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Stupid easy recipes you really love

chicken breasts covered in ranch dressing and swiss cheese and baked
flank steak fajitas/tacos

May 30, 2009
mumlikeyum in Home Cooking

allegro cafe

does anyone know where barbara reese from allegro cafe is now?

most expensive burger in lower mainland

my husband is a notorious burger orderer. he said this burger was to die for!!

Do you use good chocolate when you bake?

i third callebaut. totally worth the extra $$

Apr 01, 2009
mumlikeyum in Home Cooking

NEED Orange Cake Mix in Calgary

have you tried superstore? i seem to recall seeing them in vancouver but that was some time ago. i havent seen their red velvet anywhere. is a great cake site, someone there might know.

Apr 01, 2009
mumlikeyum in Prairie Provinces

Green Salads YVR?

i highly recommend Hy Bar at either City Square on Cambie and 12th or their location downtown on Hornby between Nelson and Robson. tons of variety!

Advice on bouquet garni?

i prefer to use the fresh tie up version. i take the bay leaf and any other 'hard' herb and wrap around it the 'flexible' herbs and then tie it with cotton. i get less breakup that way

Mar 13, 2009
mumlikeyum in Home Cooking

pork shoulder in crock pot

i agree, no liquid needed. i usually cut my roast up to 2 smaller roasts to increase surface area for the rub

Mar 13, 2009
mumlikeyum in Home Cooking

Dinner near Tsawwassen, Delta

taverna gorgona. i have mixed feelings about it. i found the prices high for the quality of food and service inconsistant

Dinner near Tsawwassen, Delta

if you want to stay near the ferries, i would suggest mario'skitchen in tsawwassen, for a casual family place. ribs and pizza are very good. Illuminate is great too( no website, but google illuminate tsawwassen for directions) , but perhaps not as casual. dinner's range in the 20-25 but the food is very good. my biggest complaint about south delta ( tsawwassen/ladner) is the lack of good restaurants.

In search of mini hamburger/slider buns in Vancouver

i second those, they are ciabatta style and very tasty!

Best places in Vancouver?

cioppinos for sure!

ice cream in Saskatoon

ahhh Homestead. i have such fond memories of that place. only place i have ever eaten pumpkin pie icecream. have never seen it since!

Feb 19, 2009
mumlikeyum in Prairie Provinces

What do you eat raw that most people don't?

bread dough, cake batter

Feb 16, 2009
mumlikeyum in General Topics

Should I buy a Keurig

i bought the b60 model and i really like it. i like that i dont waste a whole pot of coffee when i am sometimes the only one having a cup. it works great when we have family gatherings and that one person wants a decaf. presto!
i too cant stand the disposable cups so i have the K-cup. works great and i can put freshly ground beans in there.
coffee is nice and hot as well.
i personally cant drink coffee from a coffee press. for some reason my stomach cannot tolerate it.
i highly recommend the Keurig!

Feb 15, 2009
mumlikeyum in Cookware

(Vancouver) How is the new Lumiere?

no. last trip to lumiere was disappointing. went soon after feenie left and it was obviously not up to the caliber that we had experienced there before. no spark at all, so i too am looking forward to hearing what its like now