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ISO Sapporo Black Label

Anyone knows if I can get a hold of Sapporo Black Label here in the bay area? I checked couple of japanese grocery down in San Mateo but none of them carry it.


Dumpling Empire in south city

I've been getting >12 dumplings in each order (probably owner's way of luring people back).

Maybe I can tell the owner to take down their XLB since it's doing so much damage on yelp, lol

Dumpling Empire in south city

Found out about this new joint (open about ~3 months) after giving up waiting at the Tofu House in downtown South San Fran. The place has extensive options for dumplings. I personally think it's better than most dumpling joints in the city.

From the appetizer menu, the kitchen has pretty good idea what they're good at. Pork elbow, marinated beef, cilantro tofu/bean stick, tofu with green onion are all well seasoned. However, I wouldn't describe it as 'orgasmic' since the restaurant is restricted using the average supermarket grade products (e.g. tofu isn't silky, tofu/bean stick lacks the fresh flavor, etc). However, for the price you pay, it's definitely a steal!

Anyway, the place isn't famous for XLB, so for those of who that are looking for a good XLB experience, you're in the wrong place! The owners are from ShanDong province and they're known for their dumpling & noodle. Stick to these and you shall not disappoint :)

ISO Diablito & Corn ice cream

so i guess none in the city or the peninsula :(


ISO Diablito & Corn ice cream

Anyone know where I can find these in the city? or somewhere along the peninsula?


Ideas for wedding reception venue needed in Toronto

how about the sister restaurant kultura??

Ideas for wedding reception venue needed in Toronto

My wife and I have been looking for a post-wedding banquet venue that hopefully fits most of the criteria below. So far we can only think of Drake Hotel, but we're sure there are other restaurants that we missed. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

- space for ~80 people (cocktail style or sit-down)
- relaxed atmosphere
- preferably private to semi-private (allow moderate to loud noise level)
- chic environment (ie. no rental linens required)
- background music provided (from the restaurant) or an in-house audio system
- within the city, preferably downtown Toronto

ISO restaurants in the bay area that will cook up fresh crab (& other fresh seafood) purchased directly at half moon bay

It's common in asia to buy fresh seafood from a port and take it to your favourite restaurant to have it prepared. I'll be traveling to half moon bay to buy some fresh caught crabs but not too sure where to take them since my kitchen is non-existent. Any suggestions on this topic will help!!

1) any recommendation for a reputable fishmonger at HMB that sells dungeon crabs and other delicious seafoods?
2) any restaurants in the bay area that can cater to the type of service mentioned above? Preferably close to HMB.

Napa/Sonoma Crushing in October

amazing festival geogibson! we'll definitely be making our way back next year :)

Thanks so much for the great post!

Napa/Sonoma Crushing in October

you gotta wear a speedo for stomping those grapes? I was thinking going in with nothing but rainboots............. Thanks for the website tho!

geogibson - what involves in 'grape stomping'? is it like what maria described? eyes only, no hands?

Napa/Sonoma Crushing in October

Will be at the Sonoma Napa wine and food festival on oct 16th, just wondering if there are any wineries that offer open grape crushing in the same weekend around that area. The only one I can find so far is Healdsburg crush festival. Are there any other smaller scale that is hosted only at the winery?

Anyone tried Gourmet Village (Chinese) in Millbrae?

so when are you writing a book about chinese regional cuisines, K K?

Did I order the wrong thing at San Tung?

thanks for breaking it down, K K. I guess i got fooled by the name, still trying to learn how chinese restaurants operate here in SF :)
ok, string beans stir fry, 5 spice beef noodle soup and perhaps some cold apps next time if I ever decide to pay a visit.

as for the chicken wings, i usually like them spicier than San Tung's version. Nothing against chicken wings, i just never had fried chicken wings dressed in sticky sauce in any chinese restaurant in asia, that's all (besides HK tea diners). Chicken wings are usually marinated, not fried.

Did I order the wrong thing at San Tung?

Drove by the restaurant few times and it's always packed, it's gotta be good, right? We decided to beat the crowd by having an early dinner. Waiter swiftly seated us and gave us the menu. WAIT! I thought the restaurant says "San Tung" (really should be pronounced as SHAN DONG), why does the menu have food as far as Canton and Sichuan? Instead of making any mistake with our food, we inquired the waiter for recommendations, steam dumpling, ja jiang noodle, and chicken wings (I gasped, are you kidding me???). We figured we should have some faith in the waiter and put down steam dumpling, chicken wing, stir-fry noodle, and mixed braised tofu for the 3 of us.

steam dumpling - not bad, but the wrapper lacks gluten that gives the chewy texture which I expect from Shan dong cuisine

chicken wing - probably the best dish of the night, but still can't get over the fact that i'm having chicken wings in a chinese restaurant

stir-fry noodle - I really hope the noodle was bought from a store or something so they can at least blame the noodle shop for making the noodle boring as hell. Where's the handpull noodle?!!!!

braised tofu - tofu was too thin to start with. restaurant deep-fried the curd too long. The tofu couldn't soak up any sauce and tasted like rubber.

I came home and yelped the place, 4/5 stars with over 1700+ reviews!! Am I just crazy or should I give those tofu another try?

San Tung Chinese Restaurant
1031 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

what to eat at Japantown?

thanks shellshock!

just what i found online about restos in jtown. Where will you recommend for sushi places at inner richmond or inner sunset then?

what to eat at Japantown?

Thinking visiting Japantown friday night. Looking for a mid-range japanese restaurant to go with party of 10 (sushi or izakaya, as long as we can get a table!). Hopefully it's not too late to get some advice :)

Chez Panisse Cafe - RANT

My dining partners and I all praised on the tuna appetizer and yellowtail jack entree (the 2 I didn't feel like having last nite, ouch). Perhaps I should focus more on seafood next time at CP Cafe.

Chez Panisse Cafe - RANT

Since we couldn't secure a reservation at Chez Panisse, we opted for the Cafe instead for our rare East Bay adventure. I know there are a lot of supporters out there for the restaurant. However, perhaps it was an off night for the restaurant, I was definitely underwhlemed the entire meal. The goat cheese with salad was average to start. Quail for main was disappointing. The bird was not cleaned properly, I could vividly taste the blood and ruptured organs. Moreover, skin was soggy by the time it reached our table. The night ended with chocolate pave with rum cream. Again, average tasting and overpriced.

Another note about the restaurant, I walked by the open kitchen couple of times and all kitchen staffs look like they can't wait to get out of there. Seems like I would've had a better night at Gregoire on cedar street instead.

Chez Panisse
1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

ISO a restaurant with a great view of the SF and under $50 per person

not the greatest, lol~ the view was sandwiched between 2 piers so it felt a bit compressed. The restaurant does have a lot of natural light during the day.

ISO a restaurant with a great view of the SF and under $50 per person

First of all, I just want to thank everyone for all the recs! My manager ended up choosing Butterfly as our dining destination. With the happy hour menu from 4-7, we were allowed to mix and match and stayed within the budget :)

food - a bit on the fusion side. Most dishes have an asian kick to it. We ordered pork, beef brisket, stuffed chicken and duck for mains. Most people enjoyed their food but I definitely have to say the pork was probably the best. My beef brisket was too fatty and rice that came with the meat was on the sauggy side. As for app, shanghai garlic noodle was good, not so much the fried calamari (too much batter for me).

Service - Our server was like a robot, never bother smiling the entire night. Just looked like he really hated his job. Anyway, maybe a bad day, i hope.

probably won't go back anytime soon as there are too many other places to try in the city.

ISO a restaurant with a great view of the SF and under $50 per person

I'll need to take out 3 of my ex-coworkers on a Wednesday night in couple of weeks. One of them can't stand any seafood and another one isn't too adventurous with her food. I'm seeking some recommendations with some restrictions below:

1) less focus on seafood
2) great view of the city, either downtown or something that's symbolic to SF (golden gate bridge???)
3) $50 including tax (let's just say 2 courses with a glasses of house wine included)
4) easy parking, preferably free if possible

i'm new to the city and only really been to chapeau! and town hall (back in 2007) for a nicer meal. I was really amazed by the quality and the price for chapeau! but the scenery was lacking a bit. Town hall had a nice ambience and setting but the food was a bit disappointing and again, lacking the view once you get out of the restaurant (well, unless I want to include the 2 hobos that were asking me for money right outside the restaurant).


ISO restaurant 1) walking distance from Civic Center 2) extensive vegetarian option

Great suggestion, Ruth! The entire party really enjoyed the food. Went there without much expectation, walked out with really good impression of the place. Food was quite on the sweet side for me, maybe the chutney, but definitely a RETURN for me and my wife :)

Thanks again!

ISO restaurant 1) walking distance from Civic Center 2) extensive vegetarian option

ok, my wife just told me it's probably not the most pleasant neighbourhood to be strolling after dark. that's good to know before booking the restaurant, lol~

Hopefully all these restaurants are located AWAY from the neighborhood. Please keep the recommendations coming! They don't need to be completely vegetarian :)

ISO restaurant 1) walking distance from Civic Center 2) extensive vegetarian option

We'll be watching WICKED this coming saturday at the orpheum theatre. We're looking for a restaurant that fits the following criteria,

1) within walking distance from Civic Center
2) vegetarian option
3) ~$20 plus tax and tip
4) can be any cuisine
5) can easily carry on a conversation

help! help!

Fill in the blanks, where to go for each chinese cuisine???

thanks for the detailed recs, K_K!!!! Tak Kee Lee just seems way too far for a cup of HK style milk tea. I just have to suck it up until I get my car in July, sigh~ For now, I'll just have to distract myself wtih some homemade viet coffee.

for TSD, is it run by vietnamese? at least that's what it says in the link you've provided. That's kinda interesting to know that I can get a decent milk tea from a vietnamese place. I'll definitely remember to pay a homage to TSD when I'm in the neighborhood!

Thanks so much everyone! let the chow begin!

Tak Kee Lee
2435 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA

Fill in the blanks, where to go for each chinese cuisine???

My wife and I just moved from Toronto to the Bay area recently. We've been trying to locate some chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood. However, our location (Colma BART station) doesn't really offer many options when it comes to that category. Before we get all depressed with the fog in our area, we need some serious recommendations for all chinese cuisines in thte city.

We were just at Z&L on Jackson this past wkn and were pretty satisfied by the quality of their food. I'm sure there outta be more fine places in the city. Please help to cure our depression by providing some restaurants below!!!

Northeast -
Shanghai -
Dumpling (preferably from Shandong region) -
Sichuan/Chongqing - Z&L,
Chinese muslim -
Taiwan -
Cantonese -
Other Chinese regional cuisines?

Colma BART station - What's good around here?!

information overload!!!!! lol!!! however, thanks for all the input so far for sure.

I think so far we are looking for EVERYTHING. Places that are close to us and places that are worth the trek. I'll say for now, we probably want to familiarize with local spots before venturing out to the city and SJ. We are currently looking for Mexicans, southeast Asian, Californian (what's californian cuisine anyway???) and affordable Japanese (own and run by Japanese) since Toronto doesn't really have many options for these cuisines. Little Yangon and Estrada sound like something we'll try this week. We'll give mission a shot sometime during the weekend. Village Pub will definitely be a must-visit for us. By the way, a friend of ours recommend Boulevard Cafe on Poncetta St. in Daly City. Any feedback about the place?

Village Pub
2967 Woodside Rd., Woodside, CA 94062

Little Yangon
6318 Mission St, Daly City, CA 94014

New Dumpling Place in Mother Dumpling's old Huron Location

yah, FD is just riding on the success of MD even tho the current owner hates MD, lol

slimy indeed, lol

Colma BART station - What's good around here?!

My SO and I just moved from Toronto to California and we decided to settle down around Colma BART station for the time being. I did a quick search around Colma and seems like Nora patisserie is the only place worth visiting in the area. We really need some help to locate some decent places to eat. Can someone give some recommendations on what's good around the area and perhaps a little run-through with the area? For instance, I've been told to go down to SJ for Korean and Taiwanese. Any other tips?

All you can eat Korean BBQ place owned and run by Koreans up in Richmond Hill

Anyone has any information on this AYCE korean bbq restaurant located in the Jubilee Square on the NorthWest corner of Hwy 7 and West Beaver Creek?

I believe it used to called the "Walker's village"??? Now is owned and run by this korean family.