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Has Griff's Chicken in Hamden closed?

yes they are's possible that Mikro may take the space.

Sep 17, 2013
jonsull in Southern New England

Beachland Tavern in West Hartford-good food but what's with the blaring radio?

We had some appy's there recently and thought they were described better on the menu than they actually tasted. We had the steak and cheese eggrolls and the burnt ends and my SO had a salad. It was all meh...

Jan 24, 2013
jonsull in Southern New England

Rosamunde Sausage Grill - A Gift From San Francisco

I was there recently and saw that their french fries were definitely frozen as you could see the kitcchen from the bar and the fry cook kept going into the little freezer to get the bag of frozend french fries. I thought the sausage was pretty good and the fries were OK but the beer list was the best part of the place......

Oct 02, 2012
jonsull in Outer Boroughs

BT's Smokehouse Catering

Last Saturday we had a party at our house for about 75 people in Connecticut and we had BT's Smokehsue cater the meat for us and and it was fabulous. The brisket was perfect and the pulled pork was spectacular and the smoked chicken thighs were terrific. We were lucky enough to have friends pick it up on their way from Boston but I would highly recommend the extra effort if you are looking for great barbecue!!

Jul 23, 2012
jonsull in Southern New England

Good Bar with Craft Beer and Good Food to Watch the Ranger Game Tonight

Try Beer Authority on 40th and 8th......great beer selection

May 25, 2012
jonsull in Manhattan

Make your own six pack

Crazy Bruce and Ct Beverage Mart in Newington both allow you to make your own six packs and they have both have a pretty good slection too...........

Feb 23, 2012
jonsull in Southern New England

BT's smokhouse in Sturbridge...Wow.

I totally agree..........we make a point of stopping there when we are on our way back from Boston to CT. The brisket is pretty close to what they have in Lockhart......Great stuff. Mac and Cheese is made to order also

Feb 09, 2012
jonsull in Southern New England

Dinner near i-84 from Waterbury through Hartford

Plan B never disappoints!

Dec 15, 2011
jonsull in Southern New England

Hungry Ghost Bread in Northhampton - James Beard Outstanding Patsry Chef!

Love this place.........we come from Hartford as often as we can for bread and the amazing cookies!

Feb 27, 2011
jonsull in Southern New England

Chef's Dog House, Newington, CT-----good stuff

I live right near there and consider myself a hot dog lover and did not find their dogs to be remarkable at all. To me it should be all about the dog and the condiments are a chaser. I found the hot dogs here to be very average and the condiments a little above average but not enough to make it a winner. Just MHO..........

Feb 10, 2011
jonsull in Southern New England

Looking for great grinder rolls in the Hartford area

This thread just popped up........I'm wondering how the rolls were?

Oct 26, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Nat Hayden's Barbecue Windosr, CT

I've gone to both recently and definitely thought Nat Hayden's was more authentic. Judge for yourself though!!

Oct 18, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Nat Hayden's Barbecue Windosr, CT

Thanks for the heads up!

Sep 17, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Nat Hayden's Barbecue Windosr, CT

Stopped there for lunch today for the first time and got the pulled pork sandwich and 1 side which I chose the mac and cheese. Portions were enormous and both the sandwich and the mac and cheese were very tasty. Mac and cheese was definitely homemade and was very creamy and cheesy and the pulled pork was juicy and had some bark mixed in and tasted like real barbecue. This plus a Hosmer Mountain white birch beer for a little over $8! I will definitely be back. There were other interesting choices on the menu like an andouille sausage and pepper sandwich and a brisket burger. I will definitely go back! It's located in the center of Windsor so it easy to get to also.

Sep 16, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Culinary Adventures in Nantucket?

I second Something Natural as a lunch spot! The sandwiches are huge and tasty and made with their own bread. My favorite is the herb Bread.

Something Natural
50 Cliff Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554

Sep 10, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Wood N Tap coming to Orange CT

Never been impressed.........If Plan B ever opens down there that would be the place to try!!!

Plan B
4 Railroad St, Simsbury, CT 06070

Sep 10, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Guida's Drive In-I like it!

I was there today and had 2 chili-cheese dogs with kraut. They were so good!! I do think they are better than Saints but just my opinion of course! It's funny.........sometimes I think the staff at saints could be friendlier.

Sep 10, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Finally tried Bart's in Windsor, CT

I too prefer Guidas to Saints................They seem to have the perfect blending of ingredients.

Aug 22, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Hungry Ghost Bakery Northampton MA

I live in Newington CT and make the trip up to get bread every couple of weeks. Love the 8 grain!!!!!!

Jul 29, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England


Stone Levitation is on tap at Plan B in West Hartford right now......

Jan 09, 2010
jonsull in Southern New England

Truffles Farmington

Has anyone been there? I drive by all the time but have not yet stopped............

kielbasa survey

Adolph's Meat Market on New Britain Ave in Hartford makes really good kielbasa also.

Nov 09, 2009
jonsull in Southern New England

Thumanns hotdogs in CT

Stop and Shop in Newington on Fenn Rd (Exit 28 off Rte 9n) carries Rosols hot dogs and Bliss Market in Wethersfield carries Hummels hot dogs. I went a couple of weeks ago to Meriden to get a couple of packages of Thumanns and will be back for more.......

Aug 24, 2009
jonsull in Southern New England

The Sierra Grille, Northampton

My GF and I both love Sierra Grille. We ususally sit at the bar. We've not had a bad meal there and always love their beer selection plus the bartenders are knowledgeable and friendly.

Pepe's in Mancherster CT?

I would agree.......i am also also a New Haven area native and feel that the pizzas in manchester are of equal quality to their New Haven brethren!

chili dog in the hartford area?

When I get fish I'd rather get it from City Fish in Wethersfield. It used to be taskeout only but they've got a dining room too now. I usually only get takeout from there but it is as fresh and tasty as it gets.

chili dog in the hartford area?

Ditto on Mickey's. Chili cheese dogs are really tasty!!

Local Burger and Fries - Northampton

Went to Local Burger today. Burgers were ok not great. Tasted similar to one you would get at TGIF or the like. Fries were awesome. Fresh cut and really cooked well. Rings were cooked well but very greasy. Breading was bland though. Didn't love them. We also got the deep fried pickles which had a cornmeal batter(?) that both my fellow diner and I thought was flavorless. Those must be an acquired taste but I don't see it.

All in all not as good as Hartford area burgers as the previous poster has mentioned.

Feb 19, 2009
jonsull in Southern New England

Plan B West Hartford Mini Burgers


I posted on the Texas forum about my favorite Texas barbecue. It's on Black's had the best brisket and City Market had the best sausage imho. They were all real good tho.

I also was not impressed with the Riverwalk either. Too touristy for me.

The night we went to get the Southern Q was rainy and cold and that might have influenced my thoughts on it but I was not impressed. We got pulled pork and brisket. The sauce was vinegar based with not tomato at all which was not my favorite. I'm not sure the brisket was actually brisket or maybe top round. It was not tender at all really chewy and with the same vinegar sauce. The pulled pork was decent but I just don't think is worth going out of your way for.

I used to like the Cookhouse when it was in East Hartford but now it is only in New Milford which is not a direction we usually go.

In April we are going to go back to Hill Country in NYC which we've been to previously and had Texas quality brisket and sausage. I just don't see getting any barbecue in CT before then.

As for Plan B the meat is coarse ground and I bet it is 80/20. I'll have to ask the next time I'm there (which is pretty often). Still my favorite. I went to Northampton today with my daughter and ate at Local Burger and was not impressed. Burgers were ok but not great. Not worth recommending imho.......

Lunch for 20-40 in West Hartford

I am looking for a fun place with semi reasonable pricing that may have a private room to have a lunch meeting for 20-40 women. It is an alumni group for a college. They're looking for something in West Hartford with easy access to the highway which shouldn't be hard to do.