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Coffee houses to write in?

A belated thanks for this rec! I visited this place just the other day and it's sure to become one of my haunts.

Coffee houses to write in?

Around the Haight!

Coffee houses to write in?

Can you guys point me toward some coffee houses which are cheap enough/easy-going enough to spend several hours working in? My roommates have spent the day watching the Kristen Bell sloth song on repeat and at top volume, so it's becoming clear that I'm going to have to go elsewhere to write.

Midwestern Friend Visiting

I want to take my friend who is visiting from Illinois out for a California dinner. It'll be both her first Californian meal AND her birthday, so I'd love for it to be a fun, unusual experience. Any suggestions for the Woodland Hills area?

Edit: Smokeydoke has reminded me that I ought to mention my area and price range! I'm in Woodland Hills, but I'm willing to travel. I'm on a college student budget, but since this is my birthday gift to my friend, I'd like this to be a relatively upscale place. Thanks!

Dec 16, 2008
lizzieluna in Los Angeles Area