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Guinea eggs

So our first guinea fowl (we have five) have just started laying eggs... I found four in the coop this morning.

I've never eaten guinea eggs (or the birds themselves, to be truthful) - I'm curious as to whether anyone has experience with them, how they might be different from my chickens' eggs except the obvious size difference, and suggestions of how best to cook them and show them off! Thanks :)


Jul 23, 2012
bazora in Home Cooking


You mean Do-si-dos? Those are tasty! Haven't had 'em in years, I'd love that recipe! Is there anywhere to buy couverture online? I don't think I've ever been able to find it where I live.

Mar 27, 2010
bazora in Recipes

Storage of vanilla beans?

Hi! (My virgin post on Chowhound, so please don't be too rough on me!)

I am considering buying a pound worth of vanilla beans (to save on cost vs buying single beans) to make some vanilla extract with... however, I know I won't use that much all at once to make the stuff I will use. Just wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to store the excess beans until I can cook more goodies with them? (Temperature, dark or no, type of container, anything added to the beans to keep them fresh, how long they might keep for, anything helps!)

Thanks in advance from a newb :)

Dec 16, 2008
bazora in Home Cooking