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Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Winter Menus

I had the butcher cut the ribs into (1/4 lb) pieces, I think. I was serving for 75 people and needed to make them last. They were probably 3-4 inches long and stood on end perfectly. I braised them in aluminum roasting pans from the grocery store. I called the restaurant for advice on serving so many people with this recipe and they gave me a few helpful hints (that's what I call an interactive cookbook! How nice, right?)

They told me to braise the shortribs ALMOST covered in the liquid. Separate the ribs from the braising liquid (reserve the liquid) and store overnight in the fridge. Let the ribs sit at room temp for about an hour and then cover HALFWAY with the liquid (skimmed of the fat) to reheat. I would definitely recommend starting this the day before so that you can complete this step. They were much better the second day! They were so brown from braising so long that I skipped the browning step altogether and they were beautiful and fell off the bone. They sat in a chafing dish and were still great!

I already posted this info somewhere else on the blog, so sorry if it is a repeat.

Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Winter Menus

This salad is wonderful and have made it several times. I disagree about the orange flower water. I found that it made the dish! It looks beautiful on the plate, too. I made a punch to compliment the salad with tangerine vodka, fresh tangerine juice, champagne, sprite, and a few drops of orange flower water. I put it in a bowl with orange and lime slices and big white flowers and it was gorgeous. HINT: This may be obvious to you all, but the first time I made this salad, I made the mistake of roasting the yellow and red beets together. The red beet juice stains the beautiful yellow beets and makes them spotted.

Also, it is way more time consuming than I thought, but worth the wait.

Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Fall Menus

Potato-Bacon Gratin

Wow! I thought nothing could be more rich than Potato Gratin! This dish was such a success that the next time around, I made it with sweet potatoes. I hate to toot my kitchen timer, but it may have been even better...

Wanted: World's Best Beef Short Rib Recipe

I made this for 75 people and it was wonderful! I was afraid that doubling it so many times would affect the flavor or consistency of braising liquid, but it was perfect. The meat was falling off the bone. I had exactly enough brasing liquid left over to fill a small tupperware container and freeze it for future use. I called Lucques for advice on serving so many people. They told me to braise the short ribs in the liquid ALMOST covering the ribs and then drain them and store overnight separately, reserving the liquid. When it is time to reheat, let the ribs sit at room temp for about an hour and then cover no more than halfway with the liquid to reheat. Best short ribs ever!