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Pasta Factory Tour?

We're heading to Italy on March 20th, so we'll post an update upon our return. Hopefully have some good recs/advice for you, alexistristin.

As for Carla Capalbo's book, we bought it last year (on jen kalb's recommendation!) when we were heading to the area and it served us very well. (Do you think I thought to look there for help with our question in this thread, though? No! Will dig it out tonight...)

Feb 03, 2014
obraustin in Italy

Pasta Factory Tour?

Interesting! This site is fabulous! We usually order from Fantes here in the US, but if we have enough forethought to order from Taglia Pasta and have items delivered to friends in Tuscany, this could work out well! Thanks for the recommendation!

Feb 03, 2014
obraustin in Italy

Pasta Factory Tour?

Thanks, kmzed. I'll save these links for review for our next trip, which will likely include a stay in Abruzzo!

Feb 03, 2014
obraustin in Italy

Pasta Factory Tour?

Thanks for such a quick reply and a great recommendation! I think I might need to specify a bit more what we're looking for.

We've done several fresh pasta-making classes and have done the Bologna visits/tours, but now we're interested in seeing how it's done on a larger scale/at a bigger operation. And, though this is outside the visitor-to-Italy norm, we'd love to see how dried pasta is made. More than for our own edification, we really want to be able to explain to our customers (we own a restaurant here in the States where I make fresh handmade pasta on a daily basis) the differences between small- and large-scale operations, dried and fresh pasta, and the regionally specific shapes/ways of making pasta.

As for pasta tools, we've got quite an assortment already - ravioli forms, the pettine and ferro, a chitarra, a couple corzetti stamps, etc. - but would love to find places to purchase more (of the above) or different types (antiques...). We know the places to purchase pasta tools are out there, but boy are they hard to find!

Thanks again for any information you can give us!

Feb 02, 2014
obraustin in Italy

Pasta Factory Tour?

Heading back to Italy (Le Marche & Benevento areas this time) as we do every year, and wondered if anyone had any great suggestions on touring a pasta factory and/or buying pasta tools? I'm assuming that Gragnano is the place to look (i.e. La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano). Aside from that one spot I've found, any other places you could recommend? I'd love to see a fresh pasta place!

Grazie a voi!

Feb 02, 2014
obraustin in Italy

Greek restaurants in Montreal

Hi all, thanks so much for the thoughtful and helpful suggestions. My husband and I decided on Mythos for dinner. I'm allergic to a wide variety of seafood, so we opted to go with the place that allowed me a bit more variety of choice than the seafood-heavier places. (I know, I know, it's all about me, right? :)) Regardless my husband plans to return to Montreal with some of his staff and will happily use more of your recommendations!

We really enjoyed Mythos. We were there on a Monday night, so it was rather quiet. This is probably a good thing since hubby and I are feeling too old to really get into the raucous thing anymore. :) We had a great selection of items, all of which were quite pleasing: the trio of spreads (we thought the tyrokafteri was especially delicious!). Hubby had the octopus for a starter. He said the octopus - and peppers - were perfectly done, but that the capers were "off." It was still an enjoyable dish, overall. I had the Mythos Special salad with arugula (yum!), pomegranate (yum!), semi-spiced walnuts (yum!), golden raisins (yum!), kefalotiri (yum!) and a very light dressing. Needless to say I enjoyed it! We shared (kind of by default since the server apparently didn't hear my husband order the youvetsi...) the grilled 1/2 chicken. The chicken was very well cooked and the way it had been cut was intriguing (sliced across the bone, which also made it easier for sharing!). Dessert of loukoumades was so-so. The sauce was wonderfully sweet and spiced, but the dough balls themselves were pretty hard. Our wine choice was actually quite wonderful, too: the Tsantali Maronia Mavroudi. I'm not generally a fan of Greek reds, so the fact that I liked it was rather surprising.

On a separate note, we spent quite a bit of time in the Greek section of town. Our first stop was Afroditi, the Greek bakery, where we bought a slew of sweet items. So so so good and a must-stop for us next time we're in town!

Thanks again for the recs!

Greek restaurants in Montreal

My husband and I are traveling to Montreal mid-week next week. We've heard a lot about the quality of the Greek cuisine in Montreal and would like lunch and dinner suggestions. Surprisingly the Chow board doesn't seem to have anything recent that's specific to Greek food (with the exception of the vegan post in May, but we don't need to be quite as focused as that). Obviously Milos comes up in standard Google searches, so we'd love to hear people's take on that, but we'd also LOVE more recommendations. Efharisto!

Avellino / Benevento

My wife and I will be visiting this area to visit family and do some touring (of food and wine mainly) and were looking for suggestions. There is little to nothing covered in these towns (caserta, avellino, benevento) on chowhound, so we're hoping you all can help us out. We will be going in February, and are not really wanting to head into Naples as we've been there a couple times previously. As of now, we will be visiting the Mastroberardino winery and the Nifo winery with no restaurants decided upon just yet. We are very interested in local, traditional cuisines.

I am a chef and always take cooking courses in the areas I visit but have not found a single thing. The classes i have come across are in Salerno, but I really would rather not drive all the way down there. Any ideas?

Thank you for your help!

Jan 01, 2013
obraustin in Italy

Help! Seeking a Bruins game in the woods!

The foodie sports fan is a rare and elusive creature. Cruelly split between two seemingly contradictory forces, he does not allow himself to intermix his worlds for fear of the scorn of the members of the opposing tribes.

Cafe Mediterraneo, Portsmouth, NH

And Bella Luna recently closed its doors from what I understand. I guess I am still waiting for a great Italian restaurant in Portsmouth. I don't understand why there has always been an Italian "black hole." Perhaps I'm missing something or have not tried a solid Italian restaurant in the downtown area???

Bella Luna
10 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Cape Cod or Maine?

I wish there were a "like" or "helpful" feature on Chowhound because I definitely like and find helpful the above commentary. Well said, MidCoast!

Decent food+beer to go with football this weekend?

I laughed so much at your comment, bobbert, that I had to chime in.

I really enjoy Nosh but I wouldn't go there to watch the Patriots this afternoon. Their food is great and their beer selection is wonderful but it's not your typical sports bar with grunting beefy guys, girls with pink Pats jerseys, and boisterous cheering, which, let's be honest, we all want a little bit on a day like today.

On the other hand, I love both Rivalries and Binga's Stadium. The food, the beer, the atmosphere, the plethora of tv's...these places have got it all.

Fiddleheads & Ramps

Anyone check their usual spots for signs of life? Curious if people have started any picking/digging yet and in what region their from. Can't wait to get some on my plate...I think I'll head out today for a minor checkup.

Any authentic German restaurants in MA/NH/Southern ME?

My sister-in-law is from Germany and when she comes to Maine she enjoys Richard's in Brunswick. Yes, it's a bit more north than Portland, but it's worth it. She says there are quite a few dishes that are as close to home-cooking as she's had in New England.

Bresca in Portland....very good indeed!

I agree 100% Coneyislandgirl...My wife and I were there a few weeks ago and we did enjoy the food (sure, small portions but not worth me griping about, well, except the fish which looked to be about a 3oz portion, maybe 4oz, maybe) but our last impression, unfortunately was not about the food, but rather the awkwardness of attempting to converse with each other. People next to us were clearly feeling awkward as well. I think you said it perfectly that the restaurant feels "cozy" (visceral reaction) but then the formality of the server(s), table settings, etc...all add up to a formal feel. That leads to very quiet and uncomfortable conversations (not unlike a conversation at a library) trying not to impede on your neighbors' discussion. She has enough talent/ability to move to a bigger location - I hope she does because we will not be back either.

Wild Blueberries in Ogunquit Maine

What about taking a hike and picking them yourself on Mt. A? (Agamenticus) That's the only place in the general area that may have wild ones for picking (if any are left). As for buying, Buffam Hill's a good suggestion, but I would think that the best chance would be to hit up the York Farmers' Market right by Stonewall Kitchen and the York Chamber of Commerce on route one at the entrance to 95 south/north in York. It starts at 9:00, and ends around 1:00. Good luck!

NYC to Maine Gastro Roadtrip

I second the motion to pass on OOB. Not "Maine" in the least. It's basically Massachusetts and Quebec territory. As for further north, what about splitting the difference and checking out Boothbay or Phippsburgh? If Phippsburgh, you're not all that far from Five Islands (my personal favorite lobster shack) and downtown Bath (Solo Bistro) or Brunswick (gelato fiasco!). If Boothbay, there are always lots of people selling whoopie pies and blueberries on the side of the road and some decent seafood downtown with some great "Maine" views. When friends/family come visit, I just can't bring myself to sell the Southern Maine coast as "Maine" to them. It just istn't. Agreed with Passadumkeg. How about a day-trip to Lubec for real Maine? Riiiiiight......

Looking for some great cannoli

I've been trying to find some better-than-average cannoli in the Portsmouth/Southern Maine/Portland area(s) lately to no-avail. It seems to be a void in my life right now, and that just needs to be fixed. I'm hoping that whatever businesses are suggested makes their own shells and fills to order (no one likes a soggy cannolo shell!), but at this point I'm open to anything; I'm just hoping to stop the necessity of driving to Modern or Mikes in the North End. Thanks!

What kind of local fish or shellfish to buy and prepare at home in the Portland area?

We buy our fish there as well and have never had anything but fresh fish. There are available parking spots as well. We just recently bought some line-caught swordfish (great for environmental/humanity's sake) that was excellent. As any chef will tell you, fresh fish needs very little (if at all) manipulation with the flavor. Nothing wrong with just a little olive oil, basil maybe, s&p on the fish. And please, eat the skin! It's the tastiest part!

First batch of tomatoes are coming in to season now; mostly cherry/sungolds. Fresh beans are also starting to infiltrate the farmer's markets alongside the ever-abundant zucchini. Check out the farmer's market in Portland (monument square, downtown) on Wednesday and then get your fish on the way home. Enjoy -

MC perkins cove

Last time I had it, I believe it was just a very nice cheddar which played second fiddle to all of buttery lobster. They may have changed it though. Their website would say I'm sure.

Taylor Ham (aka pork roll)?

I love Taylor ham as well, and was very excited when I found that the Meat House (Southern Maine locations) has started to carry it! I've probably had about 10 breakfast sandwiches with it in a week. My heart may not be too happy with me about this habit...


Hurricane's is only in Kennebunkport now. That location has since turned into MC Perkins (years ago) if that is what you are referring to.


That wouldn't be a problem...I worked in more than a few of those restaurants in Perkins Cove and Ogunquit years ago, and we always had families with children come in. That's the area it is, so I don't think you should feel overly concerned about bringing your child.

I agree with emilief and her comments, and would throw in two others:
* I love the Omelet Factory for breakfast on route 1 just north of the center of Ogunquit. Doesn't look like much at all. Fairly small place, but she puts up some great omelets!
* "Lobster in the Rough" just down the way in York on route 1 for a kid-friendly, "Maine-food" atmosphere. It's outside with picnic tables so make sure the weather's nice. Lot's of room for your 1 year old to run around.

Portsmouth NH

My pick would be the Black Trumpet. Excellent food with an ever-changing menu based upon local/seasonal ingredients (the chef forages for mushrooms among other things). Some very creative dishes with many influences, notably Spanish. The feel of the restaurant would fit what you're looking for - quite romantic. Great wine list as well. Get's my vote!

Black Trumpet Bistro
29 Ceres Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

a week in Eastport, ME -- recs?

I think any food that you could purchase at a grocery store (or cheeses) with Raye's mustard, and wine you could smuggle into a picnic basket and take up to Shackford Head State Park (a beautiful lookout along the trail with a perfect spot for a picnic) would taste as good as any other food. Of course, the same can be said about Quoddy Head...It will be the best $15 you could spend. Enjoy it!

inexpensive dinner in portland, me tonight

Too late for you now, sukisooo, but maybe someone in the future will read this post... You mentioned pasta, so my rec would definitely be Paciarino.

mexican market in Maine

La bodega latina on Congress in Portland also sells masa for tamales. Where are you located?

Maine diners/dives

Yay Camp Jordan! That tidbit of information just makes me have to add to this conversation. Fat Boy's in their frappes...and you can't beat a drive-in to make greasy food seem, well, cooler.

Piccolo Abruzzo in Rome

A reservation would be a good idea. It fills up quickly, but they aren't shy at squeezing you in at another table whether there's room or not. Which, is actually quite fun and you really get to a chance to meet some great people and truly have a "family-style" dinner experience. If you don't speak italian you may have trouble keeping up with conversation at the table. We love this place. The food is great, but for us it's being able to sit down with others and talk to strangers...The endless amount of wine and spirits help as well...

May 12, 2009
obraustin in Italy

Dinner in Ogunquit

Although not in Ogunquit (Earle stated Main st. in Ogt. when it's actually in Wells), I still feel the need to recommend Joshua's for my one dinner. It's always a fantastic dining experience - he has his own farm which supplies many of the seasonal vegetables. This is about a 10min. drive from downtown Ogt. as long as there is no traffic on route one...

However, walking distance in Ogunquit, I would recommend 98 Provence (quaint, romantic, French fare) or MC Perkin's Cove (views).