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Super88 is Dead... Long Live CMart?

This is so depressing.

It all started when they first got rid of the best of the three brands of soy milk they carried. The other two brands are atrocious. Now, they barely carry one (at either Allston or South Bay)

I usually go to the Allston one and it's been downhill for a while. Can't get Chinese broccoli. Can't get the famous HK branded instant noodles. Etc, etc. you guys have all seen the changes. I asked a staff member a few weeks ago, she said they were "remodeling." I couldn't even find Ribena.

This past w/e I went to the one in South Bay. it's also suffering from roughly the same fate although it seems a touch better than the Allston one. At least this one still carried Chinese broccoli.

Depressing stuff. Someone please go save Super 88 from the jaws of financial oblivion.