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Wedding food in Wilmington, NC

I'm getting married next May and am looking for a caterer who can, hopefully, do a family-style reception dinner. We have heard a lot of good things about Angie's for price & quality, but would like some more details from people with experience with them and other caterers in town... Quality of food for price, presenation, flexibility with menu options...

Right now we are thinking Prime Rib as the main & at least one substantial side that would accomodate guests who don't want prime rib (along the lines of eggplant parm or shrimp & grits).

Any thoughts are appreciated.

May 26, 2009
spot0415 in Southeast

New to Downtown Wilmington, NC

A new middle eastern place opened where the old front street grill was. I hear it's great.

New to Downtown Wilmington, NC

Mediterra for Greek, it's not as good as Olympia on Oleander, but it's downtown.
Indochine is close enough to downtown, and it's wonderful for Thai/Viet/Chinese.

Where do the foodies eat in Wilmington, NC

New upscalish-appearing dining option on front street near reel, opposite side of the street.... noticed it looks open as of a few weeks ago but didn't catch the name... anyone been? I'm wondering about the price range, menu and such.

Also Caprice has a 5$ bar menu that I haven't seen mentioned on the boards but is def worth checking out., 5$ martinis too. Sunday through Thursday from 5-7 upstairs. Don't let them go the way of Zooi -- support them, we love them!

Dec 15, 2008
spot0415 in Southeast