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Seattle sea food & sushi?

Hi. I'm planning on taking a trip up to Seattle with a friend. I'm thinking about Ray's Boathouse and Elliott's Oyster bars. How are they... are they too touristy? Also, do you have any recommendation for Sushi? I'm Japanese, and I tend to go for the traditional sushi, not the fancy rolls. I heard Shiro isn't what it used to be. Any recommendations and opinions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Apr 07, 2009
yoshika in Pacific Northwest

Wagashi - San Francisco ?

There really aren't very good wagashi place in San Francisco. NYC has the best by far in U.S. -- Minamoto Kichoan -- and you can do mail order. Shuei-do and Benkyo-do in SF and SJ are ok. The tea place in Kinokuniya building downstair has good manju, etc. from Los Angeles area. My favorite around here is Osaka-ya in Sacramento. I just saw that they now do FedEx - Most of the wagashi, etc. are traditional, but if you haven't tried it Peanut Butter Mochi is their original and to die for!

Anyone on the board from Okinawa or going there?

JSHAFT78, I'm glad to hear you thought Suibi food was pretty good. I've always been fascinated w/ Okinawa and hope to go there within next couple of years. My good friend in SF area is from Okinawa and she likes to tell me about culture and stories when she was growing up there. Any recommendation of dishes to try in Suibi next time I'm there? I try to be in Manhattan 4-5 times a year.

Jan 08, 2008
yoshika in Japan

Anyone on the board from Okinawa or going there?

Hi. I'm not from Okinawa but I grew up in Japan and now live in San Francisco area. Last fall when I was in NYC, I went to an Okinawan restaurant called "Suibi". Have you been there? I loved their goya chanpuru and other dishes there!

Jan 07, 2008
yoshika in Japan

Havana, Alameda -- report

Thank you for your post Ruth. I drove there on Saturday night to try the restaurant, but ended up not going there because of the line out the door. I'm going to try to get there during the week. Maybe the service will be better when things are slower. I agree, Alameda definitely need more tapas like and other interesting restaurants!

Fish & Farm

My friend and I went to Fish and Farm on last week. When we arrived the place was packed and our table was not yet ready. We are seated at the bar for about 15 minutes, then we were seated at the restaurant. The restaurant was romantic/cute with candle lit tables but a little on the noisy side. The service at the restaurant was prompt and pleasant. The waitress seemed to know the menu and food well, so that was a plus. Unfortunately, the food didn’t live up to the service. Below are my comments:

PAN COOKED LOCAL SEAFOOD CHOWDER with clams, calamari, oysters, smoked bacon and house made crackers - The flavors of the chowder was very good, but it was too salty to a point it wasn’t enjoyable. The crackers I was told were made fresh daily, but I found the oil used to be very heavy and the texture of the crackers to be on the stale side.

FISH & FARM PLATE with grilled squid legs, cured sardines, prosciuttos, duck confit rillettes - the little squid legs were tender and excellent. I loved the cured sardines. I didn’t find the prosciuttos or rillettes to be memorable.

GRILLED SALMON with sunchokes, rainbow chard, Tarragon vinaigrette - waitress told us that the salmon was going to be served rare. When it was served, I found the thick half to be well down, but thin part to be rare and tender. Salmon was not seasoned well and rather bland, but the chard served with it was very salty. Sunchokes were yummy.

RED WINE BRAISED LAMB SHOULDER with cranberry beans, pickled chantrelles and blood oranges - Lamb shoulder was rather dry for being braised. We found the combination of the meat and beans to be very heavy.

CHEF’S FARM PLATTER WITH HOUSE-PICKLED AND CURED VEGETABLES with Celery root salad, carrots pickles, cucumber pickles - cucumber and the celery root were very good. We thought the carrot pickles were too sour without having the sweetness or saltiness.

BRAISED GREENS - It’s been few days since I started writing this and I can’t remember what greens they were exactly, but this dish was so salty that we were not able to finish it.

We also had couple of mixed drinks at the bar before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. The mix drinks were yummy.

Overall, I still loved the concept of the restaurant, but the food did not live up to the expectation. I can taste the fresh ingredients they use, but the too much salt on some of the food really bothered me and made the dining experience unpleasant. I probably won’t go back there again.

Report – Wonderful Nepalese food at Metro Kathmandu

Wow... that does sound good. I'm not often in the Petaluma area, but I'm making a mental note to visit there when I'm up that way. Thank you for your post.

Report – Wonderful Nepalese food at Metro Kathmandu

I didn’t think the meal was very expensive, especially with all the food we took back with us. We ended up taking home at least half the amount of the food we ordered. Portion size wise I would equate it to typical Indian or Thai food restaurant portions. Considering that I think the prices are very fair.

And yes, I have a tendency to over order food… I feel like I need to sample good range to understand the food at the restaurant when I visit them first. I wish I was born a football player so I could eat a lot more food! ;-)

Thank you for posting the other restaurants link. I've been wanting to go there for some time as well.

Report – Wonderful Nepalese food at Metro Kathmandu

My friend and I just came back from dinner at Metro Kathmandu today. Although I’ve had a lot of Indian food and some Tibetan food in the past, I’ve always been curious about Nepalese food and never had much opportunity to try it. I tried to pick some traditional Nepalese dishes with some advice from the staff. Below are the items we tried and my comments:

Mother’s Special Pickled Daikon – This was complementary. The pickled texture and the smell reminded me of the Japanese pickled daikon, but with interesting twist of mustard seed and turmeric.

Tomato Soup – The soup in texture was similar to the traditional American tomato soup, but the spices in it and the depth of flavor made it very unique. I would definitely have this soup again.

Chicken Momos – This reminded me so much of the steamed gyoza I used to have growing up in Japan. The skin is much thinner than the dim sum I have in SF. Garlic and ginger flavors were most prominent amongst other spices like curry. Very yummy!

Samosa – The outer skin was nice and thin with good crispy texture. Inside potato filling was well flavored and spiced. The oil used to fry it tasted fresh – it did not leave the heaviness behind. I loved the riata and tamarind sauce.

Lamb Kabab – Lamb was cooked perfectly with medium/medium rare inside. I enjoyed the paring with grilled peppers and fresh tomatoes.

Alu Tama – This was my favorite dish of the evening. It was made with potato, bamboo shoots and black eye peas in tomato and curry sauce. The crunchy texture of the bamboo shoots really made the dish. According to the restaurant this is a very traditional Nepalese dish. I can eat this every day, all day long.

Traditional Goat Curry – the goat was cooked to a point that was fall off the bone tender. The dish was very rich with lovely flavors.

Steamed White Basmati Rice – Cooked perfectly.

In summary, all the dishes we tried were excellent. The interior of the restaurant is very cute with red walls, circle mirror accents and retro lighting. The service was prompt. The restaurant was fairly empty, perhaps due to it being Sunday evening. I was a bit surprised how empty the restaurant was considering the great food we had. I’m definitely going back there again with more people (so I can try more things). With two cocktails and all the above food the total came to $77 plus tip.


Restaurant info:
Metro Kathmandu
311 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

Lobster Sashimi

Thanks. The Bond St. look very promissing. I will check it out.

Dec 06, 2006
yoshika in Manhattan

Lobster Sashimi

UshiWakamaru does sound very nice. Do they usually have lobster or was that the special? I didn't see it on their regular menu.

Dec 03, 2006
yoshika in Manhattan

Lobster Sashimi

Yes, but I hear Blue Ribbon doesn't take reservation. It's for his birthday, and I didn't want to make him stand in line...

Dec 03, 2006
yoshika in Manhattan

Lobster Sashimi

Hi. I'm looking for a restaurant with great Lobster Sashimi with romantic atmosphere with reservation capabilities. I'm not familiar with NYC, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Dec 02, 2006
yoshika in Manhattan

Romantic French Restaurant in Beverly Hills area?

Help! I'm traveling to Beverly Hills area in early September. I'm looking for a French restaurant with great food in a romantic setting. I prefer more formal setting than a bistro style. I would very much appreciate your recommendations. Thank you.

Aug 10, 2006
yoshika in Los Angeles Area