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Fresh & Easy Coupons Changing in LA & OC [moved from LA board]

I work for F & E and I understand that everyone is bummed out about the coupons. however, they will not disappear completely. The Company was losing a lot of money on the 5 off 20 coups tho and they were bound to fade away. However, for anyone near a store that is having their 1 year anniversary, you will probably receive coupons in the mail. For example, one of the stores in the city of Orange just had their 1 year anniversary and the company mailed out $5 off $20 coupons to over 10,000 homes around the area. Also, if you are around any store that is having a grand opening, you can get coupons there and can use them at any F&E. I also suspect we might be seeing coupons like, 2, 3, or 4 dollars off 20. Anyways, that's all i got. Also, in response to bernardo, all the F & E stores try their hardest to get all of the markdowns, and we always mark down products if we are going to discontinue them. And in case anybody was wondering, we donate about 95 percent of what we don't sell to local food banks. Most store's have a different food bank, some share the same one, but the food bank people pick up food from us every morning. We even donate flowers that the food bank takes to local hospitals. I say 95 percent, because sometimes stuff gets damaged and we have to throw it away. Anyways, sorry about the long post.

Dec 17, 2008
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