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[San Francisco] State Bird Provisions wait on a Wednesday?

Two of us are going to the Bird on a Wednesday in early June. Didn't get reservations, so I am wondering if anybody who has been recently can comment on what time we should get there? Thanks Chowhounders!

Kiss of Death for La Boulange

Wow, this is terrible! After many months absence, I returned to the Boulange at my farmer's market today. Its usually what I consider to be the best bread in the bay area, and thats saying a lot. Today I was sadly disappointed. The walnut boulet was dull as dishwater, the crossiant Safeway bakery quality. Has Starbucks already killed this place? How truly sad!!!!

RECAP & REVIEWS: 10 nights in Buenos Aires, grades

Thank you so much for this informative report! I'm planning a trip to BA fro March, and your report is going to help me a lot!

Decent Rye Bread in the east bay?

The bakery at Market Hall in Rockridge has a hearty rye. I bought a loaf a few weeks ago for a pastrimi sandwich, the pastrimi was from Marin Sun Farms. It was sublime!

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Genoa Italian Deli on Telegraph in Oakland has amarena whild cherries for 5.29 a jar. Have gone through several jars on Mariposa Aviations! They seem just as good as the more expensive luxardos and we are pretty snobby about our cocktails.

Need oyster knife asap

I have a few, one bought at Sur La Table, teh other Williams and Sonoma. I have literally opened hundred of oysters with them both . I like brand XOX (good grips) its very nice.

SF Restaurant Deals Due to Financial Meltdown?

I keep hearing that there are good deals for luch or dinner at some places in town. Anybody hear any good deals? I am looking for higher end but will galdly and gratefully accept any ideas! Many thanks Chowhounds!