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Do you remember vanilla popsicles?

First off, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I JUST joined this site so I could reply to this thread. I've been trying to locate these pops for almost 3 years now on my own. My beard is immense and gamey in odor. (I didn't shave during my search for dramatic effect) If you or anyone figures out where we can find these twin pops PLEASE contact me on this site and tell myself and DaisyM.

They are NOT pudding pops. Don't call your friend Bill Cosby, he doesn't have them.

They are NOT a new product. People, they're from our "childhood" ... they're old.

They are frozen flavored ice pops, they come with two flat traditional popsicle sticks and the pops themselves are square in shape but they are stuck together by the "edge" of the square so they would appear diamond in shape from head on. ...and yes, you most definitely would separate them when eating them. I don't know about YOU folks, but at MY pool we had a name for the kids who ate their twin pops without separating them. I'm not quite sure what that name was because I could never quite hear the whole thing while they were dunking me repeatedly by the back of the head... but I can assure you, it's not something you would want to be referred to as.

The two most popular flavors of THIS brand of twin pop were the vanilla and the root beer.

Both were amazing but the vanilla, which appeared white to slightly off-white in color... they were AMAZING.

Is that a popsicle in my pants? No... it's me... thinking about eating one of those delicious vanilla twin pops again.

Let's make it happen people.

Dec 16, 2008
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