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10 Days in Omaha With Car (where to eat?)

wicked! ... thanks alot for the info. On my way to KC on the weekend

10 Days in Omaha With Car (where to eat?)

I'll be staying at my brother's place for 10 days and will have access to a car. I already asked about the best meat in Omaha, but i plan on driving around (Iowa, Missouri and so on). Definitely going to KC for some BBQ. Can anyone suggest some amazing restaurants or great local food? Is there anything of note, when it comes to eating, in Des Moines and/or any major city close to Omaha within a few hours driving distance?


Suggestions for Best Meat (Omaha)

I will be in Omaha for a few days, with a car, and was wondering where i could eat the best meat. I'll be staying on South 15th St (right near the Iowa border, i think), so i don't know if that's any help. (but i have a car, so anywhere is great) I want to eat the best, most tasty, most tender meat Nebraska has to offer. Any suggestions?


Good Montreal (Downtown) Butcher ... ?

I recently moved downtown (right near McGill/Royal Victoria hospital) and am looking for a good butcher. I am not impressed with the selection at the local grocery stores (not that I was expecting anything, anyway). I am looking for a good butcher who will offer great cuts of meat (lamb, rabbit and so on). I am italian, so I know all the places to go at the Jean Talon Market, the Inter Marche stores in RDP, St. Leo and Laval, villeray area and so on. I am looking for something close to the downtown area and/or , at 'worst' the Plateau.
I know of one butcher shop on Roy (i believe they are Portuguese) and 'Maison de la Roti (i believe it is called, but that is on Papineau and Mont-Royal ... a little far).
I'm guessing there are quite a few at the Atwater Market, but if i'm going to go there, i might as well just go up to Jean Talon.

Any suggestions ... maybe in Westmount? NDG? Something along the 144 Bus Line?
Thanks !!