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Osteria Ciceri e Tria (Victoria St)

Tried the Osteria last night. I am a Terroni fan so I was looking forward to it.

My overall verdict is that it is NOT good value. I will stick with the standard Terroni format in future.

Antipasti portions sizes were ridiculously small. Small meaning 4 tiny baked mussels for 2 adult males, a caprese-type salad with roughly 3 cherry tomatoes and 4 pieces of fresh mozzarella, and 2 crostini rounds with a navy bean puree and medallions of a dry salami on top. The other 2 antipasti were also miniscule. It felt like the other half of our course was never delivered!

Pastas were of reasonable size as primi and were properly cooked, but I am tiring of Terroni's over-reliance on watery & flavourless cherry tomatoes (they show up everywhere on the menu).

Secondi was the highlight- seared tuna with a relish-like topping of onion, oil & herbs.
I do not recall what the other option was.

For those concerned about the communal dining style- there are as many seats around the perimeter of the restaurant as there are at the centre table.

Service was good, but there is an obvious emphasis on turning tables quickly so do not expect to be able to linger. Noise levels are typical Terroni- quite loud.

I will stick to the standard Terroni restaurants as I like the wider choices available and more typical portion sizes. Osteria for a lighter, snack-type meal only.

Will you kind people recommend a public house for us

Thinking outside the box here but why not look at Olde Yorke Fish & Chips on Laird?

In addition to excellent fish & chips, the dining room/bar is a reasonable facsimile of a public house (especially the pub side of the room- wooden booths facing a nice bar).

IIRC, they have good quality ales from the old country on tap as well.


Notable Jamaican food in Toronto?

I'm with Pete...the spice is hard to come by. There are many options that are good in every other dept. aside from heat/spice, however.

Central: Albert's on St. Clair (a 'jerk institution', primarily take-out, medium heat)
East: Cool Runnings on Main Street (sweet/hot/sticky jerk, tiny eat-in space, super friendly)
East: Real Jerk at Queen/Broadview (good variety, short on heat, good music, funky ambiance)
East: JJJ on Kingston Road (never been, friends rave about it)

It seems that everyone likes a different style of jerk, so it requires exploration....

ISO Wine/Cheese/Charcuterie in one

Search for Black Hoof. Been discussed A LOT lately.