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SF foodies need your help

Thank you so much for your advice! We are going to be there for 5 days and are going to try as many of them as we can. You definitely made it a lot easier.

Jul 26, 2009
cupcake7 in Manhattan

SF foodies need your help

Hello NYC Chowhounds.
I need your advice since no one knows the city like the locals.
We are a couple form SF planning to visit NYC in early September.
We are both in the restaurant business so we are definitley covered on the restaurants but we want to know what is the safest and most lively area to stay in?
The BF is a bartender and we are planning on doing a cocktail crawl to enjoy what NY bartenders have to offer. Looking for places that offer seasonal and creative cocktails
Any help is appreciated. We are looking forward to enjoying your beautiful city!
Thanks in advance

Jul 25, 2009
cupcake7 in Manhattan

Tasty treats in the Tenderloin and around?

Go to Pagolac for their 7 tastes of beef. $15 a person multiple beef courses. so yummy.
You must take them to Bobs donuts for dessert after!

655 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop
1621 Polk St, San Francisco, CA

house made pasta

I agree, Farina is the best choice for pasta.

Dynamo Donut, Mission, SF

I never wake up in time to try the other flavors such a thyme and lemon (sounds great!).
I had the maple bacon and chocolate ones and they were good.
I also prefer good old bob's at 12:00am when they are fresh!

Cowgirl Creamery cheeses

Try the Mt. Tam or Pierce Pt those are milder creamy soft cheeses

Dec 23, 2008
cupcake7 in Cheese

LA Hound's First Time in SF (aka "Help!")

My recomendations are:
**Range -Michelin starred and reasonably priced, awesome cocktails and great food, their rosted chicken and duck are delicious.
**La Folie -Michelin starred and the best french restaurant in San Francisco, foie gras and duck breast is a must! They usually have white truffles however if they dont you could probably call chef passot to order them especially for you. I have done this in the past.
**LoLo-small place in the Mission with Mexican/Turkish cuisine, if you go here have the panko crusted shrimp on a jicama "tortilla"
**Dosa on Fillmore- just opened about 3 weeks ago, their cocktail are good and 4 course tasting menu is a great way to go to try a little bit of everything.
**Masa's- They have the best wine list in the city, you will be amazed with Alan murray's pairing and the food is perfect, they have some of the best foie gras in the city.

As for Michael Mina. I have been twice the food is really good however there are so many places in San Francisco to try and you won't be upset if you skip it. If you must go to the lounge and order a la carte or do the 3-course.

Happy Dining!

Non-touristy, cheap bars with good beer selection in the city?

Best beer list in the city has to be at Monk's Kettle. I am not sure what you mean by cheap but this place has beers in all price ranges. Or you can also walk up half a block and go to elixir.

Four Days, Beginning Friday

La Folie is located about 10 minutes away from Fisherman's Wharf. This should be your celebratory restaurant because's a little pricy though more reasonable than Gary Danko or Michael Mina. I would call and have them e-mail them the menu because there website looks like it has not been updated in a while.
As for ethnic..Aziza is great! I just had dinner there last week and was blown away by their food especially there desserts, if you go try the pommegranite granita. It is located on 22nd ave and geary about 20 minutes from the Wharf.
Dosa on fillmore just opened about 3 weeks ago and had good cocktails and the prices are good for the quality of food that you are getting.
Happy Dining!

Great view in San Francisco?

I would go to the Carnelian Room for drinks only if it is a clear day.
I recommend going to Waterbar or Epic. They are right on the waterfront and have beautiful views of the Bay Bridge and the food is better than all the other restaurants mentioned. La Mar is great too if you would like Peruvian food. Equinox is close to the public and the Hyatt is now closed as well (double check on this one because I am only 80%sure). Happy Dining!

Antojitos San Miguel: Guatemalan Snacks Wagon in the Mission

I am Guatemalan and I love this place.
My bf and I will walk to the mission for a bite to eat on a nice day.It reminds me of the food my mom makes when I come over for dinner...yum. The only complaint is the location..crack heads and bird poop.

Need restaurant for tomorrow nite in SF

I think Range or Beretta are more "San Francisco" especially when it comes to the cocktails! Range has a Michelin star and their prices are very reasonable so I would go there. They are both located on Valencia street which is always lively even on a Monday night. Canteen is also great but I am not a fan of Cortez.

Where do I find a Gift Certificate for Great Food?

If you want fine dining I recommend La Folie. Their prices are more reasonable and it is not stuffy then the other 4-star restaurants in the city and the food is amazing. I recommend going for 4-courses because the chef likes to send out a few gifts from the kitchen making it more like a 6-course dinner! If you are looking for something more casual I would go with Range. Their cocktails are great and so is there food! Good Luck