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need some chicken suggestions for a party

Cook the chicken in batches, indirect, on the Weber first, until half-done (or something like that). That should provide some of the smokey "grilled" flavor you are after (you do always add a chunk or two of hardwood on your charcoal, right?). Then finish it in the oven, at high-enough heat to crisp the skin, of course. That should make it easier to have all of the chicken, or at least larger amounts of it, done at one time. Good luck, and enjoy your party!

about 12 hours ago
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new preseasoned cast iron smells fishy (rancid?)

My apologies for not seeing this sooner, although it looks like you have found a solution. As for the high heat, I don't think that "self-cleaning" temps are necessary. I would think that your highest regular oven temp would be enough - 500? 550? Then start over after that. Having said this, I think that there are others here who know more about this than I do. I defer to their suggestions.

Aug 15, 2014
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new preseasoned cast iron smells fishy (rancid?)

^^This. Canola smells fishy to me too. That was my first thought when reading this. Do the high heat thing if you need to. You won't hurt the cast iron, just the seasoning. Then, do as Bada Bing said - cook some bacon!

Aug 12, 2014
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What food do you wash that you're sure no one else does?


music to chowhound by

The Reverend Horton Heat's "Let me Teach You How to Eat"

Aug 10, 2014
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Question about pizza on the grill

When I make pizzas on the grill, I preheat the stone (actually fire brick splits) for about 30 minutes before I make the first pies. But I have a "mostly" indirect fire. If I have too much fire under the bricks, they get too hot, and the bottom of the pizzas get dark before the toppings are fully cooked. I think it is because the grill lid does not hold or reflect heat nearly as well as a brick oven or some such might. I think that a lot of practice is the best thing. It's the only way to figure out how things will work on your grill.
Here is a photo from last night's effort. You can see that I have most of my heat outside the bricks. There are some coals about one brick-width in on each side, but I dump all of the lit coals to the outside. The coals underneath burn a little slower, so it doesn't heat the bricks too much.

I Wish I'd Kept…

Nice to hear that you still have yours, and that you continue to cook with it! Show us a pic sometime.

Aug 10, 2014
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I Wish I'd Kept…

The "Happy Cooker" kettle grill that was a hand-me-down from Dad after my wife and I were first married. I turned out pretty good grilled food, long before I knew what I was doing. Then I "graduated" to my first gas grill (silly me, glad I learned), and the Happy Cooker went away. I have at least 7 Weber kettles now (in various sizes), and I can do more on them than I ever could then, but I'd sure love to have it on the patio now!

Aug 07, 2014
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blue fish recipes??

I love the pate link that foodie provided. I will have to try that sometime.
It's a lot of fun catching bluefish, and I've caught many. But I know people are not always crazy about eating them. I agree that the smaller ones taste better. I also agree that you should remove as much of the dark red flesh that is present near the skin and in the center of the fillet. I don't think that they freeze well, and I prefer to only eat them fresh.
I've made fish tacos with them, and I like it a lot. This Chow recipe:
is a great place to start. I think the citrus (as someone else mentioned) both help. Enjoy your fish!

Jul 19, 2014
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Obama cuts the line at Franklin BBQ in Austin

^^ This.

I was reading through this thread, trying to figure out what my opinion would be. It's not about politics, though some will make it that way. Buy I think.... if those who run the establishment will allow a person to cut the line, good for them! It's nice to have preferential treatment, no matter who you are. Good for you if you can get it. I myself have waited in line for Franklin's brisket, and it was worth every minute. If I could cut, I might eat twice. Go Mr. Prez, and I hope you chose to have some from the point!

Water spots on my grill please help

Sour Cherries

I was just reading today, on CH and elsewhere, about preserving cherries in liquor. Bourbon sounds fabulous to me! I know I'll be trying it.

Jun 21, 2014
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New to smoking - advice please?

I agree with others, it does look good!
Controlling temps in that Weber should be pretty easy. Maybe you just need a few tips. How much unlit charcoal did you start with, and how much lit did you put in at the beginning? That's the place to start. After that, controlling temp with the bottom vent is really all that it takes. A digital probe thermometer set at the grate or even put into the top vent is all that it takes to monitor. If you have more questions, please ask!

Snake, Yak, Camel, Lion, et al

I think he is gone from here; at least he said he would be. But he remains a friend, and I keep up with him on Facebook. He's doing some really fun stuff. I only wish I lived near him!

Jun 17, 2014
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Snake, Yak, Camel, Lion, et al

At first glance I thought you were JB Bannister.

Jun 16, 2014
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A restaurant owner told me that Yelp reviews are the most valuable to him

This does not surprise me either. I've traveled extensively around this country on business, and I've often considered Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urban Spoon, etc. when looking for someplace for dinner. Granted, part of that comes from using Google maps to find out what is around me. Once a place comes up (on the computer, or a mobile device), there are usually accompanying reviews from the aforementioned sites. Of course, sometimes a little reading between the lines is warranted, but I think such reviews help to give an average overall view of an establishment. That assumes there is more than one or two reviews, otherwise you are just guessing.
As much as I enjoy Chowhound, I've never found it to be a go-to source, for me at least, for restaurant advice. Recipes, cooking techniques, that kind of stuff, yeah. Dining out? Not so much.

Jun 10, 2014
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Questions about wood -

No soaking. Not only do you not want steam, you do not want the white, acrid smoke that comes with wet wood. Good smoke flavor comes from thin, barely visible blue smoke. This is also why you want to use chunks of wood, not chips. People soak chips so that they last a little while. just throw a couple of fist-sized chunks on your coals. That will provide that smoke flavor you desire.

Wait times at restaurants and worthiness of food

I know that he has a brick-and-mortar restaurant now, but I hear that the wait times are still kinda nuts. There are people who will say it is not worth it, but I repeat, it is absolutely the best brisket I have ever had.

Jun 05, 2014
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Wait times at restaurants and worthiness of food

I've had waits for various reasons, and various lengths, but very few of them stick in my mind as being worthy. The only one that I do recall as being worthy was hardly even a restaurant. It was Franklin Barbecue in Austin, when it was still in the parking lot of a closed gas station (I have not been back to Austin since he moved into an actual building). That brisket was definitely worth the hour-plus wait. My son and I still talk about it. Just to clarify, I am a bbq-er, and have been told that my brisket is very good. I've also had some good brisket in a couple other Q joints. But the brisket I had that day is what my brisket wishes it could be.

Jun 04, 2014
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outdoor grilling -- temperature control

yeah, I want to know what kind of grill it is too. A little more information, and I'll bet we have some answers for you.

Hot-Smoking & Baking

I've never baked a bagel, on a grill or anywhere else. But I have baked other things on a charcoal grill. A couple of years ago, I did almost a complete Thanksgiving dinner on my one Weber, including turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls and pies, pumpkin and apple. I have baked loaves of bread while doing roast chickens, and have certainly baked potatoes while doing the same.
I suppose that smoking could be considered "smoke-baking"... wouldn't that apply also to coal-fired pizza ovens, and maybe to wood-fired ovens, at least as long as the fire remains? I know that wood ovens also retain heat and are used for baking after the fire is gone, so I guess that part is just baking.

Chicken quarters

I'm kind of a Weber "collector", having rescued a number of Kettles from Craigslist, garage sales, etc. That rotisserie ring continues to be something that has eluded me. I'm a bit jealous ;-) Nice pic, and I see that you really use your Weber. I can tell by the crooked charcoal grate... it's seen a lot of heat! Good job.

May 30, 2014
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Smoked brisket with "deli" spices?

Ok, I'll agree with the room temp meat being ok. You can still cooler it as I mentioned, I do that barbecue often, not just brisket. It works great.
Yeah, leftovers rock! Why do you think there are two whole racks of spares on the Weber right now? Hehe..
I've never gone with a time per pound, so I don't know about that exactly. I would say though that for a larger brisket - like a whole packer cut, which is what I almost always cook - that rule has got to be on the high side. I've cooked my share of 14+ pound briskets, and if they took 21 hours, I'd be very tired! But then I guess I shoot more for 250 and up, I suppose. I don't think that temp matters too much, but I think that if you are down to 200, you're cooking awfully slow. I don't mind occasional spikes to around 300. I find no ill effects from that. Again, cook to temp, and to tenderness, rather than to time. I know that doesn't help a lot if you are cooking for guests, but we've already had a couple answers to how to hold it. Most of all, have fun, and learn as you go. It may not be great the first time, but it will almost certainly be good. Tell us how it goes!

Smoked brisket with "deli" spices?

I have to agree, that sounds kinda like Pastrami, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! That aside...
Apple will be fine, I think you can't go wrong with fruitwoods. I like cherry.
If you are going to wrap, I think the oven is fine then. I don't think it matters after wrapping. I never wrap briskets.
Flat is the more popular cut for most people, and probably cooks more consistently. I love a properly smoked point, but many will find it fatty. That's why points, in many places, end up as burnt ends. That's ok, I love those too.
My biggest piece of advice is... it's done when it's done. Times have little meaning. Don't count on them, and if you are trying to meet a deadline, start earlier than you think you should. Internal temp tells you a lot more than time, but the most telling is when that temp probe slides in like going into butter. At that point, you don't even need to read the temp ;-) I've never cooked a brisket as small as 4 pounds, Maybe your 4.5 to 5 hours will do the job, though I would doubt it until I've tried it. Give yourself more time. When it is done early, wrap it in a couple layers of foil and then in a couple of towels, then place in an appropriately-sized cooler. It will easily stay hot for 1-2 hours.
Please let us know how it turns out. I have my doubts about the brine penetrating a brisket overnight, but then I've never brined a brisket. Maybe it will be perfect!

Weber Grills -- Has Quality Declined?

There are 4 Weber grills on my patio right now. At least two of them are newer than this thread ;-) (There's also one in the garage, and parts for a couple more, but those are a different project).
They are all in great shape. the smaller ones never get covered, even through Ohio winters. They should, but that's my mistake, not theirs. They show little sign of succumbing to the effects of the outdoor life, and all continue to put out great food when called upon.
emu 48, while I hope that the Kettles will continue to be made in Illinois, I'd say that no matter where they are produced, you can't come close with any other grill in the price range. Or NEAR the price range, for that matter!

Besides Chowhound-What is you favorite foodie website?

Definitely the Brethren:


May 08, 2014
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Trouble shooting spiced nuts

I've made this recipe, and don't recall it being too greasy. I mean, they are nuts, with some oil added, so there has to be some of that, I guess. I can say that my health-conscious niece asked for the recipe, and she made them and loved them.


May 08, 2014
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What parts of a pig should I ask for: not the meat, tho?

I've never had pork liver by itself, but my father makes an old family recipe for a dish that was always eaten for breakfast - think "scrapple" kind of thing, but different. I love it, and have noticed no gamy flavor.

May 04, 2014
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Cousin Risks Sniper Fire in Pursuit of Good Chow

I've dared to tell Mrs. Cheez "Do it my way" or "It was better last time" and other such things. That's danger aplenty for me.

May 03, 2014
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are scotch bonnets and habanero really the same thing?

That's quite interesting! DO you just add them to a regular recipe, like Toll House? How many per recipe, so that they don't kill the average person?

May 03, 2014
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