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Bua Luang Thai on Solano [Albany]

Has anyone been here... recently? Thinking about taking a colleague here for "business" lunch on Monday, but can't find any current reviews.

east bay restaurants open on 4th of July?

we were looking for pizza, but not much is open. anything else??? oakland, berkeley, emeryville areas...

El Cerrito/Berkeley/Richmond/Oakland Cupcakes?

Personally, my favorite cupcakes are from the Cupkates truck. Luckily they can be found around the east bay fairly easily. Moist, tender cake and the best buttercream I've had on a cupcake in recent memory. Of the places you mentioned, I've only tried Teacakes and Love at First Bite, and I agree with you about both of those. The flavors at Cupkates are good enough to keep me interested (which is saying something) but not super adventurous. Twinkie, tiramisu, salted caramel, to name a few. They also usually have a special, seasonal flavor. In any case, I've thoroughly enjoyed all the ones I've tried from there.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure that Crixa just has small cakes, and not actual cupcakes. I hope you'll report back with what you find.

Has Anyone Tried An The Go Food Truck?

I had the coconut shrimp and crispy rolls last Sunday at OTG Larkspur and enjoyed both, although the rolls were a little on the greasy side. The coconut shrimp more than made up for it, though, as they were spectacular.

Forge Pizza now open (Oakland)

Oh yeah, I thought the flavor was fantastic, but just could NOT get over the grainy texture. Had one shortly after at Saul's, which was so, so good, but very rich. Like eating a bowl of butterscotch flavored whipped cream...mmmmmmmm!

Forge Pizza now open (Oakland)

Totally agree about the pizza! We're fairly picky when it comes to pizza (can't even think of 5 good ones in the East Bay, so I'm wondering who you're referring to!), but were pleasantly surprised by Forge. Had the cheese curds, and while I agree that the helping looked massive upon arrival, we managed to devour every last one, and still have room for chicken wings, pizza and dessert! Somehow, they were rich, yet light at the same time. The chicken wings were pleasantly smoky but not too much, as others have said, but I had to ask for more celery! It strangely only came with a few bits chopped up, and the wings & blue cheese definitely begged for the celery component. Also had the sausage pizza and loved it. Hubby got the apple crisp dessert and loved the saltiness of it, but wasn't offered the ice cream sub, which he definitely felt it needed. I ordered the butterscotch pudding, which was grainy and awful, but our waiter (who was fabulous, btw) happily took it away and exchanged for the root beer float, which was ok, not great, but much better than the pudding. We will definitely be back.

T-Rex new menu [Berkeley]

My husband and I used to be huge fans of T-Rex (he loved the long-cut beef short rib and we both loved the tangy, vinegar-based cole slaw). However, they've been going downhill, both in terms of food and service, for a long time in my opinion. Our most recent visit was about 6 mos. ago, and we pretty much said that there was no reason to go back at that point. Based on your review here, I'd say that's still the case. On that note, have you tried B-Side BBQ on San Pablo? Went there once a few weeks ago and were surprisingly impressed. Will have to try it a couple more times to get a good gauge on things, but for now, its much better than T-Rex!

Scream sorbet going out of business??!!!

Oh Nate, I am deeply sorry to hear this. I've always been supportive of Scream, and so thankful that you and your staff took such good care of us on our recent tour. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, but if things don't pull through for Scream, what's next on your horizon (or do you know yet)? I hope that you'll stay in touch. All my best, Rachelle

CHOW Tour Oakland, Your Thoughts On Where To Go?

I totally agree. I'm so happy that someone has finally spoken out about this.

Sandwiches in the East Bay

Southie is spectacular!

6311 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

ISO eggs from pastured chickens in East Bay

They carry pastured eggs from Soul Food Farm at the Biofuel Oasis (corner of Ashby and Sacramento).

Soul Food Farm
6046 Pleasants Valley Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688

Good food in Eastmont Hills (Oakland)

Just moved to the area and am desperate for some good food. Recs please!!

Best burgers in the Bay Area 2011

Wood Tavern!

Wood Tavern
6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

Looking for Best Yogurt in the Bay Area

Since I like both regular yogurt and "Greek" style yogurt, I usually buy regular (Straus or St. Benoit) and when I'm in the mood for "Greek" just strain some overnight in a coffee filter. It works like a charm, and then I don't have to buy two separate items.

This is also good for making tzatziki in the summer when cucumbers are in season, because it can be too watery if the yogurt isn't strained.

Where can I buy affordable fresh local fish?

I've been on several local (Bay, Farallon Islands, etc) fishing trips, and caught mackerel, so its definitely local (or at least it can be).

450 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

This week at Rivoli

We, too, had an amazing meal at Rivoli last night. I'd been wanting to take my husband there for quite some time now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. My husband had the asparagus appetizer with hard boiled eggs and croutons, the pork chile verde with corn spoonbread and the hot fudge sundae. He loved it all and had only one, very minor, complaint: he wished that the chile verde had just a bit of heat. However, the flavor of the tomatillos was deep and rich and citrusy- everything one would want in chile verde. The pork was fork-tender and the spoonbread was light, corn-y and only very slightly sweet; a great compliment to the chile verde. He also had the Navarro grape juice cocktail. I had the portabello fritters, which I always love, and the aioli was so good I wanted to lick it off the plate. I also had the steak, which was amazing. I can't believe I'm describing top sirloin as amazing, but it really was. The peppercorn crust was perfect, as were the light, ethereal gnocchi. I've never had any that good, even in an Italian restaurant. I had a glass of wine and ended with the apple crisp. All that for right around $100. We were very pleased (and stuffed)!

Rivoli Restaurant
1539 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

Carnitas in the East Bay?

Don't know how I missed this post, but my husband and I regularly go back for the carnitas at Dona Tomas. They are TO DIE FOR! And, they will make them extra crispy for you if you want. OMG, so good. Take it from somone who just made carnitas yesterday, these are well worth it!

Dona Tomas
5004 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

4th of July - Temescal farmer's market

Does anyone know if the Temescal farmer's market will be going on tomorrow?

Summer Kitchen Bake Shop - Elmwood

FYI, the owners are friends of David Lebovitz. So far, I've only had the fried chicken, and even cold, it was very good... crispy, well-seasoned, and juicy inside. My husband can't wait to try the coffee cake muffins, but they've been sold out by the time we've gotten there on the last 2-3 occasions.

Need recs for Berkeley/Oakland Takeout on 4th of July

For next year, Bakesale Bette's was open until 5:30pm and had fried chicken sandwiches going. We got one around 5pm and it was as good as ever. Plus, ordered a strawberry shortcake to share and while we were eating it outside, they brought us a large piece of peach pie on the house!

Berkeley Pizza Slices: Yay

Yes!! We often leave Berkeley just for Rotten City's amazing pizza.

Favorite dishes at T-Rex


We usually order a 3-way, and have lots to take home. I love their fries, and cole slaw and the beignets are TO-DIE-FOR.

Bakesale Betty -- June 2009 report

I completely agree with you on both accounts. I am an ex-professional baker, and I like my banana bread, chocolate chip cookies and other items better, but her strawberry shortcake is delish! I've never actually bought it, so I don't know about the value factor, but I've been given it twice for free, and my husband and I shared it both times because it was so huge.

Great source for ground beef?

I bbq'd some Prather Ranch burgers over the weekend, and my husband and I both thought that they were awesome. Juicy, flavorful, delish!

The best place to beat the heat?

Anything!! Especially considering tomorrow's expected to be almost as hot!

The best place to beat the heat?

East Bay preferred. Already had dinner, but wouldn't mind a little coffee and/or dessert.

Lamb Stock - or Lamb bones to make stock

Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley sometimes sells lamb stock, and also excellent beef stock which also makes delectable pot roast.

If you want to make your own, I'm pretty sure the guys at Ver Brugge on College would sell you lamb bones.

Cowgirl Creamery at Temescal Farmers Market 5/24

I talked to them today and they said that this was their first week, but that they will be continuing to come back. They had a pretty nice selection, and were giving samples of everything.

Rotten City Pizza in Emeryville?

That is an awesome story! Will have to try the meatball sandwich. Every time I go in thinking I will try it, the pizza gets the best of me. Seriously, my husband and I have concluded that they must put crack in their pizza b/c we are ADDICTED to it! Right now, its my favorite pizza in the area (we live in Berkeley).

Scream Sorbet at Marin Farmer's Market

The Oro Blancos I've bought at the farmer's markets this year were not particularly flavorful either, so that might explain it. Hazelnut sounds great! I've only tried the pecan and almond.