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Comeback Sauce?

Apr 05, 2011
chrisbuzzard in Home Cooking

Thin Sliced Fried Pickles

Hole in the Wall used to have awesome, made perfect chips. A huge pile of them for $2.50... used to that is. The last time I was there they were made totally different and cost $5 I think(for an inky dinky amount).

Jun 30, 2009
chrisbuzzard in Austin

Thin Sliced Fried Pickles

I'm in Austin and having the same plight. the fried chips of which you speak are more of a Louisiana through Alabama thing I will guess, as thats usually how they're made there(I'm from MS). The over battered is awful to me.

Jun 28, 2009
chrisbuzzard in Austin

Po'Boy Genes

Gene is gone & it's under new management, and the last two times I've been it wasn't very good (at all), and doesn't feel NOLA anymore. I'm not going back I'm afraid.

Dec 15, 2008
chrisbuzzard in Austin