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Flip top Bottles (eg Grolsch) Baltimore

Looking for fliptop bottles for homebrew, does anybody have any or know of bars that sell Grolsch in fliptops?

Smoked Mackerel

Where can I buy smoked mackerel in downtown Baltimore?


New Baltimore place: Frank & Nic's West End Grill

We ate there this weekend. Food was adequate if unspectacular. It certainly wouldn't impress a committed 'foodie'.

Chef Paolino's

Well I never tried the reheated, maybe that's the best way to order at this place, give it a little time to dry out.

If this is the best New York Baltimore has to offer I'll stick to making my own.

Chef Paolino's

I went this week. I honestly thought the pizza was pretty bad. Just a ton of cheese and soggy dough. Cheese was the major ingredient. Felt a bit sick afterwards due to the amount of cheese. did I mention i felt there was too much cheese?

It doesn't resemble the pizza I've had in NYC at all. If they eased up on the cheese and turned the ovens up I would go back. Crust would need to be thinner and crispier to be New York style.

Some of the salads and other stuff looked reasonable but i didn't try them.

Cookie-Baking Tips

@bella sarda
"I don't get the tip on making your own vanilla extract. Vanilla beans are incredibly expensive and you have to pay for the rum. I doubt that it would be cheaper on a per-ounce basis to make it yourself than buy it, unless the vanilla beans can infuse a very large portion of rum. However, the video doesn't even indicate how much rum to use."

It depends where you buy htem, you can order ood beans online for around a dollar each, you can reuse one bean several times, until the alcohol no longer gains vanilla flavour. e.g You'd use a small bottle say 25ml and one bean to make a portion.
You could easily have found the amount of alcohol to use if you'd searched on the internet :) next time educate yourself rather than doubting.

Vanilla bean = $1-1.50 (can be reused several times so really $0.2-0.5
)Price of rum or vodka 50ml mini = $1.50 ($.75 per portion)

Total = $1 per 25ml.

Price of crappy vanilla extract $3.59 per 35ml, decent stuff is $5 or more but for a bigger bottle.

Do the math.

Jan 23, 2009
ernestrome in Features

Traditional American Breakfast B'more

Thanks Hal, we went with jimmy's. The family liked it. I don't really like American Breakfast, I need to find a good irish breakfast with soda and potato bread!

Traditional American Breakfast B'more

Where do I take visiting family for a traditional pancakes and bacon type breakfast place in Baltimore, preferably downtown, fed hill or fell's point (or similar distance from the center of town).


Pizza Flour Baltimore

MDicecreamguy, i'm so sorry to have wasted your time with my ridiculous question, I'm not sure I will ever be able to forgive myself. I suggest you keep quiet lest people spot your ignorance.

Thanks to the rest for your more intelligent responses!

I found KA Bread flour at safeway which I am using at present. Since I can order Caputo 00 pizza flour, i would get that in preference to Sir lancelot. I will be ordering. Of course adding gluten to normal bread flour is another option, but I think caputo will give better results.

00 piza flour is finer and stronger (ie more protein/gluten) than bread flour.

I'm going to order some caputo from I think they're cheapest.

Pizza Flour Baltimore

Where can i buy a high gluten flour for making pizza in the Baltimore?

I tried Trinacria but they don't stock it and were not helpful when i asked if they could get some or knew of somewhere to get some.

Ideally I would like to find Caputo Pizza or Chef's Flour, but other high gluten flours might be OK.