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Restaurant suggestions near DC Courthouse on Indiana Ave?

My great friend is a chef at 701 ironically! But he will be attending that day, and probably not wanting to go into work on his day off.
That is the type of atmosphere I am going for, though! Great suggestions!
Has anyone tried Ten Penh? I've heard of it from some people in my office and considering making a reservation for that day.

Restaurant suggestions near DC Courthouse on Indiana Ave?

My partner and I will be getting married at the Moultrie Courthouse next week. We would like to go out to eat with family and friends (15 people total) after the ceremony but I'm from MD so I don't know anything about good eats in DC!

I'd like a place that has a variety of food choices for all tastes & a bar so we can do a champagne toast. A nice upscale, eclectic... but not too pricey atmosphere would be perfect.

Happy Hour Specials in Anne Arundel County?

My friends and I are looking for a spot to have some Happy Hour drinks in Anne Arundel County, preferably somewhere near Arundel Mills but not necessarily in or right around the mall. If you know of any cool places with good Happy Hour specials, please let me know!

Restaurant with good (affordable) mojitos in DC

I'd like to take a friend out for mojitos and dinner after a day at the zoo in DC, but somewhere rather casual. We'd like to have a meal so a place with a full menu would be perfect! I'd prefer most of the dishes be under $15... we aren't fancy!

Any ideas?

Fun restaurant in DC to celebrate graduation after day at the zoo?

Thanks so much for all the suggestions so far! I think we may have to sacrifice the whole "theme" idea and just go with a good restaurant... so any other ideas of a unique place to eat are welcome!!!!

Fun restaurant in DC to celebrate graduation after day at the zoo?

I am taking a trip to the DC zoo with a friend of mine that just graduated from college. I want to take her out to dinner somewhere afterwards, so I need some ideas. Originally she wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe in Towson, MD but we just found out that it closed! So I think we are in the mood for something similar. It would be enjoyable to be in a fun "theme" like atmosphere with some interesting food and lots of choices! We'd also like to be able to get a fun dessert and/or fruity drinks. Is there anything like that in DC?

Place to have brunch and catch up with a good friend (over mimosas) during the week?

A friend and I are planning a brunch date for either a Monday or Tuesday afternoon and we have no idea where to go! I'm thinking the Columbia/Ellicott City area would be nice but I'm open to all suggestions in the Baltimore vicinity!

My only criteria is that it be semi-affordable, preferably not buffet style, and offer mimosas. Brunch has to be offered during the weekday. Also... I have a sweet tooth :)