place in the Arbat neighborhood but don't recall the name.

Aug 01, 2009
buck3 in Europe

Lunch near Philly Federal courthouse

Morimoto is quite good... have not been to Amada, but greatly enjoyed Tinto last year -- aren't they in the same family?

What I'm looking for is more a bit more humble and do-able in an hour (bigley9 below has the right idea)... Since I get down into CC maybe twice a year, I don't know the choices at all well.

Mar 07, 2009
buck3 in Pennsylvania

Lunch near Philly Federal courthouse

Got 3 days of jury service next week at the courthouse (6th and Market I believe). Any suggestions for close, convenient lunch options?

Mar 05, 2009
buck3 in Pennsylvania

Funky Lil Kitchen

We went about a year ago with some friends, and all four of us were a wee bit underwhelmed.

The food and the service were okay, but it wasn't an experience for which I'd go too far out of the way.

Jan 08, 2009
buck3 in Pennsylvania

Best cheesesteak on the Main Line- still looking!

Have you tried John's Pizza on Route 30 in Frazer?

Jan 04, 2009
buck3 in Pennsylvania

Moulard Duck in/near Southern Chester County...?

On King Street in the middle of town... in the shopping center with Anthony's Italian restaurant and a Wawa.

It's about a block from Alba (and on the same side of the road).

Dec 23, 2008
buck3 in Pennsylvania

Moulard Duck in/near Southern Chester County...?

I was looking for duck legs last week and found the same problem.

One of the butchers at Wegmans/Downingtown told me they recently changed duck suppliers and could no longer get duck legs. I then called Eberly Poultry out in Lancaster County. They said would not have them until after the holidays.

I finally did find some at Worrell's in Malvern.

Dec 22, 2008
buck3 in Pennsylvania