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what is bone notch for on kitchen shears? also shears for lefties?

Can anyone explain how you use this? Mentioning the part or cut of poultry and the end result you are after would be helpful.

Are all kitchen shears that come apart good for lefties? I have a pair I like, but someone gave me a very similar second pair. I was going to donate it or sell it, but 1) it has a bone notch 2) it's good for lefties also. My little son is left handed. It will be a number of years before he's big enough to use it though.

Sep 12, 2012
gecko45 in Cookware

where to buy great papaya in NOVA?

I have found papaya at Grand Mart on route 7 in Sterling, but it is not as delicious as the papayas I've eaten in Hawaii and in Bolivia (I've enjoyed different varieties).

Where have you found yummy papayas, and does the season matter?


Grand Mart
6255 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312

convection "function" vs. true European convection

I understand that convection function involves heat coming from the bottom of the oven with a fan at the back. A "true convection" oven has heat coming from the back from the fan, and manufacturers claim that this avoids any transfer of flavors between different foods you might cook at the same time, e.g. lamb and dessert. I'm a little skeptical of this claim.

I wonder if any of you have tried cooking different "flavor family" foods at the same time in both types of convection ovens and what the results are. Thanks!

Mar 27, 2011
gecko45 in Home Cooking

brown basmati rice-- are all these step necessary?

I have a bag of brown basmati rice by Laxmi. The directions say to soak in warm water 10-15 min "so the pointed grains can absorb water) drain, air dry for 15 min. Then you add water, salt, lemon juice, boil for 1, drain extra water, simmer for 30.

Jan 18, 2011
gecko45 in Home Cooking

fresh yeast on Main Line? (or Princeton, NJ)

My mother-in-law is having trouble sourcing her fresh yeast. Does anyone have any suggestions? She asked the manager at Whole Foods, and they were unwilling to order.

Thank you.

Dec 15, 2008
gecko45 in Philadelphia