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Chacarero - What is my Problem?

I'm with the skeptics. Went recently for the first time in years, inspired by this board, and got the BBQ chicken. What struck me was that the sandwich was somehow *less* than the sum of its parts--an amalgamation of intriguing components that ended up leaving me a bit disappointed.

Good soft serve ice cream?

Amen to Dairy Maid in Everett, though I'd suggest the hot fudge sundaes. There's something disturbingly addictive about said fudge.

El Sarape, Braintree= terrible!

For what it's worth, I've been to El Sarape several times and have been consistently impressed--fantastic margaritas (served in cold glasses, btw), good service, excellent food. (I'm especially high on the chicken with green peppers, bacon and mushrooms.)

Best burger on the North Shore?

Any suggestions? I've lived up here for a couple years, and have yet to stumble on one that fits the bill. I'm not looking for Tim's quality, just something better than average...