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Spices for Root Beer in Calgary?

Hello. I want to try making homemade root beer and found a recipe in Saveur Magazine. I am having trouble finding the spices I need. I am looking for:

sassafras root bark
birch bark
sarsaparilla root

Community Natural Foods, Spice Land, Cookbook Company and Sunnyside Grocery do not carry these items. Does anyone have any other ideas of where else I should look?

Sep 05, 2009
harmattan in Prairie Provinces

Seeking Schleifer in Jerusalem

Thanks, Devra. I will check out Eli at Cafe Mizrach when I get to J'lem.


Seeking Schleifer in Jerusalem

Hello all.

I visited Jerusalem in 2006 and enjoyed a fabulous meal at a place called Schleifer Bar-Restaurant. It was hidden in a little spot on Jaffa Road. The building was the childhood home of the owner, Moshe Schleifer, that he converted into a restaurant. His wife ran the kitchen and prepared a fabulous chef's tasting menu for me. And Moshe kept the wine flowing all night - both into his glass and mine. It was one of those epic Chowhound nights that went on for hours and hours.

A couple of days afterwards, Moshe gave me a tour of the market, as well as to some of his favourite lunch and coffee spots nearby. I had a wonderful time with him.

Sadly, when I returned to Jerusalem in 2007, the restaurant was closed. Does anyone know if Moshe Schleifer reopened his restaurant anywhere else? I will be returning to Jerusalem in February and would love to track Schleifer down.

Kashmiri and Bengali food in Calgary?

I'll give MM a try, but aside from a couple of lamb dishes, there are very few of the things I tasted in Srinagar on their menu.

I hope I am not sounding snobby - I love good Indian food and am sure that the recommendations above are good ones - but I've been craving great Kashmiri wazwan. These are meat dishes, almost always made with lamb, which include, among other things, huge lamb meatballs made with either a lemony yogurt gravy or a red spicy one. The only Kashmiri wazwan dish I can find in Calgary, in nearly every Indian restaurant, is Rogan Josh. Most often, though, 'Calgarian' Rogan Josh is made with tomatoes, which is downright controversial.

(There is great debate on whether Rogan Josh should have tomatoes in it. The 'dispute' is even mentioned in Jaspreet Singh's novel about Kashmir, Chef, in which two characters, one from Pakistani-Kashmir, the other from the Indian side, argue about how to properly prepare the dish.)

Anyway, I will give the prawns a try, Jasz. I love prawns and trust your judgment. But I have to say that considering Kashmir is in the Himalayas, I don't think prawns find their way onto too many Kashmiri dinner tables.

Thanks, all.

Jan 07, 2009
harmattan in Prairie Provinces

Kashmiri and Bengali food in Calgary?

Let me know if you find anything. I checked the menu at Puspa, which was recommended above, but nothing seemed Bengali to me. At least there was nothing on the Puspa menu that I'd fallen in love with in Kolkata.

Bring on the mustard oil!

Dec 30, 2008
harmattan in Prairie Provinces

Kashmiri and Bengali food in Calgary?

Hi. Thanks for this. I knew about The Kashmir, but I wasn't sure if the menu was devoted to the fabulous meat-fest which is Kashmiri cuisine, or if it was just a good name for a restaurant. I will have to check it out.

And Puspa, too. Thanks to both of you.

Dec 20, 2008
harmattan in Prairie Provinces

Kashmiri and Bengali food in Calgary?

Hello all.

I just returned from a trip to India where I 'discovered' the joys of Kashmiri and Bengali food. Both these cuisines are completely different from the Indian food I've had in the past, and both are completely different from each other.

I'm hooked. Does anyone know where I can find Bengali or Kashmiri cuisine in Calgary? Do any restaurants specialize in either of these styles?

Dec 19, 2008
harmattan in Prairie Provinces