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Kiss of Death for La Boulange

Wow, this is terrible! After many months absence, I returned to the Boulange at my farmer's market today. Its usually what I consider to be the best bread in the bay area, and thats saying a lot. Today I was sadly disappointed. The walnut boulet was dull as dishwater, the crossiant Safeway bakery quality. Has Starbucks already killed this place? How truly sad!!!!

RECAP & REVIEWS: 10 nights in Buenos Aires, grades

Thank you so much for this informative report! I'm planning a trip to BA fro March, and your report is going to help me a lot!

Decent Rye Bread in the east bay?

The bakery at Market Hall in Rockridge has a hearty rye. I bought a loaf a few weeks ago for a pastrimi sandwich, the pastrimi was from Marin Sun Farms. It was sublime!

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Genoa Italian Deli on Telegraph in Oakland has amarena whild cherries for 5.29 a jar. Have gone through several jars on Mariposa Aviations! They seem just as good as the more expensive luxardos and we are pretty snobby about our cocktails.

Need oyster knife asap

I have a few, one bought at Sur La Table, teh other Williams and Sonoma. I have literally opened hundred of oysters with them both . I like brand XOX (good grips) its very nice.

SF Restaurant Deals Due to Financial Meltdown?

I keep hearing that there are good deals for luch or dinner at some places in town. Anybody hear any good deals? I am looking for higher end but will galdly and gratefully accept any ideas! Many thanks Chowhounds!