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seattle area affordable nice restaurants for high schoolers

Thanks for the ideas. It's been several years since we've been to Duke's on Green Lake, but while we enjoyed the food and beer, I'm not sure it's really the prom sit-down type of ambience I'm looking for. The kids' prom is at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club, which makes Anthony's an obvious choice but I'm fairly biased against that chain... although it might be our easiest choice as far as location goes.

seattle area affordable nice restaurants for high schoolers

I work with high school kids and would like to be able to recommend some restaurants in the north Seattle area where they can have a relatively formal dining experience and practice some of the traditional dining etiquette we will be teaching them prior to their high school prom. These kids have, in the past, resorted to restaurants like Red Robin and The Olive Garden for their dinner dates prior to school dances, and I am hoping to come up with some options that rise above mass chain dining while remaining in a similar budget range. Every restaurant I'm in love with is either too spendy or too esoteric for the teenage palette. I'm hoping the Chowhound community can help with some suggestions.


Seeking memorable NY's Eve Dinner

If Union (our favorite spot) is too expensive for your pocketbook, consider the Artemis Cafe & Bar on Capitol Hill. You'll find excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable bar service (with a stellar selection of fine spirits) and a wondrously fresh and well-prepared (if simple) menu. If you're lucky, you''ll score the window seat table with the view of the Space Needle. You'll get out of there for about half what you'd pay at Union and will waver between the desire to tell all of your friends about this great spot and the desire to keep this secret to yourselves.

*edit* it looks like their New Year's special event pricing is a bit higher than what we normally spend on dinner there, but will still be a fraction (more like 3/4 rather than 1/2) of the price at Union.

Good Food in CDA/Spokane

We're visiting family in Spokane for Christmas and went out to dinner last night. We stopped for cocktails at Twiggs (a mistake we won't make again: indifferent service coupled with incompetent bartending = $20 I wish I had back in my pocket).

Things looked up once we had dinner, though, thanks to the excellent food and service at Mizuna. Also, to amend my previous comment, both of our starters and both of our entrees came from the non-vegetarian menu and were fabulous.

Third Annual Ultimate Seattle Restaurant Poll (2008)

It's hard for me to select a fair top 5 of Seattle restaurants due to the dramatic variations in price and mood available. That said, these are the top five places we would choose from for a great date night experience. Union is the only place we make a point of visiting multiple times a year, partly because we're in love with it and partly because we love variety and try to visit as many different restaurants as our budget will allow.

1. Union
2. Artemis Cafe & Bar
3. Oceanaire Seafood Room
4. Lark
5. Purple Cafe & Wine Bar

Good Food in CDA/Spokane

The Peacock Lounge in the Davenport has friendly, generous, and capable bartenders. We've never eaten there but try to stop by for cocktails when we're in town. Moxie's is good by Spokane standards, which is to say: it's worth the price and better than most. From our experiences, I would have to agree that Mizuna is a good choice, although their menu will appeal more to those with vegetarian leanings. They do have traditional proteins on the menu, but I would not characterize meat as their forte.

snohomish for xmas

My wife and I have lived in Snohomish County since 2000 and we love good food. Thus, when we go out, we drive to Seattle. You will have so many more choices and such better quality that the 20-30 minutes you spend driving into the city are well worth it.

If you insist on staying close to Snohomish, here are the least objectionable options I can think of:

If you want an enjoyable breakfast experience, take her to the Maltby Cafe just down Highway 9 from Snohomish. It's good breakfast food (which I used to think wasn't hard to screw up until I accidentally ate at the Buzz Inn and Collector's Choice restauatns in Snohomish).

Alligator Soul in Everett gets more buzz than it deserves but is a solid choice for New Orleans style comfort food. Fine dining it is not.

The best Italian food you'll find in the county is Luca's in Lake Stevens. Don't be put off by the fact that it is in a little strip mall: their gnocchi is legit. Lombardi's on the Everett waterfront is decent but I'm afraid all I can do is damn that place with faint praise: they've never screwed up an order in the 3-4 times I've been there with family/friends.

Anthony's (both Woodfire and Homeport) rank only a notch above Outback, Olive Garden, and other chain restaurant food in my book. If you think Anthony's is haute cuisine, then disregard this post as that of a food snob!