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Sakura of Japan in Midtown East

So, I use Seamless web at work and found myself craving Hibachi -- the only place that turned up was a place called "Sakura of Japan" at 819 Second Avenue. However, after doing a little internet research, I can't find any mention of this place. Has anyone heard of it? Anyone been? Any thoughts on the food?

Sep 03, 2009
catherinejones in Manhattan

Anyone have any rec's for menu items at WD-50?

So, we went and got the tasting menu. I have to say, I didn't like it very much. I've had some great meals at WD-50 and this was not one of them. And, given the price, it was a real disappointment.

The tasting menu consisted of

Barramundi - this was fine, good, not fantastic.

Pizza pebbles - I thought this was horrible - very dry, no flavor. I couldn't finish mine, and it was a very small portion.

Knot Foie - again, not very good -very, very dry. a real disappointment.

hamachi tartare - by far the best thing of the night, but, not very interesting - just very, very tasty.

eggs benedict - i enjoyed this. though, really, it just tasted like eggs benedict (though it looked very different, admittedly).

crab tail, soybean noodles -- the biggest disappointment of the night. flavorless fresh alaskan crab - how is that possible? this dish proves it is. i had high expectations and it was almost inedible.

chicken liver spatzle - again, very dry, strong flavor (chicken liver) but a very light version of it, which I enjoyed and found interesting. but, still, not very tasty and very, very dry dish.

beef tongue - fine, but really nothing special.

the wine pairings were wonderful, and i agree that the desserts are sublime. the tasting menu, however, had only one hit (hamachi tartare) and an endless number of misses. i would not recommend getting it in its current form at all. take the recommendations of others and order ala carte.

Jun 13, 2008
catherinejones in Manhattan

What to order at The Little Owl?

I love the Little Owl - but I have to say the only thing that I've eaten there that wasn't good was the pork chop. Mine was completely overcooked, tiny portion - inedible. The restaurant handled it well - took it off the bill and was great about it -- but thats the one dish I would not recommend.

Jun 12, 2008
catherinejones in Manhattan

Anyone have any rec's for menu items at WD-50?

I am going to WD-50 tomorrow night, myself, and would love recommendations on the current menu too. Also, debating whether to do the tasting menu right now, or do ala carte? Any thoughts?

I have loved the recommendations I've gotten on WD-50 items from chowhounders in the past, and would love some new ones.

Jun 11, 2008
catherinejones in Manhattan

Ithaca - Watercress Restaurant

We had a wonderful dinner tonight in Ithaca - and noticed that the Restaurant has never been reviewed before -- so wanted to write up a quick review - Watercress Restaurant. The food was delicious. We started with their specialty - Watercress Salad- which was delicious fresh greens, toasted almonds, and smoked blue cheese, with a fig balsamic dressing. It was absolutely wonderful - very smoky, but sweet as well.

For our entrees, one of us had the vegetarian spanish tortilla which was delicious and well made -- numerous fresh veggies, eggs, cooked perfectly. The other had the organic salmon - which was perfectly cooked, and well flavored, with yummy asparagus and grains. We finished off the delicious meal with a warm, chocolate cake and homemade whipped cream.

Really, we didn't have a single complaint with our food - and the service was wonderful. I am amazed that we'd never heard of this place before, and so wanted to recommend it. We learned about it just today from a woman at a wineshop in Aurora, NY (fingerlakes region) - and decided to give it a try. We're so glad we did!

"Taste of Syracuse"

I noticed that "Taste of Syracuse" is this Friday, and Saturday, but don't see any restaurants listed that are that exciting (other than alto cinco and ambrosia - both of which i know well). Am I missing something? Do chowhounders have any suggestions about booths to stop by during this celebration? Any recommendations?

9th Street Market -- Horrible Experience

Overall, one of the worst meals I have had in a long time -- very, very sad as I have been eating here for six years, and loving it.

I have been going to 9th street market since 2001 on a regular basis. I have always loved it -- the intimate environment, the fireplace in the winter, the coziness which is a rarity in nyc -- but most of all the deliciousness of the comfort food.

Its been about six months since I'd last been, and I found myself craving 9th street market. So, I went with one of my friends (who also eats there regularly) for dinner on Saturday night. Unfortunately, we discovered the food has gone way down hill -- it was one of the worst meals i've had in a long, long time. Did the chef change? Did they sell the restaurant? How else could this happen? Does anyone know?

I started with the crabcake and had a seafood risotto special for dinner. Before ordering the crab cake, I asked the waiter if it was mainly breading, mayonaisse, or actual crab (I'm skeptical about crab cakes in nyc) - and he assured me it was almost entirely crab meat. When it arrived, it was all mayonaisse. As my friend pointed out, calling it a crab cake was a misnomer - it was really a crab spread. It was disgusting. I didn't eat it. Then, my seafood "risotto" appeared. It was in fact overcooked rice in a soup. Seriously -- it was rice in a liquid - it was NOT risotto by any stretch of the imagination - the person cooking it clearly had no idea what risotto was, or how to make it, or how to serve it. Even worse, there was absolutely no flavor to my dish - it was inedible.

My friend got a beat salad and the salmon entree -- the beats tasted canned, and had no flavor, and her salmon was overcooked and also flavorless - she was equally miserable with her meal.

All in all, a complete disappointment. Its so far from our experiences there in the past, that we had to wonder -- did the chef change? was the restaurant sold? does anyone know?

Nov 02, 2007
catherinejones in Manhattan

syracuse, anyone?

So, I've been doing a lot of exploring of the Syracuse eating scene over the past year, and would love suggestions, advice, input, etc. Here's what I've found.

Mexican -- Alto Cinco is wonderful. Both to eat in, and to take out. I have no complaints about it. I've had take out from Mission and thought it fine, nothing exciting, though, and given how great Alto Cinco is, I will not go back.

Pastabilities -- Nothing special, but solid food. If you're craving an American version of Southern Italian food, its a solid option and prices are fairly reasonable.

BC - Another solid option, though the prices are absurd (its not THAT good).

Hawley Green Bistro - I want to like this place, and there are some things about it I do like. But, I was underwhelmed by the brunch. Potatoes came cold and were simply not very good. I'm hopeful it will improve, though.

Pub Food -- Blue Tusk is fine, but way overpriced given the quality; the other pub fare in Armory Square borders on horrible.

Pizza - I like Twin Trees, did not like Movino's at all.

Indian - I think Samrat is horrible and can't understand why anyone likes it. Sahota Palace is better, but still, Syracuse's strength is clearly not Indian food.

Dinosaur BBQ -- fine BBQ. not fantastic, but fine.

L'Adour. -- Compared to other places in the Cuse, I think L'Adour gets it right. Usually great service, great decor, and solid food.

Zenkichi in Williamsburg (Soliciting Reviews!)

My boyfriends birthday is this week, and he loves japanese food. I wanted to take him out for a unique experience, and someone recommended Zenkichi. I'm not that big on Japanese food, myself, so don't really know how parse reviews of this place. Have more people eaten there (old posts don't have that much information)? What do they think of it? Good place for a special birthday dinner? Any specific recommendations?


Jul 09, 2007
catherinejones in Outer Boroughs

best unusual brunch in park slope?

I have tried Rosewater on several occassions - always hoping that my experiences there will get better - and always disappointed. The food is overpriced, the waitstaff leaves much to be desired, and it just doesn't taste that good. Definitely not somewhere worth going out of your way to.

Jun 06, 2007
catherinejones in Outer Boroughs

Prospect Heights Restaurants

Would love recommendations of good places to eat (and drink) in prospect heights -- of all varieties (cheap, take out, eat in, etc) -- the more the better!

I did some searches of the board, but there don't seem to be any comprehensive lists of restaurants in the neighborhood.

Jun 06, 2007
catherinejones in Outer Boroughs

the islands in prospect heights

anyone been? what do you think of it? any recommendations? is it difficult to get one of the four tables there to eat in?

Aug 28, 2006
catherinejones in Outer Boroughs

Lunch at Union Square Cafe (Any suggestions?)

Having lunch at USC today for the first time. Do people have recommendations for their summer lunch menu?

Aug 17, 2006
catherinejones in Manhattan

Rosewater Review

So I really want to love Rosewater. Its nearby, its cute, the menu always sounds delicious.

But everytime I've gone (4 times now) -- one person's dish is fantastic, and the other's is horrible. I've been for brunch two times, dinner twice -- and on all four occassions the same thing happened. We had fantastic pancakes one day, and horrible eggs. The next it was fantastic eggs, and horrible french toast.

Went there for dinner the other night and ordered a pork loin medium rare (per the chef's suggestion). It arrived and was so tough to to bite into that it was essentially inedible. As I was commenting this to my partner, the person sitting at the next table informed me that she'd had the same problem, had complained about it, and they had done nothing in response to her complaint! I still said something to our waiter, and was completely ignored as well. My partner's fish dish, however, was wonderful.

We ended up spending over $120 to cover everything, and I couldn't even eat my dinner. This is way too much money to be spending for meals that are this uneven. I will not go back again.

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Outer Boroughs

great hamburger in brooklyn

I am a burger fanatic. Have been searching for a great one in the Slope. Bonnie's, I think, is overrated. Its fine, and cheap, but nothing spectacular.

Tried Blueribbon and it was pretty good. But very expensive, obviously. And fries were...not even worth eating.

Moutarde was awful.

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Outer Boroughs

Help me make her birthday dinner memorable

i would not go to the modern for a romantic dinner. it is very formal, very stiff, and nothing about it is romantic. the food was okay. not great. and way too expensive for the quality.

i would go to babbo.

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Manhattan

The search for great FISH TACOS continues...please help!

Bonita in Williamsburg (Bedford between South 2nd and South 3rd) is the place to go for fish tacos. seriously.

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Manhattan

The search for great FISH TACOS continues...please help!

i had the fish tacos at miracle grill in park slope recently -- disgusting. not at all the right place to go for fish tacos, in my opinion.

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Manhattan

Best Indian Food on 6th Street?

I was at Brick Lane this week for the first time in about two years. I was blown away by how good it was. We ordered all vegetarian dishes - but everything was incredibly fresh, and not that heavy at all. The spinach literally melted in my mouth. I loved it when it first opened, but its gotten much better.

Only thing was it took forever for our food to come. However, the second we tasted it we weren't at all upset about the wait.

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Manhattan

Hearth Tonight (Summer Menu Recs)

Anyone have any recommendations for my dinner at Hearth tonight? Haven't tried the summer menu yet...

Aug 10, 2006
catherinejones in Manhattan