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Odd wine incident

He did not do the normal, full presentation. He did pour a taste - which he gave to my friend, who did not notice the sour taste in that sip - but then just filled both of our glasses and set the bottle on the table. It was my first clue that something was off. Unfortunately for him, trying to hide it by skipping all that was what made me notice in the first place!

Oct 12, 2009
Starcia in Not About Food

Odd wine incident

We definitely ordered a full bottle, which is why the fact that it was already open was a problem. I'm not a very confrontational person, so I didn't want to accuse the waiter of anything right there, and I was also so shocked by it that I didn't even think to speak to management before leaving. I also prefer to think the best of people... even if they don't necessarily deserve it. :-)

I figured that since the bad bottle was replaced without issue, there wasn't a need to make a huge fuss. But I will definitely make a point to either write to them or speak to someone next time I'm there. They should know that it wasn't acceptable for it to happen in the first place.

Oct 08, 2009
Starcia in Not About Food

Odd wine incident

A few weeks ago my friend and I went to dinner in Boston (don't want to name the place, I like it a lot and don't want to discourage people from going there). The food was great, the service also very good, except for one issue.

We ordered a bottle of white wine, which happened to the screw-top kind. When our waiter brought it to the table, he was holding it in kind of an odd way - with his hand over the neck, and he poured it holding it like this, which I haven't seen a waiter do before. It looked odd to me, and it also seemed like there was some wine missing from the bottle. I also did not hear the "crack" of the top opening, which I realized later. After he had filled both of our glasses it was obvious that it wasn't a full bottle - it was less than 1/5 full, and two normal size glasses should not empty a bottle that much (yes.... I might drink too much wine).

I tasted it and it had that taste of wine that you open one night, don't finish, and stash in the fridge for the next night... a bit sour. Clearly we had been served an already open (and used!) bottle of wine. I was honestly kind of shocked, because it never occurred to me that a server/restaurant would try to pull something like this. I wasn't sure what to do about it, but I had to say something because I wasn't about to drink (and pay for) a sour, opened bottle of wine. I didn't want to actually accuse him of trying to cheat us out of a full bottle, so I just told him that it tasted sour and asked if we could have a new bottle.

Immediately he apologized, saying it was probably just a bad bottle, and brought us a new (unopened!) bottle within a few minutes. This is what strikes me as so odd about all of this; he was very nice and attentive for everything else during the meal, so I don't see what motivation he would have for doing this. The only thing I can think of is that a manager or bartender just gave him a bottle that needed to be used up and hoped we wouldn't notice. We did not tip any less than usual because of the wine issue - he fixed it as soon as he knew it was a problem, and it was the only bad note to an otherwise nice dinner.

Has anything like this ever happened to any of you? What did you do about it?

Oct 07, 2009
Starcia in Not About Food

Favorite Topping for a Triscuit?

The Rye triscuits are my favorite as well, with goat cheese and jam (fig or cherry are my favorites) or hummus. And of course, plain. Yum!

Jul 16, 2009
Starcia in General Topics

quirky personal home food combinations....

My favorite lunch when I was a kid was a peanut butter and honey sandwich (which isn't that weird on its own) with nacho cheese Doritos, which you put in the sandwich as you eat it. I never just made the whole sandwich with the chips already inside; rather, I liked the option of having some bites with and some without. Cheetos can be substituted for the Doritos, although Doritos are better. The salty chips and peanut butter with the sweet honey... mmm. And always use wheat bread, not white.

All of this should be washed down with a big glass of cold milk or a Coke.

Jun 19, 2009
Starcia in General Topics

What Did/Does Your Dad Cook Best?

Waffles (thin, not belgian), french toast, and anything on the grill. His specialty is grilled turkey for Thanksgiving, along with all of the side dishes, including made-from-scratch dressing. The super-crispy skin holds all of the flavor and juices in the meat - so good! I had him write down the recipe for me one year... Step 1 is "Open a beer or pour a glass of wine and toast your feathered friend". Multiple steps through the rest of the process are "Repeat step 1"!

Now that I've been on my own for a while and my parents have divorced (and he remarried), it doesn't always happen for the Thanksgiving meal but I always request that he make it for SOME holiday. Got to have that at least once a year!

May 06, 2009
Starcia in General Topics

recipe organizing/meal planning software for mac

MacGourmet is a great program for organizing your recipes:

I was looking for the same thing a few months ago and came across it. I haven't used it much beyond cataloging my recipes, but they have a bunch of cool features. It costs $25 to buy but they have a free trial period in which you can still use all of the features (which I am actually still using now).

Hope this helps!

Feb 21, 2009
Starcia in Not About Food

Winter 2008/2009 Openings and Closings

Brown Sugar did close, but they have already reopened as "Thaitation". Apparently the chef is still the same, and after looking through their menu online, not much has changed, if anything.

Jan 26, 2009
Starcia in Greater Boston Area