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Really want this recipe - Bottega Louie Frutti di Mare Soup

Thank you for the suggestions. The 'broth' is clear, not red, but doesn't taste like water or like stock...that's the mystery!

Seven-Vegetable Soup

Better yet is a 15 vegetable soup. Ralphs in Marina del Rey, CA has 15 veggies cut up finely. Saute, blend, voila...the best!

Jul 07, 2013
kauaidreamindotcom in Recipes

Really want this recipe - Bottega Louie Frutti di Mare Soup

FRUTTI DI MARE - the best cold soup I ever ate. Usually I can figure out how to cook something, but I can't make out that base. Anyone know??

Langoustine, prawns, avocado, cucumber, heirloom cherry tomatoes, micro basil, radish & basil oil

Why no great options on Kauai's north shore???

I forgot about this thread....recently got back from Kauai. Call me crazy; I always eat great there. This time we did not go to any 'nice' dinners either. Well, went one night to St. Regis to the bar at sunset. Had two appetizers--mushroom egg rolls and rainbow sushi, plus wine....They do give you a wine and a half for the $18. Thought both food choices were delish. Went to the Shrimp Station in Kapaa. They had fresh Ono, so ordered the fish and chips and it was the best fish and chips I ever had. One could have removed the fried part and just eaten the fish. They also do the garlic shrimp over rice which was excellent; though you have to peel the shrimp. They also do a shrimp pasta at night, but we couldn't eat any more. Went to a few farmers markets; bought the tastiest freshest goat cheese w/ lilikoi from Kunana Dairy. Bought dollar bananas, papayas and small pineapples. Still think Tahiti Nui's pizza is divine, as well as both of their fish dishes--the ono and the mahi. Ate amazing tacos at Tiki Tacos in Kapaa. Thought breakfast at Hanalei Wake Up Cafe was as good as any. Had the outdoor grill at Fri nite Hanapepe art night and both ribs and chicken were to die for...but that's not North Shore! Went home a few pounds lighter for once!

Jul 17, 2012
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii

In Search of Great Food That's not overhyped

Planned to go to Bazaar, but have read so many average reviews--I don't want to be ripped off...will I? Also thought of Animal, but again many average reviews... Need recs for a restaurant west of Downtown, great food and ambiance...Does any place come to mind --originally desired tapas style, but open to anything. Any help will be much appreciated!

Kauai Foodie?

I think you are thinking of Bar Acuda in Hanalei. In addition, a brand new wine/tapas bar has opened in Hanalei, located right next to Tahiti Nui, We just tried it out and it was excellent.

Dec 16, 2009
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii

Makana Terrace or Kauai Grill at the St. Regis

Would love to know which restaurant at the St. Regis is worth eating at. I heard the Makana Terrace is outside, site of the old All You Can Eat Seafood site, but the Kauai Grill is more upscale. The St. Regis doesn't post menus....Any recs would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Dec 05, 2009
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii

Why no great options on Kauai's north shore???

Everytime I visit Kauai, I enjoy dining there more...guess it's partly experience and posts on boards like this one. By the way, there is a new large-ish natural food market in Kappa, where 'Bamboo Works' used to be...going north through the center of Kapaa, where the street breaks into two, stay's just 2 blks down.

Jul 14, 2009
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii

Thoughts on Princeville Hanalie Dining Kauai

After a recent trip, some thoughts:

Tahiti Nui (Hanalei)- Underrated,,,,At least when we were there (5 nights out of 9), they had fantastic entertainment starting at 7pm and we made lots of friends...You can order Tikiman pizza from the back, and once we had a Tahiti Nui entree, the Ono in a coconut, cilantro lime sauce with rice, that was excellent, worth the $20+ price.

Calypso (Hanalei)- the food is iffy, but you have to know how to order, plus they serve past the typical 9pm deadline in Hanalei. If you are a fried artichokes fan, their fried artichokes can make a meal if you're not starving and if you have a party of four or less, dining on their lanai is really nice.

Hanalie Dolphin (Hanalei) for lunch...being a fried 'freak', loved the fish and chips ($14). That day it was a Mahi fillet and while it was only one fillet and a little greasy on the outside, it was delicious. The fries were great too. My companions had the filet mignon burger and loved it, but pricey ($16).

The Chevron Station (Princeville) inside has delicious fast food, breakfast and lunch. They close from 3-4pm though.

Jul 12, 2009
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii

Shout out to Fredericos Princeville

We were recently in Kauai/Princeville and happened upon Frederico's in the Princeville shopping center, in the back near Paradise Cafe. I'm not sure when they opened, but they had terrific Mexican food. Fresh fish tacos, sold by the ones for about $4.50. They were the freshest I've had in Kauai and I thought they deserved some props.

Jul 12, 2009
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii

North Shore Kauai Tip Report

This board has been so much help to us on our annual visits to Kauai, that I wanted to add a few tips or recs for places I haven't seen mentioned here or deserve that extra praise...I'm not much of a writer, so here just are the facts...

1) Kapaa

A no name bakery across the street from the Olympic Cafe and around the corner from Shaka Taco has fantastic and reasonably priced freshly baked-on-the-premises danish, cookies, and various breads. They also have coconuts in the fridge and will put straws in them for drinking for $1 or $2.

Carrie Daway - maybe you have passed it on the highway, been hesitant to venture in...It's very bohemian from host/owner to cook, but the people couldn't be friendlier and they do offer freshly caught fish and their 'famous' garlic shrimp (about $13 for a plate lunch).

T&T Steak Burger truck (in the parking lot next to the high end furniture store at the edge of Kapaa. Excellent burgers; as good as Duane's Ono, which we also love. T&T has communal picnic tables and you are at the beach, so unless no one else is there, you'll probably meet lots of nice people too.

2) Kilauea

-Kilauea Fish Market. We loved their daily fresh fish selection and sauces with rice.

-Tropical Dreams Ice Cream also a video store. By far the best ice cream we ever had anywhere (except for in Italy). All the bins are covered but they will let you see and sample anything. The owner is a trip; a real character.

3) Hanalei -

We always go to the Bakery Cafe in the Kong Lung Center on our first morning, for their macadamia pancakes and egg breakfasts. We also tried their fried chicken once for lunch, which was delicious.

Tahiti Nui - never got to eat there, but had Mai Tais one night listening to fantastic live Hawaiian music and the Mai Tais were superb.

Bar Acuda: I would definitely recommend it for a special occasion dinner. Although it's pricey and the portions are small, the food is very good and they have the best ambience in town in my opinion. Everything we ordered was forewarned if you order the scallops, you will get one large scallop and a sliver of another. The lamb actually offered the 'largest' portion' three or four paper thin 'chops'.. All in all though, we ordered many dishes (and ate a ton of their delicious bread and walked away full.

4) Lihui

Hamura's Saimin - agreed it's great fun and good food. Nearby, across the street from the Salvation Army (Hamura's is down the street from the S. Army) is a Filipino restaurant (name unknown). When we went there one day for takeout lunch, they were closing and gave us so much free food (in addition to what we ordered), that we had lots of leftovers to eat for a few days.

Finally, everyone knows Costco, but we bought their freshly cut pineapple from Hawaii (most Costcos sell pineapple from Central America), refrigerated it, and enjoyed it all week ..large container at a great price.

Feb 16, 2009
kauaidreamindotcom in Hawaii